Biden Administration Plans Vaccine Passports

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I’m no expert, but I don’t believe leeches will work. The “vaccine” is not actually a vaccine. It doesn’t contain a weakened or deadened form of the virus like the old traditional vaccines.

Are you concerned because you or someone you love got the vaccine?

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While leeches were used for bloodletting (from what I can recall from the mists of memory :grimacing:), and can even increase blood circulation and prevent the formation of blood clots, they are not useful in purification of toxins from blood, as far as I can tell.

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Whether its a “president”, politician or preacher, Lucifer is the one calling the game.

He is fully aware of prophecy and knows exactly how to divide anyone who does not worship him. The media narratives are doing exactly what he is orchestrating. He is the prince of the power of the air-waves! How many of us honestly spend more time listening and watching the scripted theater than seeking The Father’s wisdom right now?

We truly dont know what is in the so-called vax. We are not scientists or microbiologists. We are only repeating what we hear and what we think we know. That is a part of his strategy as well. Getting us debating and arguing over things which are useless and unprofitable.

Satan wants us to think it changes DNA and all that. But lets be honest, we dont have a clue. The media lies constantly. And just like the virus may be a real illness with a scary name, we truly dont know who is having side effects or not or what people are supposedly dying from this “flu”. We are only going by what THEY SAY. And since we are listening to the vax side effect stories, we are ensnared again to his influence.

Theisis, Anti-thesis, Synthesis.

I never believed we would be here to see this get this far. The Father is so mercifiul to allow us to be here to witness the VERY END. Why?

Because if we know His word especially Revelation 13, we need to be asking HIm everyday for the open door to the lost to tell them the truth. This is the truth I believe He has put on my heart and in my mouth most of the time I speak to anyone whom the opportunity is given.

God’s Judgement is coming. We are being warned for the last time. Get right with Him today.

Most people will have no response but they will hear the warning. God will do His part if we do what and say what He tells us. We will only know by being alone with Him as constantly as possible and praying one for another.

Please her my soul, we dont have much time at all. We need to pray for each other to ignore the lies and cast the voice of the world and the enemy aside.

Please Father! Wake up your true worshippers to the impending arrival of Your Hand of Judgement! We are not heeding the cries of the prophets and our Lord who told us these things would be this way before you remove us and the restraining hand of your mercy on a world that has run into the arms of another. We are guilty of misusing our time, energy and resources on swine. May we stop feeding on pig slop and run back home to The One who will restore and keep us until The Faithful Day. May we not be persuaded by any threats or fear from men or spirit of darkness. May we see clearly as Elisha did when Elijah was taken away and as your followers at the tomb and Paul on the road. We will be consumed by this world if You do not step into our world again and deliver us from this evil plan. Rebuke the enemies voice, silence the ignorant liars and deceivers long enough so that the lost may hear and see Your Truth which is in Your Son! If need be Father, send an event from The Heavens that all may see and fear what is coming upon them so they may run into Your loving arms where fear can not go! Please Lord, Hurry for our sake! May we do as You say to Hasten Your Return. I implore this Father in Jesus Name and by His Blood. Amen


I saw that. Trump’s continued support for Op Warp-Speed is cause for notice, I think. Biden came out shortly after that and said “Local Pastors would be best to encourage vaccines” and Franklin Graham came out in support, stating Jesus would encourage vaccines. It certainly seems like a strong delusion is taking over the minds of a large number of people.


I’ve had covid twice, not getting the vaccine either but family and people whoI know ask and tell me where I can go to get it. I just shake my head to avoid confrontation and pray. It’s getting real people!
Look up, our redemption is drawing near🙌


Yep. Because the app can be hacked.

Hi There

Just the topic of the “vaccine “ is so diverse and has. Divided my family .Just like the issue of Brexit in the UK has split families .Infact I don’t dare speak about Politics or vaccination as I feel even the people close to you could eventually expose you .There is no doubt in my mind that the true believers will be persecuted and could the whole thing of vaccination be the beginning of it ?

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This is a great post with a thought provoking message .
I need to weigh in on the quote above and say,… Lucifer may be the one ( appearing) to call the game, but only because the Lord GOD Almighty is allowing it for HIS purpose, to bring history and the return of Messiah together, and fulfill HIS biblical prophesy. Lucifer, for all the hell he causes, is just a created being and subject to the Creator. History is playing out how Yahweh wants.

ALSO, I join you in your prayer, beautifully said !!!

Warmly Doc


you’re one of the few willing to admit that we don’t necessarily KNOW the things that we merely parrot, even if they come from a source we trust or if we have good reason to believe it. your transparency is refreshing. thank you for your prayer too.

something I used to say is, “all I can believe in now is what I see and what I have seen.”

now I know even our own eyes can be unreliable!!


Appreciated. I obviously agree with that truth.

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I appreciate the kind words.

It is important for us as watchers to be in the know. Obviously The Lord left us in the world.
We also must avoid becoming a seed among thorns. Which is easier said than done when we see the cliff coming and the masses walking blindfolded and deaf toward it.


Please pray for me im not complying and move back stateside soon pray for me and my kids

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Yes, I would be glad to.

I know this is off topic, but why is Biden always squinting like that?

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Trouble reading the teleprompter(?)


I’ll pray for you I have same thing. We move back from Europe to states for job. I refuse the vac.

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Yes totally understand. I feel same but my husband already did it

I accidentally hit flag hope it didn’t flag you

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amen. I often feel like a seed among thorns. when I’m with my family and no one can see what I see, whether I’m gentle about it or more forceful. what good am I, I wonder, in this family, when my testimony seems to always fall on deaf ears?? I just keep praying that something good will take root whether I can see it or not, whether it comes from me or not. on paper it easily looks like God placed me here to make a difference. but in practice it’s so hard to get their attention on these things that mean so much to me. thanks for listening.