Born again Believer

As we are living in a fallen world corrupted by sin, God has given us free will to make a decision to except Jesus Christ into our lives and receive salvation and eternal life. God sent us his only begotten son that he would redeem the world from sin through his death on the cross and resurrection three days later paying our sin/death penalty in full. When we decide to except and acknowledge that we are sinners, we need the Savior and believe in our hearts that the testimony is true and Jesus is our Lord and Savior from this fallen world, we call upon the name of Jesus to receive the spirit of Christ and be born again. This process gives you a new heart/spirit and renews your soul into Christ Jesus. As a born again believer we are like children after inception of the spirit all on the umbilical cord of the tree of life (Jesus Christ) feeding on the word of God. The Church is the body of Christ which is those born again. As born again believers we look towards our delivery from this fallen world and spending eternity with our Heavenly Father and those that excepted the free gift of life from Jesus. Please except Jesus Christ into your lives and get on the life line and the only way to heaven. When the delivery happens, the cord of life will be cut off for the age of grace and non believers. The birth pangs are increasing and now is the time for your salvation. Pastor JD helps making this message of the gospel child like simple. Please refer to his ABC’s of salvation page if you have questions. Today is the day to make that decision, please don’t wait. God bless!