Canada's 3rd lockdown on schedule

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Hey guys & gals;
As per the document leaked last year we here in Canada are now being told to prepare for the 3rd lockdown…wait for it… over Passover & the week of Unleavened Bread (Jewishness) . They really do NOT want us celebrating anything that doesn’t fit their plans. Just saying it how I see it.

My family and friends are starting to see that I have in fact been telling the truth. So, I need prayer for words to speak or actions to show (be an unspoken witness). Every time I open my mouth to say anything I get told quite loudly to “Just shut the *&^% up”, so I don’t say anything to defend what I’m saying to people anymore. Just please pray for the lost as i do & that the “Old Country” people start to wake up.

I have to ask a question here because I honestly have no idea where else to look or ask; What does it mean?? “The hammer and cycle will fall with the ax at the tree of the root of Jesse.”
If you know who this is for, please pass it on. I have been hearing this for 3 months at least and not a clue where it belongs. Please pray that this message gets to the ones it was intended.

I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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Perhaps its a hammer and sickle which is communism?

It’s possibility. for me it automatically flashes the Russian flag…but what’s this ax at the root of Jessie stuff? lol Not to mention, who is it for? lol It’s not always easy to understand the message destination without a direct indicator.

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Sometimes I feel like I no longer know what to pray for. Do I want another lockdown when we haven’t left the previous yet? Do I want vaccines mandated? Do I want natural disasters happening and increasing? No… But these are the things that wake people up. Many find Jesus as the true only hope when finally all other hope is gone.

Mostly I find I’m praying that I can be a example and a light in this world so that the lost can find Him. That whatever suffering comes, I can share the bountiful joy He has placed in my heart. That my decrement is right, loving and fair. That I speak the truth always and in simplicity and kindness. Sometimes the “I” changes to “we” as the body of Christ…

@Marianne_Cnd a few months back I order some prints of the charter of rights and freedoms, and I received them last week. They’re free, no shipping charge, or there’s PDFs for download. The people of the world only understand the laws of the world, so my thought was that I’d try to speak their language (while their laws aren’t entirely against God!) So perhaps that’s a way in with your group?

And yeah, through a lot of heartache, I’ve also learned that trying to defend my words often causes more trouble than understanding. I now try to give them the meat, if I’m led to do so, and leave them to decide if it’s good. It’s ultimately their decision so I’ll highlight that and leave the rest to God. If they have questions I’ll answer but otherwise I don’t push. Some people think it’s their right to yell and swear, but nothing good ever comes of it so I simply won’t participate anymore. I hope you are able to find a way to communicate… :heartpulse:


Yep I hear ya. The LORD has been working on me with my “speech” as well. First I read/hear/see a word I don’t get & it’s off to the dictionary my MOM had me buy in 1986ish. Her thing to me was always, “if you don’t understand or know, look it up and request for education.” Well I got to thinking about Mama’s words over the years & well… it lines up with something HER MOM use to quote to all of us. “If any man seeks wisdom he should ask of God who gives to all liberally if they ask.” I know it’s there, I just don’t know the address in the Word. :wink:
Hey come on now, Jesus didn’t quote chapter and verse when He was tempted by our enemy. Jesus said “It is written” so about that. Take it up with HIM & get back to me. lol

Anyway now that context is out of the way. I started asking God how I can teach people in modern society when I still absolutely love my Elizabethian era language so much? GOD HAS A SENSE OF HUMOR!! Well, I started getting taken back into some of Pastor JD’s teachings & then HE took me over to and really peaked my educational interest to the point of considering doing my dissertation on “The Jealousy of God”. Well now I had a bigger issue, my words were a stumbling block unto myself AND others.

Okay I seriously need to write my testimony out one of these days. Anyone know of a free blogger place that won’t get censored? lol

Also; Isaiah 16. :woman_shrugging:

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This is interesting in the blue…

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Yep, it took ~3 months for the charter posters to arrive here. I heard second hand the someone waited 8 months last year, ordered in April 2020 and they arrived in November. But they are still available and it leaves little excuse for anyone to be unaware of their rights as a Canadian.

As for the other stuff, personally I don’t think promotional items (flags, tattoos, etc.) should be provided by the gov’t, so I’m actually kind of ok with that all being unavailable.

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