Christian or not?

I have 4 grown “children” who professed salvation as children. Only one of them have not gone “woke” with deception. They move through life as if nothing has really changed. They spew the woke christian philosophy and dismiss any conversation regarding the signs of the impending rapture. They no longer have ears to hear or hearts to receive. My grandkids are raised to embrace the current madness and find nothing wrong with same sex relationships and transgender ideology. My heart breaks to think of them being left behind, yet I grow cold toward their rejection of the truth. I pray for them everyday and know God hears my cries. I don’t think you can reject Truth/God’s word and still be saved. Am I wrong?


I remembered Ps JD mentioned when he was in secular work, he prayed to God silently that He will sent somebody else to that person to hear about Jesus.

It’s in one of the sermons which I can’t remember the title.

He looked at the photos in that company organisational chart, noted the names and prayed for each of them.

Not sure I answered your question here.


I think that was just this weeks or last weeks Sunday Bible Study (second service).


The way it’s been explained to me; No, you can’t be saved and reject God’s word. I would hope there’s still time to come to or come back to Christ though. We’re still here, so I’d say that’s indication enough you have some time left. How much is a mystery but we’re getting down to the wire. I would pray for a delivery of a Messenger to speak a fitly spoken message to them to get their heads on straight. Turn and flee the prisons they make for themselves, and seek and accept the Truth of God’s Word - to repent of their sins and accept Christ Jesus as their Lord and hopefully become even better followers of Christ than we display.

I doubt I helped you out either, Dee and I’m sorry if I haven’t. Someone on the forum will pop up and answer accurately though. Jason, Jack, Ken, Merrilee, Tony…someone will.


Dee, never never stop praying for them, you’re the only love and light they have and keep planting those seeds from God’s Word… your tears have been recorded and saved in Heaven and your tears with prayers will water the seeds you planted into their lives. Only God knows the details so lean not unto your own understanding and trust the Lord, love them in your kindness because they need all the love they can get right now.

I never stop praying for my family even when they don’t want to talk about Jesus, and the End Times bible prophecy. I immediately always asked God to forgive me if i have any judgmental thoughts towards them and i constantly forgive them for being judgmental towards me. I want to be clean from all bitterness and unforgiveness so they may see Jesus’love in me. :yellow_heart:

Shine His Light

You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.
Matthew 5:14

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

The image below… not saying you’re forcing them to follow Jesus, just want to show you that they have to want to fall in love with Jesus. :heart:


Just going on the premise that God is the only One who truly knows our hearts, for sure, I agree that we just must trust (oh! alliteration!) God with our concerns over our loved ones and, as Stacey has said, keep on praying for them.

I think many of us have the same concerns as you do, with some of our loved ones. Our prayers are never wasted. Just keep investing your prayers.



If you are interested there are two posts in the following thread where I speak about your question.

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Praying this for my lost dear ones as well. @Jon Thank you for sharing words of wisdom. May they deliver us all to a level of peace as our hearts rend.


As a father of four with two that I’m very concerned about I can relate to your questions. It’s very easy for me to throw myself into a well of torment and worry over them as they also show no signs of a relationship. I never dreamed on the day that I literally saw them come into the world, that as adults they would grasp the darkness. For a believing parent, it’s an immense burden.

I’m taking comfort from some of the other posters here, as they offer reassurance. As I read some of them, I am reminded that I also have said to others here, “Only God knows their hearts.” And that’s very true. Personally I needed the reminding. So the timing of your post is perfect, as God’s timing always is.

One thing that I believe affects us is that because they don’t have a seemingly deep walk with The Lord, nor praise Him in our midst, and simultaneously condone the sinful nature of the world of late, we ourselves can’t feel them on a spiritual level. We cannot connect easily with them and that affects our bond with our own children. For me, though I am happily married to a believer and have two other children who know God, it still makes life unsettling. I am at odds with the world, just as Christ assured that I would be, but not being aligned with my children for that very same reason makes my heart tremble.

I hope and I pray that some person or some event intervenes to cause a change in their hardened hearts.

I just want to add that….I was very lost. Very lost. Anyone can be transformed under the power of the Holy Spirit. So, in my estimation, there’s hope for anyone who’s still living and breathing.


I agree with all here that say “No”. If your children have truly given their hearts to the Lord, then the Lord with chasten them and they will repent eventually. If they do not here His voice and live a life of rebellion and rejecting all of God’s Word then the answer is clear that He does not know them. I have 2 adult children that are living in rebellion and have accepted the perverse ideology of the world, but the oldest did ask Jesus to be Lord of her life as a child and lived a changed life until graduate school in which she got her PsyD. Humanism is a very powerful tool of the devil and I believe she is currently deceived. Do I believe she is saved? Yes, but like Sampson, living in rebellion and not listening to the pull of the Holy Spirit. If she continues in going along with these beliefs, then she will have no rewards in heaven, but I do believe she will be there. My youngest had a similar conversion (I thought) but has since rejected what the Bible says for the most part and doesn’t believe in the rapture. I still cling to the fact that she loved the Lord in her childhood and has just lost her way, like Sampson. I remember living in sin during a couple of years in my early 20’s, but never forgot that Jesus was my Savior. I just put Him on the shelf while I “had fun”. I praise God that He grabbed me by the nap of the neck and straightened me out, gave me a Godly boyfriend (now husband of 45 yrs) and a desire to live for Him. I will continue to pray and imagine my daughters opening their eyes to the truth and turning from their wicked ways. I picture them serving Him with all their hearts. IT IS POSSIBLE! He hears my prayers and I trust what He is doing to bring this about.


Yes, Tony this is so true. And as you know, so many parents are experiencing the same heartache. My daughters have forsaken us, and we have not spoken for a few years. They will not communicate. I can only imagine it is for the reason that we have a different Master in our lives. We have Jesus, they have the world (Satan) but there will come a time that they will make a choice. Permanently! We all want our children to avoid the Tribulation horrors, but that may be the very thing that will save their souls, amen?


I am reminded of the Good Shepherd - He who goes to look for that one missing sheep. Nothing is unknown to Him, absolutely nothing. He knows your heart’s cries even those unspoken words or thoughts. We are still here - pray pray pray! God will use you, others, even strangers so never give up! :pray:


Sometimes it’s like a switch being flipped and other times, a dimmer being turned bright. Slow of immediate, it’s an amazing transformation when being saved. May not see lights spark the sky or a trumpet herald the moment, but you start to take notice of the changes you’re going through. When those of us who have been extremely lost come to the Lord – or even still coming to Him, the changes may not be seen from family and friends, or even fellow Christians, but, God sees it and that’s what matters most. Amiright? I know you haven’t given up on your other two children and I pray they receive that message awaiting to rest in their hearts and minds. And soon!


The hope I cling to! My middle daughter embraced Christ’s free gift as a young child, effortlessly memorized scripture and chose to be baptised at age 10. However, she recently turned 18 and abruptly left home to live with her long-distance boyfriend knowing we do not approve of her current choices, so my mind has been dwelling in Luke 15:11-32.

17 But when he came to himself…while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him. 21 And the son said to him, ‘Father, I have sinned against heaven and before you. I am no longer worthy to be called your son.’ 22 But the father said to his servants, ‘Bring quickly the best robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet. 23 And bring the fattened calf and kill it, and let us eat and celebrate. 24 For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found.’ And they began to celebrate.

I hope my daughter has a “But when she came to herself” moment before the rapture, but I can see this conversation happening between my daughter and her creator afterward at the judgement seat of Christ.

Thank you @Flamingogirl49563 and @SkyTheSheepdog for sharing your stories. I never thought I would join the ranks of parents with prodigals, but here I am. At least I am not alone and am in good company. :heart: (BTW, Tony, are you close enough to northern AL to go knock some heads for me? :wink: :laughing:)


:revolving_hearts: As @Flamingogirl49563 said, I also put God in my back pocket in my 20’s. The pull of obtaining what I wanted to obtain was too strong and I was weak in myself. That said, I never once disbelieved or renounced my salvation……but I hoped that if I didn’t look toward God, then maybe He wouldn’t see what I was doing. In my case, God showed me intermittent seasons of panic attacks, until I finally surrendered anew.


Thanks @Myrrh , that is exactly what my daughter has been/is doing. In the spiritual battle we are in, I feel that she was lured over enemy lines and captured. I see her as a POW/MIA and pray accordingly for her release.


Yes! :pray:


Umm. You’ve really touched my heart and I appreciate you so much. Yes…a dimmer switch. Maybe even flickering strong “on”with a few intermittent lulls. Like when the power seems like it’s about to go out. But it doesn’t. But God :blush:. The thing is that we know when we’re failing and we tend to hate it. But we’re moving ever closer each time our orbit brings us back to the Son. But that’s the nature of us and the nature of our salvation. It is a transformation until we see Him face to face then we will be like Him. The Bible tells me so.

Hope I didn’t go overboard with the metaphors :grimacing:

My two oldest daughters are from my first marriage when I was lost and oh so anxious to have my girlfriend move in with me at the age of 22. We stayed married for almost 8 years. I grew up. Was moderately successful but ultimately saw my wretched self in the mirror of the Holy Spirit. I had big plans to really take up the cross for Jesus at the age of 30. In my own words God would be the driver of my life’s journey. But ex didn’t want any part of that and ran the other direction spiritually and….she dumped me. So my life effectively went off the road and crashed. I was Mr. nurturing weekend dad and took my girls to church etc. One of them made a profession of faith at VBS and was baptized and the other started going to a LDS with her best friend and was also baptized. I was just thrilled that she was in church and at the time wasn’t really up on doctrinal issues. Fast forward to today and they’re not in our lives. They were… even into their adulthood but want nothing to do with us now as they have worldviews that are something that I’m sure they think we’ll reject them for ….but never would I reject them.

I obsess about them. Sometimes stalk them on social media. I want so badly to understand how they can just forget about me. They were at one time close with my wife of 28 years and absolutely close with their younger sibs. We were a family. Now we’re not or so it seems.

If you would pray for them it would mean so much to me. You don’t have to do it publicly, although that’s always wonderful. But I want my prodigals to return to me as I know God feels that times a million.

I guess I’ve been super transparent but you know what; that’s part of my testimony. And I thought about deleting this but I’m not going to because I genuinely need prayer help just as Dee and so many others.

Thanks Bro :heart:


Yes. I can be in Bama in less than two hours. :laughing:

I’m so sorry. I feel your pain. I also feel anger at Satan for taking them or deceiving them or whatever it is that happens due to what he has done to mankind. Steals. Kills. Destroys.

Prodigal children COME HOME!


This made me weep. Although your response was directed to Jon, I was moved by your testimony. I will pray for your daughters – that they will return home to HIM first and foremost and of course, to come home to their earthly family. I know that the LORD knows those that have walked away and by His tender mercy and grace, I pray that ALL prodigal children will return home. His love for each one of them is beyond measure and unfathomable to us. :pray: