Billboard resources in SoCal

Hello Brothers and Sisters :heart:

I live in San Diego, CA and looking into using a billboard to share the ABC’s of Salvation.

Before starting my google search for vendors I’m praying that there may be someone out there that is associated with or even owns a billboard out this way we may rent/lease from to get this message out to the Lost!

This state is sinking quick, like the rest of the world, and my families hearts are on bringing more people to Jesus, and Jesus to people.

This is the way in which the Lord has directed us to do so!

Any resources or connections you may have, please send my way! is a good way to reach me, or this thread!

Blessings to all of you!

Marissa Gomma

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Before I email you, I wanted to run this idea by you: my mother in law has a small nutritional supplement business. If you wanted to make cards, we would be happy to put them in each order that is shipped out.

We also have a good friend/brother in Christ who owns a water store on the border of Los Angeles and Orange counties that would love to carry cards or even a small sign in the store.

Pray about it and send me a private message. If God wants you to do the billboard, no hard feelings at all.

Love in Christ,


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