Blessing someone

Does anyone know if I can give someone a blessing particularly the blessing Pastor Farag told us a couple weeks ago? My conliict is that people in people land tell me I can not. Esoecially if the recipient is an Athiest. He is pretty far into a stage 4+ in operable cancer. He wasn’t understanding what he was being told (in denial) but, something his Palative care doctor told him brought him to the reality that he doesn’t have much time left. Everytime I see him I ask him if he wants to hear about the Gospel and so fat he has said no. BUT I also tell him if he want’s me to stop asking just tell me. He has never told me to stop asking and I am feeling lead to teach him what I can so I ask him. Now I feel I should give him that blessing. What should I do?


Have you talked to him about heaven and hell? Maybe something like…“hey, I really want to make sure you are in heaven with me?” Nothing matters more right now than his getting saved. A blessing will not save him.


Have you shared your faith story? Do you have a story to tell where your life was one way, then you met Jesus and it all changed? This can be a very authentic , organic way of sharing Jesus. How you came to the realization you were a sinner in need of the Savior. How His death on the cross paid for your sins. And turning to Him, confessing Him as your Savior and how your life changed- suddenly, little by little, etc… Through your faith story you incorporate the Gospel. And the proof is your changed life, the supernatural peace and joy you have. Your assurance of salvation, etc. Everyone’s story is different of how God brought you to Him.

But no, we can’t give an atheist a false illusion of a blessing. (if that is what you are asking early on in your inquiry above).

You could also talk to him about how he came to his belief system (as an atheist) and ask him some key questions along the way. Maybe this is first and your story next … I have learned asking questions and listening is good. And just share from the heart. Pray up before going that the Lord opens his heart to hear.

Hopefully that gives some help. Let the Lord speak truth through you through your heart.


Yes! This is a great answer :). Share your stories!!!


Perhaps reading the Bible to him - if he is willing. Let the Holy spirit speak to him through God’s word.
Read to him about the thief on the cross in case he thinks he has too many sins to forgive or read to him about Nicodemus and how Jesus told him we all must be born again to enter heaven.
Just added thoughts as well what others have shared.


Totally agree! Blessings won’t help the unsaved, but I would pray for God to give him ears to hear and to bless your words.
Depending on how long he can stay lucid at any one time, I think telling your story is a good idea. I also think point blank talk of hell would be in order— as there are many false beliefs about it floating around to deceive people.
I will join you in asking our Father to save this man. I pray for you to have the time you need to accomplish your desire, and that your words be anointed by His Holy Spirit. If the man rejects salvation, I pray God heals your heart. It’s a sad thing to see someone reject salvation. May you be blessed for your compassion.


Another question might be, “ Do you know where you’ll go after you die?”
Unfortunately most think everyone goes to heaven or for an atheist, life is just over and you’re in a grave.
Maybe this will get his wheels turning ie: what if there is a God, a heaven, a hell etc


Thank you for this. I don’t think he wants to believe in anything, but he has never told me to stop asking him if he is ready to hear the Gospel, to me that means I have a foot in the door. I did ask him once if he didn’t want to know where he will be going when he dies. I am going to give him the blessing in Numbers 6: 24-26. my friend told me the words in that blessing might be enough for him to open his heart and learn. He wasn’t even my friend at first, in fact I didn’t really care for him all that much. He was Ron’s friend. But when I heard he had stage 4 + cancer, Over time I came to care very much for his soul just as much as I care for my daughter and grandsons souls. I get a little frightened at the thought of teaching him about the Gospel because I want to teach him the right way and I don’t think I know the bible as good as I should to teach someone. But I do always pray that when the time comes For God to give me the words he needs to hear. I feel things when people die around me, they are either such happyness that I can’t even begin to describe it. Or I feel nothing at all. But when I get the happy feelings I just have to tell someone else that person is with the lord now. I don’t know what that is but I sure would love to bring a Godless man to Jesus Christ. And I feel an ergent need to. Thank you again for your kind reply God Bless you.


Hello again Deborah,
You have such a heart for our God! I know you bring Him great joy. He has promised us that He will give us the desires of our heart; don’t give up. I have no doubt you know the gospel well. And I am quite sure you can tell someone about the salvation our Father has provided us by the blood of His Son. You are well spoken and clear in your thoughts. I know you have access to Pastor Farag’s ABCs, too. The Holy Spirit will give you the words for this man, dear sister. You know that is true.
It sounds like your doubts about your ability to witness may be (stress on the ‘may’) may be covering your doubts and fears that this man may not choose salvation and you worry because time is of the essence. That someone in such a circumstance would choose to reject our Lord’s sacrifice is deeply troubling; I do understand your fear for this man. I do. And I understand that gnawing pain of feeling that somehow his decision is tied to you, to your prayers, your words, your actions. Know that it is not, Deborah. The apostle Paul makes it very clear that although we plant seeds and water, only God gives Life. In 1 Cor 3:6 Paul admonishes those in the Corinthian church who are arguing over the superiority of Apollos and himself. He tells them, “I have planted. Apollos has watered; but God gave the increase.” Only God saves— and only the one who needs the saving can ask to be saved.
I am sorry for your pain. I grieve for this stubborn man. We will pray together that our good Father will turn his heart. Don’t give up on this man! Remember the parable in Matthew 20:1-16? It’s about the vineyard owner who hires workers up until the end of the day. This man may yet accept the offer of salvation. There is hope until we breathe our last breath!
Shalom, GR


Thank you so much for your encouragement. I won’t stop trying. Even on his death bed I will ask him. I do indeed plant seeds where ever I go, and will continue until the day I am raptured.
I will take no credit if he choses salvation, all that glory belongs to God. I kind of believe that the period of unconciousness people experience is when that person converses with God, who loves all of us so much that he gave Jesus to be crucified for our sins, is giving that person a last opportunity to accept salvation. But, on this side of heaven I don’t think anyone can know for sure. Having worked with Hospice on several occaisions, I know dying people go through a time of unconciousness. Of course Doctors will tell you it’s the body shutting down and yes it is, but why would God make the body that way if he didn’t intend to use that time to minister and give the person one last opportunity. I am pretty sure it is God that is giving me this task to do. My mom used to tell me I was as stubborn as a mule. And she was right, So I won’t be giving up on this man. Thank you for your complement of my being well spoken and clear in my thoughts. I was just told by a collage admissions tester that I was not able to form clear or critical thinking skills because of a test I took. (I want to go back to collage to learn Addiction counceling and do it for free. I was feeling discouraged. So you made my day with that statement.
ani mtzfa lepgos youto bavir.

אני מצפה לפגוש אותך באוויר.

I look forward to meeting you in the air.

And you just made my day! I too look forward to meeting you in our next life.
Do you speak Hebrew? I’ve been trying to learn — have most of the consonants down with sounds, working on the points. The language is amazing— the way each letter paints a picture and a word unfolds into so much more than just a word. It is yet another completely lovely testimony to the eloquence of our God. I hope we get the gift of fluency in Hebrew on our way up; I long to sit at the feet of my Lord and learn from Him. Some days I feel like a child waiting in much anticipation— and I’m a sixty-year-old woman! lol It’s gonna be so good to see our Yeshua!

BTW, I bet you ALREADY help people who battle addiction (and other demons). God bless you for wanting to do it for free. You’ll be an awesome counselor Deborah (should our Lord tarry long enough that you finish school.) Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!
BTW, I taught English and coached/judged speaking events for years. The person who misjudged your communication skill was either having a bad day or perhaps needs more experience. Written tests can only assess a limited response; they sample one point in time— rarely do they measure actual skill. Shalom.


Just as a supporting confirmation :]

In Christ


The tests I took were in a Next Generation platform, I have no idea what any of that is. And If I chose to continue with this collage it would be setting me up for failure. I don’t do failure any more, But I believe God has opened a door for me because I am about to be accepted to Liberty University on line. You probably already know this is a Christian based University. Dr Ed Hendson (a frequiently invited guest speaker for pastor Farag) I will also be taking bible studies in addition to the counseling because how can we counsel others if we don’t know God? No I don’t speak Hebrew, I cheated and used a translator, I do know a few Hebrew words like Ra hash kidish which means the holy Ghost. I read a Jewish Christian new testament that was translated into English by Christian Jews. I am trying to find a book on English sign language which is kind of like sighing short hand so I can have a conversation with my 3rd cousin yho is deaf. Chances are on our way up we till receive the Aramiac language when we have put on imortality which was the language used in Jesus’s time. Hebrew is a beautiful language. I am part Cherokee I would love to be able to fluently it is also beautiful to hear.
Until the Lord calls us home, Be blessed.

I’ve only missed a few of his sermons in the past 10 years. He taught me how to be saved a long time ago. I only wish I had the money to also put up billboards with the abc’s of salvation on them. I even stay up till 1 am centeral time on the first thursday so I can take communion with my pastor. Pastor Farag is the most honest pastor I have ever heard, and believe me I’ve heard many over the years. I was raised a Mormon until I was old enough to stop going there. Ive searched for a truthful chutch since I was 18 and I’ll be 66 next month. So when I say Pastor Farag is an honest and truthful pastor. Coming from me that’s saying something. As soon as my friend gives me permission to teach him, I will tell him the abc’s of salvation and anything else God chooses to put in my mouth.
Thank you for your reply
God bless you