“BUT GOD” 🙏🏻 Our Merciful Loving Father

Lost a bit in my thoughts today, with feelings of fear, grief and loss swirling. I’ve learned that sweeping pain under a rug is unhealthy, and while we think we are moving on, the pain just stays.
It’s not super-spiritual to deny the hurt;
If you deny the hurt, you deny the heal.

God never leaves us in the hurt.

We still have the healing process, and that has bumps and twists and the road certainly is not a straight line.
I love that in the wrestling with our faith and circumstances, our God never leaves us.
What a precious friend!
He knows exactly what we need.

In the middle of the pondering, I look to see the above vehicle directly ahead.
He knew I needed to be reminded….
Whatever happens in our lives,
He changes everything.
:pray:t2: :heart:


Amen dear Holli. And even whilst He does that,

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Heb 13

What a foundation we have in our Lord and saviour.

In Christ


He is the same, and our Alpha and Omega.
Thank you for your kind reply. :pray:t2:


I saw this the other day when I was discouraged.



:point_up_2: AMEN :point_up_2:

I have a throwback sermon from Dr. Stanley about “Healing Our Hurts.”

If anyone is interested, here is the link :blush: :+1:


I so love that! It’s not lost on me the delight that it’s a dump truck! :blush: All the “stuff” that life can drop on us… yet, He promises everlasting life in Jesus! Thank you for sharing!


@LDHW I so enjoyed that, and so always appreciate you, sweet sister. :heart::pray:t2::hugs:


@CL87 that is so cool you got to see that! :face_with_monocle::heart_eyes: :butgod:




TY :sparkling_heart:


:revolving_hearts:Truly, truly, and amen, Holli! :butgod:


Amen! He is so faithful and right on time to see us through whatever we are facing.


Hey there Denise @LDHW,
Thanks for sharing this video. At the beginning Dr. Stanley said we want to be careful how we handle hurt because it can sometimes take away our witness. How true is that! Seems how you handle hurt either hurts your witness or makes you stronger in the Lord.

I am truly sorry for how I reacted to being hurt a while back. I could have—and should have been gracious instead of allowing that hurt to turn to anger. God has been so good to me…. I should have treated you with that same kindness. Thank you for your forgiveness and not allowing what hurt I caused to negatively affect your witness.

I’m learning. Sometimes I fall down and go boom. :butgod_dark: By His grace I get up, a bit wiser for the fall.


Thank you, Denise. for sharing this.
Very helpful advice in situations of estrangement.
I especially liked Dr Stanley’s clear definitions of what forgiveness is and isn’t and the suggestion to write a letter, expressing all our feelings and burn it (for those who feel silly sitting in front of an empty chair and talking to it.)

And I do appreciate what you have shared with us , Holli @CL87 and the lovely way you have worded your “ponderings”.



Thank you for such a nice post…it feels good to clear the air :two_hearts:. I believe it was a just a huge misunderstanding and no ill intent was meant on either of our parts :+1:.
It’s all good…water under the bridge, my friend :wink: :blush: :two_hearts:.

God is good

:raised_hands: AMEN! TO! THAT! :raised_hands:

we fall down

:raising_hand_woman: ALL THE TIME and I’m so thankful for His daily, tender mercies and amazing grace that picks me back up :two_hearts:.

:butterfly: With the dawn of each day comes a new batch of compassion made freshly available to us. God’s compassion is poured out from an infinite store; His mercies will never run out. Some mornings we get up on the wrong side of the bed, but even there we find God’s mercies awaiting us. :butterfly:

I’m glad you enjoyed the sermon…Stanley is the bee’s knees :raised_hands:! I’ve always wanted a chance to visit his church but looks like I’m gonna have to wait till Heaven :grin:.

Love, Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:



Thank You :sparkling_heart:.

Dr. Stanley just can’t be beat…he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever heard. God has touched my life immeasurably through him.

“Burning of a letter” I have done and it really helps to put things in black & white…total acknowledgment…total surrender…and letting go and letting God. It provides a release of the burdens from our incapable hands…into His :palms_up_together: :pray: :heart:.

I’m glad you enjoyed the sermon too :blush:!