Calling All Prayer Warriors

Dear Prayer Warriors,

My sister who lived her life the past 18 years as a seemingly solid Christian, has completely fallen away from the faith (though she doesn’t see it that way) and now walks in the flesh. She divorced her husband after convincing herself this was God’s will for her and has continued to spiral out of control. The mental toll this has had on my niece and nephew, both teenagers, is devastating. Doing things they never ever would have considered doing but have no parental guidance as my sister is their friend now.

My sister has poisoned her childrens minds against their father and he’s devastated trying to work through it all and often isolates himself. My sister has pushed away all those who care about her and speak truth in her life in exchange for bad company that confirms her in what she’s doing.

The kids dad is unexpectedly coming to see them. Please pray that the kids hearts would be soft towards their dad and that they would open up and share EVERYTHING that has been taking place in their home. Please pray that he would be given Holy Spirit wisdom and knowledge to know what to do.

Thank you!

Looking up! Soon and very soon, we’re going to see our King!:heart:


I’ve lived this and still suffer the consequences in the form of a PTSD, but God has enriched my life tenfold in the process because I kept my eyes on Him. This story…this situation is so familiar …so close to home, that I am at a loss for words publicly.

Instead, and perhaps more intimately, due to my experience with this, I won’t be able to forget and therefore will put him at the forefront of my heartfelt prayers for how ever long God leads me to bring this to Him. I will remember his children as well :heart::heart:

This is a satanic attack.

Satan, the blood of Jesus is against you!



I’m sorry for what you went through. Jesus is indeed our deliverer and source of great comfort!

Thank you for praying.:heart:


Well. I appreciate that @PrayingMama . Could sure use the prayers as some things have resurfaced. But, it began a long time ago and, as I said, God has turned much of that heartache from years ago into a multitude of blessings.

My focus in prayer will be on this father and his kids. And, probably even more importantly, on your sister. Sometimes if just that one person’s heart softens, everything and every one fall in to place. The dad, in his bewilderment and his not knowing what’s to become of himself after this, can definitely make it. It’s a long road and, for
me, isolation was part of God’s plan. I ended up in an old trailer all alone in a holler on the Kentucky River. No wife. No children anymore (except weekends). Just crying myself to sleep every night. But God…. :grin:. He taught me how to feel His embrace. It was just me and God in that holler. I couldn’t even get a TV channel. Just a radio station with sermons and gospel music. I even spent a Thanksgiving at the Waffle House. My life was like a sad country song :upside_down_face:

Three years later, I met my wife who is a hardcore believer. That which was meant to hurt me God used for my good to glorify Himself. A very happy ending :wink:

And I have already been praying for this for that little family :heart:


Dear Melisa @PrayingMama, I am so sorry for your family! I will gladly join you in prayer for them. Please let us know how the visit turns out. May our Father be glorified in it!

Father God, thank You sooo much for Melisa’s faith. Thank You that she can come onto this forum to ask us to join her in prayers— and that we can be confident that You knew this family’s needs before she typed a word, and that You were already putting Your plan to save them into place. Thank You for the promise that You will listen to our pleas and work all things for the good of those who You call Your own. You alone know what is going on in this family. I ask you to rescue the children from this evil. Make a way of escape where there seems to be no way. Open their hearts to Your will and soften their hearts toward their earthly father.

I pray also for these parents, Father. They need You so much! Open their hearts to Your will please. Grant them wisdom and the courage to do what is right in Your eyes. Please release the grip that the evil one has on Melisa’s sister and turn her heart back to You. Give the father safe passage and reconciliation with his children, please. Pour out Your Spirit upon this family, blessing them with eyes to see You and hearts to know You. Wrap them in Your mighty arms and hold them fast, that they might feel Your strength and love. Work all things to the glory of Your Holy Name. In the Name of Your blessed Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, we pray and praise You! Amen.


I Jesus Mighty Name, amen!

Thank you so much for the time you took to pray and offer words of encouragement!:heart::pray:t3:
What comfort to know there are Warriors battling on their knees for this incredibly special but hurting family.


Lifting up one another in prayer, encouraging and edifying one another— our privilege and our duty as children of the Most High. I’m most grateful that you asked and allowed us to pray with you Melisa @PrayingMama. Keep us posted, won’t you?


Thank you for sharing your testimony and all that our Father has done in your life. It’s such an encouragement to know that He never leaves us, even when all feels lost.

I apologize, auto correct changed two little words I wrote to “Allan”.

I will definitely pray for you and the things that have resurfaced. May God give you the wisdom and discernment needed to navigate these things.

So happy the Lord gave you a super strong woman of God to finish this race with.:slightly_smiling_face:

The enemy is always working overtime and even more now than ever as he knows his time is up! Marriages and families seem to be one of his biggest targets, that’s for sure. We must Armour up every single day and stand firm against all the :fire: :dart: he sends our way.

It’s a great comfort to know another warrior is praying for this precious and hurting family.


Praying :pray:


I will definitely come back with an update.:heart:


The autocorrect won’t change a thing on God’s end. :blush: Thanks for telling me though. I made the appropriate edits as well :+1:t4:

In Christ,


UPDATE: Thank you to each of you who spoke words of encouragement and prayed. I don’t have much of an update as we have not heard anything from the father, my sister or the kids. The Lord had it on my heart to bring flowers and cake to my sister on Mothers Day on our travels through her city.

It was tough to be there and see them all
live the way they are. Just gotta keep praying, keep trusting that God will do as only He can. Time is short and I no longer have any sympathy for those who will go through the Tribulation because they wish to remain in their sin.

Thanks again prayer warriors. It was such a comfort to know so many were praying even though we don’t know the impact, we can trust there was one.