Can't Sleep... This is getting old

It’s 12:22 am and I find myself unable to sleep, mostly because I’m fighting something. Can’t stop coughing no matter what I do or take, I have this constant irritating feeling in my throat which keeps triggering the cough. Trying sleep in the living room so I don’t keep my wife up with the coughing, but I can already tell I’m not going to get much sleep in here either.

Tomorrow I have to go get tested to make sure I don’t have covid before I go back to work. Might have to do with why I feel so wrestles. I don’t really feel stressed or worried about it, I don’t know… I just feel wrestles. Earlier when I was praying, I just found myself going back to the same request, Lord come quickly, take us home. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling so wrestles, just an over flow of the desire to be with the Lord. I know everyone feels that way, I guess that desire is extra strong in me tonight for some reason.

Well, I better get off here and try to get some sleep. If anyone else is up any extra prayer would be appreciated. Thank you.


Oh Matthew,
Even those of us who don’t need to be tested to resume working are feeling exactly what you’re experiencing…anxiety and restlessness. You MUST find a way to find sleep otherwise you’re compromising your natural immunity. You must hold on to your health or it will have a domino effect and quickly tumble.
I too began struggling with sleeplessness along with unsettling dreams which upon waking left me feeling troubled upon waking. I’ve found that my frame of mind CAN have a profound effect as my head hits the pillow. If you’re willing to do THIS you too can find the peace needed for rest.
As soon as you lie down, begin communicating with God…first in praise and love stating that you KNOW you’ve entered HIS presence in Jesus’ name. Submit your troubles and requests believing that you CAN find rest in HIS arms. Declare that Jesus is ALL that matters and ALL that IS. Then ask in Jesus’ name for the Holy Spirit to cover you with that deep calm and peace.only the Holy Spirit can bring and ALLOW yourself to totally rest in HIM.
I pray for your peace Matthew… PLEASE let us know what the test result was and how you’re feleing.


I’ll be praying for you Matthew. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Dear Matthew, praying for you.
If it helps you feel better, I have been wrestling with something too for 2 weeks- tickle in throat that keeps me up at night until cough medicine kicks in and even then I don’t really sleep which is why I am still somewhat sick. I began feeling sick after the funeral around so many vaxxed. Then a week later I was in close encounters with a young man who was coughing so that may have had an effect. Anyway, sleep is my biggest hurdle too. I will not test as I am not working and it won’t matter either way.
Let us know how your testing goes and how you are feeling. I like Vicki’s suggestion. I have to be honest, I have been tired and haven’t spoken to the Lord as much as I should .
Its hard and I feel for everyone who is not well. God bless y ou brother, may you have peace and rest and wellness. Maranatha


@Blessed Just wanted to update since you asked, and thank everyone also for prayers. Test results for covid came in this morning and they were negative so I praise God for that. So hopefully I can get the all clear and get back to work today.

I still need some prayer though because I do seem to have something. Still fighting this cough, I have a Dr. appointment scheduled, I want to make sure its not bronchitis or something. Again, thank you every for the prayers.


I will both lie down in peace, and sleep; For You alone, O LORD, make me dwell in safety. (Psalm 4:8 NKJV)

I remember this verse and try to lay all concerns at His feet.
I also use hard vitamin C drops for that tickle kind of cough. ( found next to cough drops)it’s the only thing that works for me.


Thank you for the update. Have you tried doing the nebulizer treatment with saline and hydrogen peroxide?

Dear Father, thank you for providing a clear test on covid for Matthew. We know Your ways are always higher than ours. Father please help restore Matthew from this condition , please be gracious and have compassion on him, restoring him to full sleep and health. We pray for your complete provision of him. Please hear our prayers oh most merciful God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


No I haven’t, I don’t even own a nebulizer, just been throwing back some cough syrup. Seems to help, at the very least it knocks me out so I can get some sleep.


Well I am glad you are getting some sleep. I did get a nebulizer from a medical equipment company and doing the nebulized hydrogen peroxide really seemed to clear me from what was remaining.

Dear Father we lift up Matthew and pray for restoration of full health and deep sleep. Father please hold no good thing back from Matthew. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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