🥧 DallasT needs our prayers

Ever praying for Dallas. Thank you, Kariena.🩵


I can only consider God postponing so the surgeons are refreshed, alert and attentive to the situation at hand, receiving information till the day they do the operation to make sure they do it right. I’m praying for her to recover and heal quickly. (Not like the rest of us aren’t lol). Keep your head up Dallas!


Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up to You today our sister Dallas T. Please comfort her in her illness and give her Your comfort and healing! Please give her Your strength to recover Lord and bless her doctors with wisdom and compassion to treat her correctly. Please let Dallas be aware of Your loving Presence for “In Your presence is the fullness of joy.” And “the joy of the Lord is our strength!” And that she will feel the love of her family and of all her brothers and sisters in Christ, in the powerful name of Jesus, amen. :heart::pray::dove:


I heard about your stroke, and want you to know I’m praying for you. I have not been on the forum for quite a while, so I haven’t been following the day to day updates.
I hope your peg surgery goes well and that you are able to tolerate it and tolerate the feedings via this method. I cared for many patients with peg tubes and am well aware of what it involves.
Hopefully, this will be something that can someday be reversed, and you can take food by mouth again.


Beautiful prayer. Thanks :slight_smile: :heart:


Praying for you Dallas T. Rest and get well.



Sharleen, thank you for helping your mom see our messages here and I’m so glad that receiving mail perks her up. I sent a few things to the hospital and hope they got there. Is that still the best address to send things to for now?


Morning everybody. Morning Dallas @DallasT , Sharleen, Tilley, and whoever else this message passes through on its way to Dallas,

Thinking of you as I wait for Pastor’s BPU to begin. Always you are in my prayers. Hoping you are doing better, getting stronger, and are rescheduled for your PEG surgery. Hoping more, our Lord calls us home before that happens! Aren’t we all….

I wish you were well again Dallas. I know we all do… just wanted to voice that desire. So until you’re restored, we will pray for your recovery and encourage you to keep working towards your goals. Our Father will use, no— IS using— your life to bring others to Jesus. So, stay immersed in His Word and keep looking up!

We love you so Dallas. And though we cannot be with you physically, we ARE with you in spirit, by Abba’s grace and mercy.

Sharleen, if there is anything we can do or send to make your lives easier, please let us know. We’re so very grateful Dallas has such a good and faithful daughter! God bless you and keep you. May He cause others to show you His favor so your challenges are not quite so challenging. We love you too, Sharleen. And Tilly, we also love you. :notes::musical_score: We are fam-i-lee :notes::musical_score:
It’s great to be a member of our Father’s loving and eternal family!

:heart: Much love,


I am hoping you and Tilly are remembering to take care of yourselves as you do so with Dallas. She has treasures in you two. :gift_heart:
As GR mentioned, I would like to send items that not only are practical for Dallas’s care, but also to you all for comfort.



Amen! ….just have no clue what that might be. Gift cards? Not really sure about anything … Canadian…. HELP! please

Sharleen, you’re welcome to send a private and confidential email. [email protected]


Hey Dallas, sounds like you and me giving the old docs a bit of a work out. You with your problems and me with a full 2 plus minute Cardiac arrest. Good news for me is I am now home making a slow but full recovery. It sucks being old and slow. It sucks even more being made slower because the old ticker like to play hide and seek game. Anyway the fact that you are still around is a great sign God ain’t done with us yet. Could be the best is yet to come.


Sent you a note.

:heart: gr


Hi Dallas ,
You taught me so much and encouraged me in so many ways .
Praying you get better soon .
Becky ( Rebecca).


Hey Jack, you weren’t by any chance trying to jump ahead in line, were you? :sheep:-ish grin. :grin:

Seriously, I have noticed your absence. It is good news to hear that you didn’t sustain any permanent damage. It might feel like that isn’t the case right now. I think you have a valid reason to tuck your honey-do list in a drawer for the time being. Selah

Blessings Jack


Yeah i second that. :slight_smile: @BayouBushi Great to see you around brother. Yes you have been missed. Please get some rest and you are in our prayers. Blessings.


If I had known what was happening yeah I was trying to cut the line. Since it came as a surprise I am guessing I am in some kind of class learning things I will need later.


Any updates on Dallas?
I’m praying for you, Sister. Be encouraged that there are many who love you.