Bible tract about my parents

Back when my parents were dating, my dad drove up to Wisconsin (from Chicago) to pick up my mom from a campsite. When leaving the camp, my dad and his buddies thought it would be cool to drive across the frozen Lake Geneva instead of around the lake on the roads.

After the usual fun of donuts on the ice, he saw a bit of a rippling ahead. If you have ever driven on pure ice, you know that you cannot stop! As the car slid off the ice into the icy water, my dad jumped out, grabbed my mom by the belt loop on her jeans and pulled her to safety. My mom, a bit in shock had one thought…grab the Bible in the glove compartment!

They watched as the car fully slipped off the ice and then sank to the bottom of the lake!

A story like that during that era was quite the talk and ended up in the newspapers. That story was used by this writer, Hugh Gowman, to write Bible tract and share the Gospel. He never met my parents nor knew that they were believers!

I often think that Mr Gowman and my dad are sharing the details of the story now in heaven!!

I have held this tract in my own Bible since Dad’s home-going 20 years ago. Thought I would share this message with this wonderful family! :heartbeat:


What a great thing to be able to share with your next generations! Thank you for sharing it here too. :heart:

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