Could we be wrong?

Well actually you had my post deleted my position and the Scripture references. Isaiah 26:20? Are you all like the cancel culture… you delete and cancel logical responses that don’t agree with your perspective?

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@jasonacts177 @Twi Perhaps you could provide some enlightenment. :blush:

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I seconded your request to lock this thread for good.

@Twi and @jasonacts177, do you have admin rights to lock thread instead of flagging here and there?

A reminder:

Intentional Promotion of False Teaching:

Friendly reminder that it is absolutely reasonable and permissible to post questions and comments about the Bible, specific teachings, as well as lovingly disagree on topics. It is not acceptable to intentionally post unsound doctrine and promote false teaching. The latter behavior will result in a deletion and ban, potentially without a warning.



Pastor Andy Woods has some wonderful videos on the topic of dispensations and if you haven’t seen any of them, I would highly recommend watching them. He is a wonderful teacher.


@Violet , some ppl are dead set and insisted on their belief system. There are commentators challenged Andy Woods Rapture series which you can see for yourself in his Youtube channel. It’s never ending fighting online!

The opposing force is Covenant Theology by Reformers:

Disagreement exists between covenant theology and dispensationalism regarding the meaning of revelation. Covenant theology views the New Testament as the key to interpreting the Old Testament. Therefore, concepts such as the biblical covenants and promises to Israel are believed to be interpreted by the New Testament as applying to the church, which is made up of believing Jews and Gentiles throughout both the Old and New Testament.

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I will circle back tomorrow for a burger today. Violet I am over my head in requests and will send a response Friday. God Bless You!


Additionally, In Matthew 24 and 25, The head of the house, the slave and 5 five of the virgins who did as they ought to have done were not sent to judgment. They did as their Master pleased and no indication was given that they saw any tribulation. They were praised and rewarded with what was assigned and prepared for them.

We know the slave who got drunk with the drunkards was sent to a place with weeping and gnashing of teeth and the other 5 virgins had the door shut and locked while they frantically looked for oil and were not able to enter the wedding celebration.

We must know who our Lord is and have His discernment to understand the time we are in.
Lets be clear and honest. We may all face our own personal rapture before that day.

So why worry or debate about it?

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As per the request of the original poster, this thread has been locked.