Big life changes incoming

I’m getting married in less than 3 months, October 1st to be exact. She is a good, God-fearing church girl thankfully. We actually grew up in the same church together.

We’re also under contract to buy a new home together (not moving in together till after the wedding) and in the process of selling my current home.

It’s been a little overwhelming doing everything at once, and I’m struggling with the stress of it all. Mind you all of these should be good things but it’s taking a tole on me mentally. This house I’m selling has alot of bad memories, and cleaning it up and doing repairs is bringing alot of the back. I actually bought it when I was in a bad place specifically so I could move in with my girlfriend and her son at the time, (we broke up a few months later). I’ve since come to terms with how dumb that was and accepted the heartbreak of it all as my punishment, and God sparing me from a very bad life decision. So yes, I selfishly bought this place in my own sin. I’m just hoping God can turn it around and use it to give me and my fiance enough money to get a life started on the right foot.

Between the stress of home repairs, selling, buying, and getting a big wedding done, I’m in need of some prayer that things will just work out and I won’t worry as much as I usually do. Thanks everybody for being there.


Father God, I am so incredibly grateful that you mend broken things, that you take what satan means for evil and use it for good and especially that even in these dark days when your wrath is looming you still choose to shower us with blessings like marriages. As he prepares his house, please give @forestcat96 your overwhelming peace and the ability to take every bad memory and evil thought captive and turn them into beautiful praise and thanksgiving to you! Remind him often that in you, he is a new creation. The old is gone, behind him forever and his future is now with you and his bride. May they both put and keep you at the center of their relationship and marriage.


Oh, please keep faith. Am praying for you. You can do all things through Christ, our Lord. It’s all going to be just fine :slightly_smiling_face: When all is said and done it will be MORE than fine! You’re in my prayers.


I’m going to try to add a positive twist on how you’re viewing your past sin, decision and situation.
It seems you have admitted to God and sought forgiveness so that’s key.
Maybe all you went through the good Lord used a in the end to put you where He wanted you after allowing you to try to do it without him. You are now marrying the right woman, despite the issues with the home… you and she will at least have a place to work on building a life together ( keep Jesus as the center of it though :wink:) and the past hurts are merely lessons learned for a more stable life as a married man.

I’d just say, take this all to God, lay it at his feet and trust the One that loves you most to work it out for the good of you, your fiancé and your future together. And be sure to give him honor and glory through it all. :latin_cross::pray:


There is no doubt that He can and will do it for you-and He will also honor decision to live separately until you are married. Congratulations on you wedding-and my wish for both of you is that you will be as happy in your marriage as God has made my wonderful Proverbs 31 wife and I over the past 41 years. May God bless and use you both for His kingdom! I have put Oct 1st on my calendar to pray for you both.

A bit of practical advice? Get some help with the work on your current home if at all possible. I also had to clean up my daughter’s house and it had a lot of bad memories, (her fiancé shot himself on the front porch; and once the body is removed, no one cleans up the mess) as well requiring a lot of work to prepare it for sale. I was doing it alone and cleaning out al of his stuff really took an emotional toll on me (mostly anger because he was selfish loser who wrecked my daughter’s life) and I went to a dark place for a while, because I had no one there to vent to.


Teri- welcome to the Forum… here you will find an amazing community of believers to support you, as well as some spiritually gifted people who post great topics to get you thinking and help you have the mind of Christ.
PS- your screen name wouldn’t mean that you are a Penguins fan would it?


Thank you, Bob! I’ve actually been on the forum for a while. Finally have some time to check things out while recovering from neck surgery. And yes sir, I am a big Penguins fan! :penguin::grinning:


Thank you for that heartfelt prayer. I couldn’t have prayed a better one. It was everything @forestcat96 needs and desires for their life together. I stand in agreement with you and everyone here as this body of believers are in tune with the Holy Spirit and of which I am a part of.

Thank you, Lord for what you are about to do for this new family who is trusting in your goodness and mercy. Shower them with blessing so full and sweet that they will not be able to contain it all. Your name be praised, Lord. I am excited for them and all you have planned. In the mighty name of Jesus, I pray. Amen and so be it!


Oh well, the moderators messed up then…and while I am glad your recovery from neck surgery went well, I am less thrilled that you are a Penguins fan… :roll_eyes:
(I have been Bruins fan since the days of Bobby Orr… :grimacing:)

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@forestcat96 We always love seeing you here :blush: I am truly so happy for you! God loves new beginnings as you know. That’s one of His specialties and The Resurrection is probably the best example.

We’re selling our house too and it has some ofd memories attached as well. And we have a new beginning of sorts too so we’re kinda on the same page albeit we’ve been married for awhile. So that commonality helps me to remember you in prayer. And I will :blush:.

Keep one eye on the road ahead and the other on the skies above, so unless you have a third eye, no looking in the rear view mirror.

Best wishes for your marriage. So glad that you’re both sharing the solid foundation of Christ as your reality. God will use all circumstances for your good.


Praying that everything works out in your favor. It sounds like the foundation of the relationship between you and your fiance is good. :pray:

Hi! I like the Bruins. I don’t “hate” any NHL teams, but there are a couple I’m not huge fans of lol

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Haha, thanks Teri- and I feel the same. The Bruins will have their problems this year… without 3 of their starters to begin the season. And I think Cassidy got a raw deal too…
How did you become a Pens fan living in Montana?