Buy ABC yard sign?

Does anyone know where I could buy am ABCs of salvation yard sign? Ebay,Amazon ext.

Here is where I bought my yard and car magnet signs:

King James Bible Yard Signs - CafePress

Christian Car Magnets - CafePress

Do they have ABCs of salvation signs I did not see it?

I don’t know about ABC signs specifically…I just thought I would pass along the site in case it might be there

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Great I can always create one there just have to get good template

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Can anyone give detailed templates for ABCs of Salvation?

Hi Alan,

Vistaprint can print yard signs in the U.S. and I’m happy to edit a design for you so it fits, have a look at some of the designs I’ve made, or send me one you want fitted.


Yes can you send me a yard sign template to use at vistaprint 18x24 at least like the yellow business card models both the simple one and the one with Bible verses:)

Following…i want some

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Hiya, @vanlab I’ve uploaded some new Salvation images to this post below in the correct sizing, I can alter the size of required or convert a different design:


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Hi l used both templates at vista print and the second detailed ABCs cuts off part of any way to move all the text up a bit?

Hi Alan, @Alvis1 it looks like you used the ‘Digital’ version of the Salvation card, or you saved it as a picture from the forum directly. That design is also an older version.

Head here to download the “Business Card” version rather than the “Digital” one. The (BC) versions have additional space around the outside for professional printing.

It’s always best to download the designs from my website as the links on the forum can become broken, the designs aren’t updated as frequently and the quality is better if downloaded directly. You can find my business card designs Here.

Also those two yard signs I made for you won’t work as business card templates if that’s what you’re trying to use.

Let me know how that works for you!

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Thank you :slight_smile: do you have Yard Sign version as well? I got my cards from vista print they look great but the backside is cutoff in the link that’s ok the link is on the other side of the card I suspect the yard sign will look the same . I will redo with new designs :slight_smile: thank you for your help

God Bless,


Sorry to hear the link was cut off, if it doesn’t look right on the Vistaprint print preview let me know and send a picture so I can correct it or let you know how to fix it!

Sure just send me an email at fluidicice at gmail dot com and I’ll send the high quality yard sign versions for you.



I make my own signs and bumperstickers…