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In light of the world spinning madly right now and Jesus’ soon return (which I hope is any day now), I like to read books that focus on the next life. I know we have to wonder about the credibility of some books of course, but with discernment, I do like to ponder about our heavenly home. So I created this post in the hopes we could all share our favorite books. (Also because I would like to read more, haha.)

My favorite book is ‘Within Heaven’s Gates’ by Rebecca Springer. It’s definitely an oldie, but my favorite. Have you read it? To sum it up, she briefly dies and experiences an unknown amount of time in Heaven, meets family and the Lord, to some of the tasks in the atmosphere of heaven. What is your go-to book when you need a little comfort? (Besides the bible I mean)

Maranantha Lord!


Randy Alcorn has an excellent book on Heaven, but my favorite is C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Last Battle”. The heaven scene isn’t until the very last chapter, but it brings me comfort every time I read it.


i wanna go home Jesus like right now!


Oh me too, StaceyLee. :heart: :heart: :heart: :pray: :pray: :pray:


DEAR GOD CRACK OPEN THE SKY AND CALL US UP :trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet::trumpet: COME LORD JESUS :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart: i’m ready like RIGHT NOW right this very second im ready im ready im ready to go Jesus! Maranatha :white_heart:


I’ve read a good end times series ( donno if that counts but-) there are two books so far, the first is The Time of Jacob’s Trouble and the second is The Day of Ezekiel’s Hope by Donna Vanliere :slight_smile:

  1. All Things New – John Eldredge

  2. Heaven Answer Book - Billy Graham

  3. 50 Days of Heaven – Randy Alcorn

  4. Heaven – Biblical Answers to Common Questions – Randy Alcorn (Taken from Heaven book)

  5. Heaven For Kids – Randy Alcorn/ Linda Washington (Hits the main points of the larger Heaven book)

  6. In Light of Eternity – Randy Alcorn

  7. Life Promises for Eternity – Randy Alcorn

  8. Seeing The Unseen A 90-Day Devotional To Set Your Mind On Eternity – Randy Alcorn

  9. Safely Home – (Novel) by Randy Alcorn

  10. The Business of Heaven – C.S. Lewis

  11. Heaven – D.L. Moody

  12. The Gospel of the Hereafter – J. Paterson Smyth (Free on Amazon for Kindle, also in public domain)

  13. Heaven Your Real Home – Joni Eareckson Tada

  14. The Heaven Promise – Scot McKnight

  15. Heaven Revealed – Paul Enns

  16. Heaven My Father’s House – Anne Graham Lotz

  17. HOME How Heaven and the New Earth Satisfy Our Deepest Longings – Elyse Fitzpatrick

  18. What the Bible Says The Millennial Reign of Christ – Finis Dake ($.99) on Kindle

  19. A New World Coming – John R. Claeys

  20. Not Home Yet How The Renewal Of The Earth Fits Into God’s Plan For The World – Ian K. Smith

  21. A Place Called Heaven – E.M. Bounds

  22. The True Heaven Not What You Thought Better Than You Expected – Joe Beam/Lee Wilson

  23. To Be Continued in Heaven When Love Transcends Death – Jerry Vornholt

  24. A Travel Guide to Heaven – Anthony DeStefano (Has nothing to do with near-death experience. Author hasn’t been to Heaven)

  25. Visits From Heaven – Pete Deison ( A pastor dreams of his wife after she died. He learned a lot about God and Heaven during the process. I feel it is well worth the read.)

  26. We Shall See God Charles Spurgeon’s Classic Devotional Thoughts On Heaven - Randy Alcorn

  27. What Happens After Life? 21 Amazing Revelations About Heaven and Hell – Ron Rhodes

  28. What The Bible Says About Heaven – Ed Strauss

  29. Where I Am Heaven, Eternity, And Our Life Beyond – Billy Graham

  30. For Those of Us Waiting on That Day! A Daily Devotional for Christians That Are Grieving – Ann Dillon (There is a lot of teaching on Heaven. Very Helpful, especially if you are grieving a loss.)

  31. The Gates Ajar – Elizabet Stuart Phelps (A novel but has lots of information on Heaven)



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I believe this was a good book on a bit more in-depth study of what to expect.