Coming down from the mountain

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

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This picture is of the Rockies coming down from Rocky Mountain National Park above Estes Park.


This is part of the Big Thompson Canyon south of Estes Park.


All cars along the road stopped to take a picture of these sheep or goats. We only caught the backside of them.


Driving from Loveland, Colorado up the road toward Estes Park.


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The Big Thompson Canyon has flooded twice within the last one hundred years. In places, the canyons walls go straight up and there is nowhere for the heavy rains to go. The last flood was in 2014, I believe. We went to the area a year later and the roads were still closed going up to Estes Park. So much damage was done and in the earlier flood in the 1920’s, I believe it was, killed more than one hundred people. the more recent one killed under twenty and did millions of dollars in damage.

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