Both my parents passed within 6 days of each other - butGod!

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

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Dear pastor JD and church family,

I have been an online member tuning in from Michigan to watch your prophecy updates for the couple years now. I learned about your church from a dear cousin of mine.
Every Sunday I get so excited to hear what you share in your prophecy updates and Bible studies! I actually save them to listen to on mondays so I can be sure I am not interrupted by my precious family and can hear every last word!
Over the last 2 years I would share what I learned with my parents. We were all born and raised Catholic ( I know…I know wince wince​:persevere::persevere:). Know call myself a Bible believing Christian. However my parents became interested in what I would share and even watched many of your updates as well and their eyes were opened to the truth of the Bible. I had no idea what God was preparing us for the last 2 years, but I see now! Back in January of this year my parents, my husband and myself contracted Covid, I asked for prayers from your church and SO many people offered prayers via your website. It was truly amazing and the love - so genuine. However my parents sadly did not survive . They both passed away, first my father then 6 days later my mother. But God!! He has been preparing us for this all along! Well before they were sick I explained to them the ABC’s of salvation which they had never knew of! And did as the ABC’s say. It’s because of all they learned from you the last couple years and even what I learned and was able to pass onto them , that I KNOW they are saved and in heaven!!! I KNOW I will see them again soon & hopefully very soon! Had we not learned of you and your church, and learned the truth of Gods word, my parents would not have been saved nor would myself and my family. My heart is so heavy and the grief is sometimes unbearable, but I do find comfort knowing for certain that they accepted Jesus as their savior before he called them home, via the ABC’s of salvation. I would talk to them about the rapture and I felt certain we would all go up at the same time. God had a different plan and I find peace knowing I’ll see them again very soon. I miss them beyond measure. Thank you pastor JD and church family. I cant wait to meet you one day in heaven! You’re all a true blessing!


I am truly sorry for your devastating loss dear sis. I know our Heavenly Father will sustain you and your family. I will pray for His strength and His comfort for you. To see God bring your whole family to the saving knowledge of Him is by far the most wonderful thing I have heard in so very long. You are a perfect example of why we must not give up sharing the gospel with whomever will listen. Your parents are now feeling such peace and everlasting joy, all because you listened to the calling of the Holy Spirit. I always sing this song before I close my eyes to sleep each night:

Thank you, Lord for saving my soul
Thank you, Lord for making me whole
Thank you, Lord for giving to me
thy great salvation so rich and free.


I’m so sorry for your loss.
God was at work behind the scenes as he’s known to do! His ways are truly amazing.

It’s understandable that you miss them greatly but there’s coming an eternity of forever of being with them. :latin_cross::sweat_smile::heart:


Thank you so much for your kind reply! :heart::pray:t3: I cannot thank you enough. So excited to meet them in the air and be with them again. Lord please come quickly!


Thank you so much for your kind reply. I appreciate you sharing the song also! I will learn it and do the same. So appreciate your kindness ( more than I know how to express). Missing them beyond words. God bless you and your family .:heart::pray:t3:

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What an amazing testimony, @Kchurchill (Kristen). I’m sorry for the unbearable grief. I cannot imagine what a load that is to bear. The good news in all of this is that your parents went Home together. Can you imagine the joy your parents felt upon reuniting? Someday, we will all celebrate together with those we miss. Thank the Lord you reached them with the true Word before they left this world.



Thank you Cindy for your kind message. :heart::pray:t3:Yes, I can only imagine the happiness they experienced when they saw each other in heaven. They were married 53 years and never apart for more than a few days when my dad would go hunting…I would often talk to them about heaven and can only imagine the peace and happiness they feel. It fills my heart when I am sad that I cannot see them. So appreciate your message. :heart::pray:t3:


A beautiful testimony of faith in Christ from you and also about your late parents. But God…two very amazing and powerful words. thank you so much for sharing your story. God bless you. Linda


Thank you so much. Trusting in the Lord to continue to carry my family and through. So appreciate your message :pray:t3::heart:

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