Christians supporting themselves not the world

So I read an article and imagined a world where we supported our brothers and sisters in Christ in their business endeavors, not the world’s. Christ is coming soon, no doubt but until he does imagine not being turned away by hospitals, schools, food and retail stores, restaurants, parks, you name it if they were owned and operated by Christians. Private institutions that we could sink our cash into, instead of throwing it away on worldly run institutions. Our world here, our time here would be bigger and more fruitful. Below is a link for the article I read. Until Christ comes for us let’s try everyday to make our time better here and let’s continue to share the Gospel of Christ to all.
Love you all, God bless.


Very good read. Thank you for sharing :pray::pray:


Thanks for sharing. I needed to hear this…


I agree, we should support our Christian businesses. It’s hard to find them. I remember years ago our church would put out a local Christian business directory. Why isn’t that done worldwide? Im looking for a Christian primary who doesn’t push the jabs on me or my grandchildren. Does anyone know of one or two in the South Jersey area?