BUT GOD testimonies - Link to Transcripts

Here is the link to the transcript of the testimonies of ‘But God’ experiences people have had, that J.D. read last week.
I will try to list the next one as well.

Prophecy Update - September 19.2021
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Here is the next link to the transcript of the testimonies of ‘But God’ experiences people have had, that J.D. read last week.

Prophecy Update - September 26, 2021
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I enjoyed all of the testimonies so much I was rejoicing and praising God through the entire time he was reading them. Our God is an awesome God. Praise you Lord. Thank you for Your faithfulness.


Here is the next link to the transcript of a few of the ‘But God’ testimonies that J.D. shared during his prophecy update.
You can find them beginning on Page 6 to the top of Page 8

Prophecy Update - October 3, 2021
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I decided to copy and paste the testimonies from this sermon here as there weren’t too many. I may have to split it up.

Part 1 - 1. :butgod:
This first one is from Daneil Hoover.
"Hello. Here is my ‘but God’ story. In Colorado, the governor mandated the jab for health care workers. I’m a maintenance person, so fell under the order. I asked for an exemption from you and turned it in as soon as the company asked for it. I was approved with no questions in just a couple of days.
I give God all the glory for this.
I thank you for following the Holy Spirit and making the exemptions available.
[And then she says this]
I pray all those at work who reviewed the exemption come to know Jesus before the end of the age. [That’s the right heart. That’s the right heart. ] Thank you, families, so much for your help. Love ya. “

2. :butgod:
"Hi Pastor JD, I’d like to keep my name anonymous due to the fact that this letter is about my daughter, who works for the federal government. She’s been very anti Covid vaccine. Praise the Lord!
She told me one day, 'Mom, something is just not right about the vaccine. ’
I was thinking really? lol.
'and I’m not taking it. and the more they push, the more I’m going to push back.
I had been encouraging her to watch your prophecy updates and directed her to your website to request a religious exemption letter in which she did. And I thank you so much for your willingness to do that for so many people.
She said that she has shared it with coworkers who are doing the same. She asked me how to become a member. I said, um, watch the videos!

(Pastor J.D.)“By the way, we get a lot of people asking us, how can I become an online member? You are! For those of you here locally, we have no membership. You’re here, you’re a member; whether you like it or not, I guess. I don’t know. It’s like, yeah, praise the Lord, right? We’re all members of the body of Christ!

She goes on. "One of her coworkers wrote an 11 page memorandum for a religious reasonable accommodation and he didn’t leave a stone unturned. He covered it all and backed everything with scripture. It was very impressive. God is working powerfully on behalf of his children, working for the federal government!
My daughter informed me yesterday she has joined a class action lawsuit over this illegal vaccine mandate. And so far, [get this] there are over 2,500 Department of Homeland Security employees signed on to fight for all the federal employees!
[Applause] [So, yeah, praise the Lord]
I just wanted to write to you and your church to give you a peek into some happenings in Washington, D. C. , [who knew?] and ask for you and your congregation to lift this matter up in prayer on behalf of my daughter and all of the federal employees. We know God is sovereign and He is working and I’m just praying and waiting for the final ‘but God’ part of this story. God bless you Pastor.


Part 2 - 3 :butgod:
"This is from Bevon Jacobs. Hey there Pastor. What a blessing your sermons have been. I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I was contemplating taking the vaccine but had such a moral struggle to do it. I then woke up one morning in September, very early to pray for wisdom that day and ask God to guide me because I just could not find anything substantial that also covers Bible prophecy to confirm my gut feeling.
But God, when I finish praying, I open my phone and saw a message from a very good Christian friend in South Africa who I asked his opinion earlier in the week, and his message was the link to your sermon, 'Can’t See The Forest From The Trees.’
'Powerful! God is faithful and thank you for your work.
I live in quite a liberal country and have been asleep for so long, but God woke me up. I have seen in such a short space of time
[And I want you to listen to this part] how many people are open to listening to the Gospel. It sure is time for the late harvest. "Man means it for evil, but God means it for the salvation; the harvest is ready, the harvest is white, ripe!

(Pastor J.D.) :heart:
I need to share this just real quick, if you don’t mind. What are you going to say, I mind? Well, so I grew up in a very small farm town, Teco Washington. Just to give you an idea, put it into perspective how small the town is, my graduating class was 16. Just 1, 6. No zero on the end of that. And as a farm town, everything revolved around getting the wheat harvest in before school started. Now, if we had one of those late summers and lots of rain, they would actually delay school, which was a bummer because we ended up having to school that many more days into the summer that year. But all of the high school students, of which I was one at the time, would actually work on the farm because there was such a small window of opportunity. Because if you don’t harvest that wheat, you’ll lose it. If you don’t get it harvested, you lose it because there’s only a small window of time when the harvest is white, when the heads of the wheat are white. It’s time now, cannot wait; the urgency of it. In fact, is so urgent that we’re not going to have school until we get them in. That’s what Jesus is saying when He says that, “pray to the Lord of the harvest for laborers”. Truck drivers, combined drivers, grain elevator operators and everyone in between, because the harvest is ripe and it’s ready and the time is now.

4. :butgod:
This is from David Folsom. "JD, I’ve been wanting to share with you something the Lord put on my heart to do. After seeing the success of those who put the ABCs of salvation on billboards, the Lord put the thought into my mind of putting them on the tailgate of my pickup truck. It would be a moving billboard and serve to put the thought of the gospel into anyone who would travel behind me. I went to a local wrap ad company and had them professionally design a laminate to adhere to my tailgate. They did an outstanding job and once done I consecrated the message, the means and the method to God asking that it would serve to get Jesus to people and people to Jesus.
God answered my prayers this week when I stopped at a convenience store to get a soda, and a young man approached me about the message on my tailgate. We talked for some time as he seemed to not want to leave.
When I was done sharing the Romans Road, as outlined in the ABCs of Salvation, I asked if he had ever surrendered his life to Christ. He said no, but I would like to. Oh.
And I then prayed with him to receive Christ as his savior.
I’ve asked God for 40, 000 more tailgates across our great country, laminated with the ABCs of salvation. And here it is again. Do you see this common theme? People are hurting and hungry for truth, even if they find it on the tailgate of a pickup truck. Your brother in Christ, David Folsom, Bozeman, Montana.

5. :butgod:
"This is from Amanda Baker. "Hello Pastor. My name is Amanda. I am in Ontario, Canada. So I wanted to say thank you and share with you how your videos have brought me back to the Lord.
I was baptized Anglican as a child, my stepfather’s faith. My mother is Catholic. We were not a family that went to church, but I was raised to believe in God.
Fast forward to now. Several months ago, I came across one of your videos. Normally I would have passed right by something like that, but I felt compelled to watch it. Needless to say, I’ve been watching the weekly services as well as binge watching, listening to your others. I am also reading the Bible for the first time in my 42 years.
From the very beginning of this Covid scam-demic, I’ve felt it in my soul that something was terribly off. I have now come to know that the warning I received was given to me by the Holy Spirit. I took your advice and repented for my sins and asked the Lord for forgiveness. The more that I read His word and watch your services, the closer I feel to the Lord.
I live in a very small community, and although we have several churches, none are accepting of our unvaccinated status. I just wanted to thank you for giving me my first church and for being my first pastor. [What a privilege that is] Through your video I have been saved and have turned back to the Lord. I am proof that it is never too late. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing my family to be a part of your church. Although we are watching your service from our home, I feel that we belong to a church nonetheless. [Praise the Lord for that. ]I wanted to let you know that through you, four souls have been saved myself, my husband and two children. Thank you Pastor.