Billboards content request, and suggestion

That would be great. I’m up for trying the different styles. I assume that’s your billboard in my photo taken from a screenshot of JD’s update? If so, I want to say thank you for the inspiration to follow in your footsteps. When JD noted that you had said it wasn’t terribly expensive, it’s what got the fire under me to look into it. And it’s really not that bad, cost-wise. But thank you again, if that was yours. I really hope this starts a fire of witnessing all over this globe!

This is just a test render. It’s ‘plain and simple’ hehe… There was way too much information with the ABCs as well, so I went with your theme and changed it a little. What do you think? I can change ‘life’s’ back you ‘your’ if you want.



I like it. Very creative.

One of the folks from my group doing the billboard suggested something. On the ABC’s part, she was concerned the blue of the “B” line would be hard to read against the black background and suggested using another color, like yellow. Do you think the “blue on black” will be difficult to read? And if so, you think we could try doing a yellow with it?

Really like the GPS one. Would you mind if I used it for my church as well? On our website or something? I would need to remove the line, but I think it’s a really neat graphic that could work in several contexts. If not, that’s fine, figured I would ask.

Thank you for all your work so far. I wish I had an eye for this design stuff, but never has been in my wheelhouse.


Thank you for the information, was very helpful!

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Thank you for this, there will be a billboard with this beautiful design in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Highway 75 very soon!


Very cool! Talk about reaching an often overlooked area! Well done!

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Quite possibly, I can either lighten the blue to a more ‘Hawaiian water’ blue or change the background to yellow/gold. I’ll give both a go and see which looks best at a distance (and in direct sunlight).

Absolutely! It’s free to distribute and use. I’ll also make one that had the JDFarag text removed. (You didn’t want it replaced with your church website or anything?)

No problem, I’m happy I get to spread His message throughout the world. :slight_smile:

As always, just give me 10 hours to get to done.

God Bless!

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Thank you, yet again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow incredible job there Josee!! That’s certainly somewhere I would have never thought of posting the ABCs on!

I pray that many will come to know Christ through those virtual business cards!

I love the pictures too, your shop looks so cute! Haha JD needs to see this!

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Yep. Cute. Lol

Got the digital billboard up in Tulsa today! Thank you for the content!!!


What do you think of this? I swapped the green and the blue as well as made the blues a bit lighter.

And the one without the JD Link:

How are they?

BTW I will continue to create more over the weeks so keep an eye out for new designs. There’s a Christmas one in production at the moment “The Reason for the Season” kind of thing.

As always, don’t download the images directly from this forum, but use my website for the best quality (and to get updates when I change something)


Thank you. Looks good!


This is all just sooooooo good! I have no idea what I am doing with this but I know it would attract the young people in my life! To God be the Glory and may His Word continue to go forth! Praying how the Lord would have me spread the Word! I use to do door to door evangelism and a queen of gospel tracks, but the audience has changed and the time is urgent! Please Lord Jesus, help me to share You before it’s too late!!!

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Can someone make a Facebook header of the ABC that we could download? I don’t have photoshop anymore. :frowning:


@Robin Thought I’d suggest as an alternative to graphic design in photoshop. It’s free, easy to learn, and has all of the most basic elements you’d need to create a simple graphic right in your browser. :smiley:

Also, just putting this out there… I have 20+ years experience as a freelance digital artist. Mostly illustrative, but I’ve done all sorts of things, from logos, icons, photo editing, web graphics, etc. If someone is looking for something custom for their ABCs, send me a message. No charge, of course, for those who are just looking to share a message of salvation.


Thank you so much!

Robin Owen

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Photopea is a free to use version. :slight_smile:

For those of you who are going to be using Blip Billboards to showcase the ABC’s of Salvation, I would like to give you some information to help you that I had to learn through a learning curve.

  1. I am happy with Blip. They’re very low cost, have good analytics, you can tell them how much you want to spend each day. Their customer service is lacking though. Fortunately, it’s not a terribly complex system to use.

  2. If your design gets turned down for any reason (besides being the wrong size, which you can easily fix with even the most basic paint/graphics program), don’t waste time inquiring with customer service. They are more than likely going to tell you, “The billboards themselves are owned by others and they can approve or deny any designs for any reason.” Just move on and try another billboard.

  3. When setting your display schedule, you can also lower your “maximum payment per Blip (display)” for the three levels it offers you (heavy rotation, medium rotation and light rotation). I found that most of my boards ran between 6 and 7 cents on average per display. One was under a penny per display on average!

  4. If you keep an eye on your stats, and you see you are not getting enough displays, you can tweak this by adjusting your schedule and/or the max amount you are willing to pay per display. Just adjust one aspect at a time. Wait a day and see how it affects your displays. Continue to fine tune until you have the number of displays you are looking for.

  5. Very Important! If you are going to be running multiple boards, make multiple campaigns! Initially I put several under one campaign. When you do this, Blip’s algorithm will automatically structure your billboard views to give you the most views for your money. This sounds great, but in reality, what happened to me is my “less than a penny” board got BLASTED with views (am talking over 1200 per day!), but my others were just a trickle. I found that if I split them up into their own campaigns, and set my same daily budget divided between them, the “trickle” boards’ views increased tenfold! The “flooded” board went down to a still heavy, but more reasonable view level (roughly 600 displays per day at $6 per day).

Hope this helps those of you trying this means of sharing the ABC’s with the public. We have gotten great enjoyment thinking of all the seeds being planted before the lost out there, with the hopes that some will find good soil and produce a harvest one day.

God Bless you all! If you have any questions or anything I can help with, please feel free to let me know!


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I finally got to see our billboard in the wild! Took a little over three hours to get here, but so worth it!