Blood clots and much more

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Blood clots and much information on the vaccination of children! Please pray for the children!


Hi Ruth,
I just wanted to welcome you to the Forum, I see you just signed up and this is your first post.
You will find many discussions on the subject of blood clots and much more. It truly is horrific. But God
But God is in control and He is coming for us soon.
But until He comes, I hope you find a home here on the Forum as many of us have.
The vaccination of children is pure evil insanity.
Much has been forthcoming on the subject.
Yes we need to pray not only for the children, but for all those being forced into taking the Covid shot (Human Gene Therapy) it is not a vaccine, it is a lie.
Prayers going up, and for you too.

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Good Morning Ken,
I very much appreciate this e-mail, the forum (honor of being in this forum) and especially Pastor JD’s prophecy updates.
The children are so close to my heart as I do have two grandbabies that I’m so concerned their Mom will succumb and have them all take the jab…AWWWW!!! When I send my daughter the videos or related videos, she will not watch them and just brushes them away.

I do find myself isolated concerning this so-called vaccine and cannot even speak to anyone at my home church about it, since they were one of the places that encouraged vaccines and all proudly announce their vaccinations. It breaks my heart to see that even these amazing Godly men, women and children are being deceived by this lie of the enemy. Ever since this whole thing started, the Lord had impressed on me that it was a big lie and we were just being controlled. There is a virus and always have been viruses that men have manufactured to use and kill the population, but this is all as the Lord in His Mighty Word and Pastor JD has said, the beginning of the end and I am so ready to go home to be with Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ the son of the Living God, our Abba Father!
I am praying for continued strength & protection for Pastor JD Farag, as well as your wonderful church. I really like attending on-line every week and am encouraged everytime I attend your services!

Much prayers needed here in Las Cruces, NM USA, as well as very greatly appreciated!
God bless you all!

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