Colossians 3: 23-24 - A Prayer Request

Please pray

  • that I can remember these truths in Scripture as I go about my day, especially when confronted with an in-law’s hostility to many of my (and my husband’s) efforts to provide and/or organise the assistance that she needs.

  • for ‘Sarah’ to get the necessary medical and/or nursing care for pressure sores that might be infected

  • that she will resume taking her medication and supplements

  • that she will keep hydrated

Thank you in advance for your prayers.

I thank the Lord for the sister in Christ who posted these verses in Praise the Lord category yesterday. Such a timely reminder for me.


Oh yes, praying you can remember those words. Taking care of my special needs niece also requires this attention. No matter how frustrated I get, I have to remember that this is for the Lord. Praying for Sarah as well. Just breathe and talk to Him while you go through this. Blessings dear sister.


I will pray as well for you and Sarah. :pray: :pray: :pray:


Heavenly Father

Please bless Pax with Spiritual wisdom and knowledge to overcome the obstacles that pop up in her path as we ask that You straighten her path and smooth it to a level grade. Please shield her tongue and heart and mind when confronted with in-law animosity towards her and her husband.

Please inspire Sarah to follow through with her medical protocols and drink water as needed. Please pluck from Sarah her afflictions and ailments to heal her. Please place upon her a message fitly spoken and deliver her closer to You.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Oh Pax I’m sorry you’re being fought while trying to care for Sarah. It’s a hard enough job when there is cooperation. (I’ve heard that actually happens, lol.) Let us pray together.

Father in Heaven, our Creator, our Life Giver, our Rock and our Refuge: thank You for hearing our cries for this situation. Thank You for working all things for our good. We trust You in all things and we need You in this place.

You know Sarah is physically hurting and that’s part of why she’s fighting Pax. You know Pax is doing her best to give Sarah care and encouragement. And You know what lies in each person’s heart. Please bring comfort and healing and peace— to Sarah’s body, heart, mind and soul— and to other family members as well. Put in Sarah the desire to take her medicines and supplements, to stay well hydrated, and to accept care with a willing spirit and grateful heart. Please keep infection from her body and heal the pressure sores she suffers.

Give Pax and her husband wisdom, compassion and peace as well. Thank You for their dedication to their family, especially with Sarah. Please bless their ministrations, making ways when there seem to be none, and providing resources. Guide everyone’s words and guard their tongues. Please protect this family from the ravages of illness and the wiles of our enemy. We thank You for the work that You are doing in this family Father. Thank You for the faith and obedience of Pax and her husband. Thank You that they are doing their best to honor parents (cantankerous though they may be). Please pour out Your Spirit on this family, that all might come to be born again, saved by the precious blood of Your Son.

Father we praise You for Your great love for us, for Your blessed Son Yeshua Who lived to show us how, Who died that we might live, and Who rose that we might be reconciled to You. Thank You for His love, His obedience, His victory! Thank You for sending us Your Holy Spirit to guide and teach us. We love You LORD! And we are waiting for You to call us home. In the Name above ALL names, Yeshua our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Thank you, Janet. Perhaps I should have clarified that we are no longer living with Sarah. We did so for 3 long months last year when she needed 24/7 care.

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Thank you all for praying. It’s so comforting to see the little icons for each of you and know you have gone to the throne of grace on our behalf.
I appreciate your kind replies and prayers, Janet, @Janet7 Dallas @DallasT Jon @Jon & Georgia Ruth @GR .

I was unable to get a doctor to do a home visit yesterday, not even via 2 after hours services that I tried. The earliest appointment is for Friday with Sarah’s GP, the only one in the practice that still does home visits.

Due to distance and other circumstances, it is not possible for us to take her to a medical centre. However, since so many of us prayed she would get the necessary care, I assume she did not need a doctor after all. She spoke civilly to me on the phone today and said she was feeling a little better.


Morning Pax,
Just remembered seeing this article a while back on one of my favorite sites. Maybe it will offer some info that will help Sarah.


Such an informative article.Thank you. We are all in favour of natural treatments.