Craigslist, anyone?

So after posting in over 20 cities spread across 3 different states, Craigslist has removed ALL of my postings – even though I only received “flagged for removal” notices for 2 cities. I think Craigslist just looked at every post sent from my e-mail address and universally deleted them – even the ones that weren’t getting flagged by readers.

My next idea is to try setting up different e-mail accounts for different geographical areas. That way, if they yank everything connected to one e-mail address, the other posts in other areas will still be standing. Maybe I should “rename” the ABC picture file each time before I upload it to the post, in case they search by file name? Maybe I should vary the title of each post a little?

The other option would be to post more slowly and space things out week-by-week, hoping to avoid the radar. But . . . I feel a strong sense of urgency to get the ABCs out. I don’t want to wait that long!

Anybody else dealing with this? How have you gotten around having your posts yanked?


I’m from SA…
I do not know what Craig’s list is…?
Good on you all for getting the gospel out…
Will pray many are saved!

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I’m not sure if Craigslist sees your ISP address when you post to their site. I wonder if they can just search for your ISP address and delete all your postings, even if you used different e-mail addresses? Maybe I need to try a VPN next time?

Craigslist is an online site where people buy and sell and trade things with their neighbors. There are Craigslist pages in many countries. You can go to and on the right side of the screen, there is a link to search for different countries. There are 4 pages in South Africa, too!

Some people use Craigslist to hunt for jobs, find vacation rentals, search for lost pets, announce community calendar events, or anonymously complain about things. It is like the 1990’s version of Facebook Marketplace! :wink:

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Thanks so much!!
I’ll have a look into it.
Have a blessed day!:sunflower::blossom::sunflower::blossom:

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That is so strange about the phone number. I didn’t get that issue. I didn’t log in or create a Craigslist account. I chose the option of saving the original e-mails Craigslist sends, so I wouldn’t have to create an account.

I’ve tried posting in comments to news articles as well. But when I do, I feel like I’m preaching to the choir. I strongly suspect that people who read the same news as me are already pretty like minded. I think most of them have already heard the gospel before. When I mention the ABCs, they mostly just agree with me. :rofl: But . . . the other news sources that I used to read from the “other” side of the political spectrum got rid of their commenting sections completely a couple years ago. It used to be you could read other people’s thoughts about things, but they eliminated that under the heavy hand of censorship. So, what news outlets still allow commenting where the people reading would likely not already be familiar with the ABCs? One that does not require a paid subscription? Any ideas?

Thanks for sharing your experience with alternative news sites. That’s such a great idea. You’ve got me thinking - the gears are turning! :slight_smile:

I have a question about The Masters Mail postcards.
Are these sent anonymously?

Yes, it is my understanding that they are anonymous. There is no space on there to type in your name. But, they have requested that you consider following up with the people you send it to, to make the impact more meaningful.

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Thank you

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@fluidicice Do you have a cool graphic with the A-B-C blocks in Spanish? One that looks like this but en Espanol?

I know there is already a Spanish A-B-C on the website, but it is a typed out page of paper. I’m looking for more of a graphic, something eye-catching that can be posted on Craigslist in Spanish-speaking communities.

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Hey Watching, I have a shortened version in Spanish but not one of the type you posted above in Spanish (unless someone can translate it for us)


Business Card:


Thank you! This is great. :slight_smile: