Chlidren's cartoon features the "smart mark"

Pray more eyes are opened. Our poor little children :frowning:
I’m now thinking the mark will be very obvious?..if it’s anything like this vaccine circus has been, and the coming new “delta scare” around the corner …I can see most people lining up to take whatever it is that promises their lives back.


Predictive programming! Thank you for sharing. The mark is soon coming…check out this article just posted on CNN…

Morgan Stanley bans unvaccinated staff and clients from New York office - CNN


Hi Jewel,
Yep, they’re even indoctrinating kids in their agenda. They know if they can brainwash the next generation it’s only a matter of time before they’re the ones leading the nations.

I believe J.D. went into depth on this exact cartoon in his “programming” prophecy updates late last year. A great watch if you haven’t seen it!


Wow! And thank you for sharing this video. I don’t have “regular TV” anymore, and I am out of touch with the horrid programs that flood the airwaves.

Evil NEEDS to be praised for its endeavors. That is why in nearly every movie the evil plot is told to the victim before their demise, or at least before the credits start rolling. Here it is in plain sight. So, so heartbreaking.


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