Continued prayers

I’m in need of prayers for strength and wisdom.
My husband doesn’t trust hospitals or Drs.
I get that but I’m 99 % positive that he’s had a stroke.
He’s slurring his words,says his tongue
feels swelled and I can’t understand him .
He’s never medically taken care of himself.
He has Afib and his blood pressure is through the roof .
I really don’t think he cares if he does die.
I feel so frustrated.


If he had a stroke, you have to go to the hospital. He needs a treatment.

Does he believe in Jesus?
If not, it’s time to share the good news.

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I am stopping to pray for your situation and may our Lord guide you in it.:pray:


Yes he’s saved.
They just transferred him to a nursing home for rehab but I think he is going to end up being a resident.
He hasn’t progressed at all .
As of now,he has a brain aneurysm,some blockage in his neck, cysts on his kidneys and the bathroom issues for #1&#2.
So healing prayers are still needed .


I am sorry sister, praying the Lord to carry you through :pray:


Hello Cheryl, @Ylobus
I’m so sorry about your husband’s ill health. Please remember to take care of yours; stay hydrated. I have no wise or even comforting words but I can and will lift up my heart in prayer on behalf of you and yours.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for loving us; for your mercy and grace, especially as we traverse valleys and our world looks, for all intent and purpose, as if it is crumbling around us. Help us to look to You, to trust that You are at work in our lives, and that You will bring us safely to the other side.

Please bless this family, Father. Please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them and cause them to find favor from all those they deal with— family, friends, foes, health care providers and insurance agents. Please bless their health care team with compassion and wisdom. Please put Godly people in their path to give them encouragement.

Thank You for all You are doing in and through Cheryl and her husband Father. In Jesus’ Name, amen.