Billboards content request, and suggestion

Is there somewhere here that we can get a pre-made image of the ABC’s of Salvation for use on billboards. A secret group on FB the Lord prompted me to start many years ago has gotten together and decided to pitch in for some billboard space. But if someone here is good at visual design and could put together a couple options for billboard usage we could easily copy/paste/download, that would be great.

One other thing…most of the folks in our group, including myself, didn’t know the first thing about billboards (cost, rules, etc). In doing some research, I was guided by one of the local companies to a site - (this is not my company, nor do I get any profits for promotion) that manages super affordable electronic billboards across the nation. If others are wanting to do this across the nation, this might be a good place to start.



Greetings @WATChParty!

Thanks for the post.

Seems like a cool way to spread the word.

Don’t let the driver’s get too distracted.

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Hi Ryan,

There’s quite a few topics on this,

I have quite a few designs on my website (below) which may interest you. However none are billboard sized yet so I would require the size you need so I can alter it to fit your billboard:

God Bless


Thank you so much for this. It gives me a good place to start.

Ice -

Would you be able to recreate this:

The digital billboard size is 376 by 104 (not sure the units on this, but pulled it from the billboard site).


Sure, give me a day.

EDIT: Or not, I felt like doing it straight away.
@WATChParty So here you go, any changes?
I couldn’t use the same blocks due to copyrights.
It also plays on the theme of the dark left side prior to salvation and the new “born again” self in the yellow/gold side.

It may be too many words for a billboard, instead of the verse to the right I would have:
“JD Farag (newline) Bible Prophecy” and then JDFARAG.ORG as it is now.
Or perhaps “Accept Jesus Today” and then JDFARAG.ORG.
On average people only get 5-10s to read a billboard and that time is divided up by looking back at the road and then back to the billboard.

Sizing is 3760 x 1040 px.
300 dpi
RGB Colors
1.1mb File Size

Download full file at: Creative Content


Thank you! This is perfect!

I heard something this morning that I thought might work for an “alternate” version. Same lady side, but on the right, something like: “Follow your GPS - Gospel, Plain and Simple” Would it be too much to ask for something like that to be designed as an alternative? I don’t have much, but for all your work, I might be able to send a little something monetary your way if necessary. I like your work!

Thank you again!


Hi @WATChParty,

Of course, I enjoy creating all this content :slight_smile: I’ll give your GPS idea a go alongside the ABCs, but it may be an information overload on drivers with too much to read.
(Generally Billboard ads try to get their point across within 7 words, however I can create an alternative Billboard with just the GPS theme if you wish)

Give me 12 hours and I’ll edit this post with the picture as well as a few other variations.

Compensation isn’t necessary, it’ll cost you quite a bit to put up this Billboard so put the money towards that :slight_smile: I just want people to see it and become saved!

Fantastic! Sounds good to me. Can’t wait to see your designs. I too am looking only to bring in as many people to the Kingdom as I can in whatever time the good Lord gives me.

I have the original file on this one. It may need to be resized based on what the billboard company required of mine when I submitted it to them. If you want I’d be glad to email you the file.

That would be great. I’m up for trying the different styles. I assume that’s your billboard in my photo taken from a screenshot of JD’s update? If so, I want to say thank you for the inspiration to follow in your footsteps. When JD noted that you had said it wasn’t terribly expensive, it’s what got the fire under me to look into it. And it’s really not that bad, cost-wise. But thank you again, if that was yours. I really hope this starts a fire of witnessing all over this globe!

This is just a test render. It’s ‘plain and simple’ hehe… There was way too much information with the ABCs as well, so I went with your theme and changed it a little. What do you think? I can change ‘life’s’ back you ‘your’ if you want.



I like it. Very creative.

One of the folks from my group doing the billboard suggested something. On the ABC’s part, she was concerned the blue of the “B” line would be hard to read against the black background and suggested using another color, like yellow. Do you think the “blue on black” will be difficult to read? And if so, you think we could try doing a yellow with it?

Really like the GPS one. Would you mind if I used it for my church as well? On our website or something? I would need to remove the line, but I think it’s a really neat graphic that could work in several contexts. If not, that’s fine, figured I would ask.

Thank you for all your work so far. I wish I had an eye for this design stuff, but never has been in my wheelhouse.


Thank you for the information, was very helpful!

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Thank you for this, there will be a billboard with this beautiful design in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Highway 75 very soon!


Very cool! Talk about reaching an often overlooked area! Well done!

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Quite possibly, I can either lighten the blue to a more ‘Hawaiian water’ blue or change the background to yellow/gold. I’ll give both a go and see which looks best at a distance (and in direct sunlight).

Absolutely! It’s free to distribute and use. I’ll also make one that had the JDFarag text removed. (You didn’t want it replaced with your church website or anything?)

No problem, I’m happy I get to spread His message throughout the world. :slight_smile:

As always, just give me 10 hours to get to done.

God Bless!

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Thank you, yet again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow incredible job there Josee!! That’s certainly somewhere I would have never thought of posting the ABCs on!

I pray that many will come to know Christ through those virtual business cards!

I love the pictures too, your shop looks so cute! Haha JD needs to see this!

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Yep. Cute. Lol