Could we be wrong?

If you are going to play “devil’s advocate”, you better be at least wearing a flame suit. :slight_smile:


Where do you find this study by Andy Woods?

Your words LEAPT OF THE SCREEN PIERCING MY MIND …The restrainer is doing so much more right now keeping evil at bay in the world. Ask your self this, if the restrainer is removed is he gone? Or does He just stop restraining evil so that evil can go forward with plans. Is the restrainer the Holy Spirit? Is the Holy Spirit God? Is God ever gone? So if the Holy Spirit is the restrainer, and I believe He is, then it becomes obvious that the two witnesses get their power from God. God the Trinity God. From the Holy Spirit.

It’s not that I haven’t heard that before…guess it just didn’t sink in. We MUST know that we know what we know to be true and hold fast to it.

How may Christians attend churches know nothing of the Holy Spirit or the rapture because it’s NEVER mentioned? They have NO HOPE…nothing to cling to while remaining blissfully ignorant. Then there are Christians who don’t rely on the Holy Spirit and view the rapture as if it’s a non-reality…just metaphor and won’t even consider it. We who are discussing THIS hold the KEYS TO HIS COMING KINGDOM. There is no doubt as to who we are in HIM.


In our hope we cry in unison…MARANATHA LORD, COME QUICKLY!


That my dear sister Vicki is why we will have a watchers crown!
God Bless You

Hi Violet. No, your question is fine. I have been doing research and studies in areas that are not common tracking fodder. Sometimes i am out there on a limb and that branch breaks and i got to visit the first aid closet. But other times, it can be like striking oil. In any event I like to have a range of issues afloat to see how they develop. And when one horse in the race starts to out before the others it likely deserves more focus. And as of today, it looks like COVID fading is quite possibly that horse.

I am just grateful that you were kind to read my post and so lovely to ask. I have some very different perspectives that are not in line with mainstream trends. So i am grateful you asked Violet. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking out my post to Rachel. She replied with a quite bright response. She has a pretty darn good beat on economics as they go. I am humbled. This part 2 of the Teren and Rachel posts is certainly interesting in the development of our conversation and backstory to an answer to your question.

Rachel Part 2 Rachel Left our Forum

After that there is my reply to her:

Rachel part 3

And at the end of that 3rd post is a link to my prayer for COVID to fade. It looks like God might be answering some of that. It is encouraging to see. Please follow that link at the bottom of that 3rd post to check out my prayer that COVID goes away topic. At the end of that topic are my 15 most recent posts as to how things in the COVID world might be fading and/or shaping up. Those kind of tell an interesting story. I have no hesitancy if you like if you have more questions. I want to honor though the original direction of this topic here by 1jewel and respectfully limit the amount of content per post though. Hope this is helpful. Blessings. :slight_smile:

Hi Rachel :slight_smile:

Fishy right? lol. You have quite a way with economy perspective. Thanks for getting into all of that. It is clear that the globalist plan is for a reset where they gain and we suffer. But if conditions are right, this current administration could be over powered by a side ball like bitcoin. What can they do if people just keep pumping money into it…and retailers accept it? At some point the authority of the American dollar will have to bow to real money. I think they can try and shut it down. But if the people don’t agree…then you have quite a different scenario :slight_smile:

Only God knows of course. But the establishmentarians do not want us thinking outside the box. They don’t want us to imagine, “what if.” If the only conclusion we can come to is that they will shut it down or reroute it…they have us exactly where they want us…purchased our corporate sense making at 70% off. America the people are the government. Not the suites in office. If God so permits, they might have to feel the reality of that. To me, its better than hyperinflation with a global reset chaser.

Thank you dear sister for considering some tones of what I am getting at. And for your robust and skilled reply. I haven’t the foggiest if bitcoin will do all that. I am not even invested in it. But as it stands today, it has game like nothing before. And the way things are going in government…well…they are playing games…but i don’t think they have game. That is not what all those military (national guard) officers extended to protect the capital and white house suggests. It suggest they are clueless or just acting in theatrics because that is their best hand to play right now. Which is vapor if you ask me.

One thing we MIGHT gauge the potential of bitcoin by is the how the COVID track record is going. If COVID fades and does not become a globalist take over control weapon, then bitcoin might be looking pretty good…because THEN it would suggest that they could not even handle a pandemic global takeover. Wow…what’s the world coming to? They hold all the cards, and don’t know how to play them. But God?

To check in how COVID is doing, you are welcome to visit my prayer topic below. Please click the link. I would suggest if you visit to scan posts. There are quite a few, but that last 15 especially tell quite a story unfolding before our eyes. But God :slight_smile: Blessings…

Prayer That Covid Goes Away

Hi @Carry

Some youtube links for you:

  1. Andy Woods Series of Sermons on The Rapture - Playlist page
  1. 7 Reasons to trust the Pre-trib Rapture - This offers a good overview of his position and the arguments behind it
  1. Arguments for the Pre-Trib Rapture (Part 1 of 3)
  1. Mid-Trib View: Analyzed, Refuted, and Exposed (Part 1 of 2)

  2. Post Trib. View: Analyzed & Refuted (Part 1 of 7)

Below also is a video from beloved Pastor JD Farag (from 2008?!!) on the same subject and demonstrates that his position aligns with Andy Woods as expressed very concisely at approx 40 secs:

The Rapture of the Church of Jesus Christ will take place before 7 year Tribulation, then at the end of the 7 year Tribulation is the second coming of Jesus Christ.

At the Rapture Jesus comes FOR us, at the second coming He comes WITH us.

The purpose of the 7 year Tribulation is not for the Church - the purpose of the 7 year Tribulation is for the salvation of the Jewish nation…


In Christ


Thank you SO much!!!

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I kind of love watching these old videos (he says 2001 was 5 years ago in this one, so maybe it was even 2006!). Seeing that Pastor JD really hasn’t changed how he shares bible prophecy over the years just makes me smile.


Melissa, of the web site midnight hour oil, gave an interesting idea to ponder along these lines. She said what if the mark is a symbolic symbol like many in the Bible and the mark in your hand represents your free will power being taken by the government forcing vaccine passports and the mark in the forehead is big tech taking away your intellect through the vaccine. This is setting us up to take the mark(if it is a real mark) without fear. That would mean we are closer to a mid trib rapture. I feel that as soon as these vaccine passports are required it won’t be long until the Anti-Christ will be revealed and the abomination of desolation takes place which is in the mid point of the 7 years of Jacob’s trouble. At the mid point is when everyone says the mark will occur which could be the new tattoo. Lots to think on but for sure psalm 90 tells us a generation is between 70-80 years and the fig tree generation began in 1948 meaning the end will come before the close of 2028.

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pft - thanks for not saving me 10 mins of link compiling earlier Bri ;p

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Uh oh, did I goof? I’ve been very busy on the homestead today and was just skimming through trying to catch up. Happened to see a reply to an earlier post and just went to Andy’s church page in the archives and that’s the address that came up when I went to the Rapture series. It doesn’t seem like it will display a pretty little link preview thingy but it returned right to there when I clicked on it myself.

Yeah, like 42 or 43 links would be a chore. :slight_smile:

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Not at all Brother - ignore my sarcasm please. Your archive link was brilliant.


Jason, do you know if Andy Woods spoke about the fullness of the Gentiles in any of the videos about the rapture?

BrianT, since you watched much of them, do you know if Andy Woods spoke about the fullness of the Gentiles in any of the videos about the rapture?

He does in his Revelation series quite a bit.


Hi Violet - if I can find it you’ll be the first to know.

Wait…technically the second.

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any memory of which video? It came up in a study I’m doing and I was interested to see what he had to say on it. Thanks!