Dare I? Prayer request for my struggle

It took me a while to post this because I read a lot of heart breaking requests that seems more legit than mine. So bear with me while sharing my concern and request. Despite my 30+ walk with Jesus my struggle is an off and on battle with nicotine and alcohol. Now my stomage and throat are playing up I’m very worried and blaming myself that I took it too far this time. In short, I already accepted the fact that there’s serious damage inside. Haven’t been to the doc yet but kinda know it doesn’t feel ok. I’ve worked with addicts in the past and I was having more faith for them than for myself so it seems. So my struggle goes way deeper than just feeling not well. Believe me, I know what the word says about all this but to be frank, seems that this is more than a thorn in my flesh. I blame myself a lot for being so self distructive at times. Feels like I have to figure that out myself with God. So any prayer is welcome especially for my stomage (reflux for more than 4 months now) and throat pain. But above all need prayer to deal with this.

Thank you!


Hey there, Steef!
Listen, brother, the concerns you have in your life are just as detrimental as anyone else’s who are requesting prayer. From a growth on the skin, to needing assistance with a flat tire - each battle we face is important and should never be measured with other’s. Why? Because hey, it’s your life, not theirs. You could be sailing smooth in most things and need help with something small. Someone else may be in rough waters and need lots of prayer…the only thing we really can do in comparison to one another is grab strength and encouragement from other’s prayer requests knowing it could be worse, or it can always get better and we won’t be needing to ask for prayer in those times except to praise the Lord.

That said, what you’re going through is pretty rough, man. Never be too shy to call out.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please pluck from Steef whatever is ailing or afflicting him with his stomach and throat. Please let this be a simple situation of sinus congestion and allergies instead of something far more serious. With the counsel one receives on this forum from honey and herbal teas to oils to actual medicine (pharmaceutical), or even physical therapy - we know You are the Great Physician whom we need guidance from most. We plead with You on the concern of our brother Steef, that You please do whatever is necessary to heal him (Creator’s choice). We pray it’s something that is simple even by Your standards.

With concern for his concern over the concerned worry of blaming himself for going too far with the nicotine and alcohol, we all seem to learn the hard way and we beg of You, Father, to make his worries the hard way of learning rather than the actual outcome of his concerns. Please help him to hear Your voice when tempted to accept that which he tries to fight. Please help him to reject any and all temptation and to have the Holy Spirit inside him fully refreshed daily to guide him away from such temptations.

Please deliver a message fitly spoken to Steef in relation to his struggles in his walk with You. Allow him to understand we’re all going through a thorn in the flesh that seems more than just that as we continually beg You to pluck it from our side. Sometimes You do, other times, depending on the person, it’s kept there so as the reason for us to want to talk to You daily. Your grace is sufficient, we understand, but…can ya give us a break from time to time, please?

Please also allow Steef to no longer walk with guilt of his past. Help him to understand his chains were broken the day he accepted our Lord and Savior, Jesus and those chains will never be welded together again. Warn the demons of destruction to leave Steef alone. We pray that Steef will lean on you like never before, but not just in times of turmoil and temptation, but throughout every facet of life. He’s been with You for a long time now (by our standards) and he has awhile left to converse with You through prayer. One day, we’ll talk to You face-to-face.

Please settle Steef’s stomach and allow the acid reflux issue to leave him. Help him with his throat to heal and help him to see the strength of his faith in You for his own walk is as strong as it has been for those he’s aided in the past. No candy cigarettes either…does mankind still make those? Doesn’t matter, senseless thought. Just please help Steef as he needs, when he needs and Lord willing how he needs is in correlation to Your will being done.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


@Jon Thank you so much Jon for your wise and heartfelt reply! Good to know someone is praying for me :+1:t2: (Btw it was never a problem to give up the candy cigarettes :wink:)


Amen , as we grow closer to His coming, we will be needing more and more prayers. Jesus said I am with you wherever you go In trials and in temptation. Our SAVIOR has gone through all these and more.

Father in heaven I come this afternoon in prayer for our brother. May you through the Holy Spirit , continually press us toward truth. We confess our sin so you can faithfully and justly forgive our sins. I too struggle daily with gluttony, I bring this to my sisters and brothers and ask for prayer. Thank you for mercy and grace. I love you I pray in Jesus name.


Thank you! Will be praying for you as well.



Ah man!!! I will certainly pray for good health!!! But here are a few tips…

Don’t EVER Google your symptoms. It never ends well :blush:

Remember that the Lord is in charge of our future and He knew you would have this struggle and already planned your future. I mean, yes-smoking is terrible for you…so is tanning…or eating junky food…but don’t we all know those people that did it all and still live to 100??? So, please don’t blame yourself or allow the enemy to trap you in a cycle of negative thoughts regarding your choices!!! It sounds like you tried through the years and I believe the Lord will honor that :yellow_heart:

Always ask for prayer!!! That’s what we are here for!!! Small problems, mega problems-that’s what your community is for. Don’t ever feel ashamed to ask!!! Seriously, anyone who chooses to spend time reading church blogs is likely more than happy to pray for a brother or sister who asks!!! Never once in my life have I been asked to pray and thought that it seemed too small to ask - rather, I always feel privileged to be able to do it :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

No more Google!! Praying now!!


@SteefNL : Your prayer request is just as legit as anyone else’s. Praying for you now, and know that Jesus meets us where we are, not where we think we should be. You’re heart is in the right place, brother. Glad to see you on the forums…keep the faith.

In Jesus’ name,


Thnx a ton! Google never does it for me anyway… :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Thank you… also to remind me of how God is looking at people from His perspective of grace. :+1:t2::hugs:


Praying for you. As a nurse I definitely agree stay away from google! However you should go in and get a checkup. It may be something simple as GERD and it’s always best to treat something early rather than let it go on long. GERD can cause issues with the esophagus if left untreated. Praying for relief from symptoms, healing,peace and Gods love to wrap around you like a warm blanket.


~ :two_hearts: :pray:t3: :two_hearts: ~


@krw Thank you so much.Yes I will have a check up soon because of my Cröhns (as well).
But having that said… for the first time in months I got a reflux free night!!! Today while working it’s still not showing up! So all praise to Jesus!


Good morning Steef, actually not sure if it’s a.m. over there or not… but good day or good night regardless.

I can relate with you on so many levels and will definitely pray for you.

I as well suffer and struggle from addiction to nicotine and alcohol… I don’t drink everyday by the grace of God however when I do, for some reason I do it too such an extreme that I don’t usually remember going to bed… and of course I quit every other day, usually on Mondays…:roll_eyes::persevere:

I have been baptized since the age of 12 and have lived such a carnal life but by the grace of God for some reason I am still alive today.

I know that in the past it was so so much worse… I was using pretty much every kind of drug under the sun… and entire years went by that I do not remember… but through it all I held on to God and He held on to me and by the grace of Jesus he did Set me free from the drugs…

I am not eloquent with my words and I’m just speaking my heart… but I too wonder WHY?? I pray on a daily basis to be completely delivered from this stronghold of wanting to drink… I have shared on here in the past in regards to this… and received prayers thankfully.
I suppose one thing that I have learned over the last few months is not to beat myself up… God knows my heart and he knows me better than anyone… I hold on to the fact that He will never leave me nor forsake me… I don’t understand why some people are completely delivered and have no desire for alcohol or nicotine ever again but that doesn’t happen for me, but as somebody messaged in this form I do notice that when I am at my lowest that is when I turn to God the most , it’s when I finally stay still and humble myself before him… I would much rather do it without it being out of guilt and shame, but God is the one in charge and I am going to do my utmost best to trust in Him for the outcome.
Listening to JD this weekend regarding the thorn in the flesh, and how God sees the end from the beginning gave me great hope.
I need to just surrender , know that God loves us… repent daily if needed… and thank God in advance for my deliverance.
Easier said than done sometimes, but that is my hope and where I am placing my faith because it will definitely take a miracle :pray::pray:

I have said a prayer for you and will continue to for your stomach issues and throat issues… and of course the drinking and nicotine issues as well.

I can definitely relate to you also in regards to how I believe in God’s love for others that are suffering with alcohol and addiction and how I have no doubt of his forgiveness for them and love for them, but when it comes to myself , I feel like it has just been too long and that he is probably over hearing me saying I am sorry… but scripturally, I don’t believe He ever gives up on us… I know I’ve been all over the place , but I hope that you understand what I’m trying to say… sometimes I feel like it is pride that makes me think that God can forgive anyone else and everyone else but that I have just disappointed him so many times that He could not forgive me anymore.

Coming to the point where it’s not just asking for deliverance from alcohol and tobacco but asking for help with pride and so many other things that I may have neglected by keeping my focus only on myself and my so-called two main issues…
So I’m asking God to please heal me where he feels I needs to be, instead of me directing Him…

I had a long drive over the weekend and was listening to the radio in regards to Deliverance and would love to share with you a couple of verses that I believe the Holy Spirit put into my life and I have been praying those along with my regular prayers and it has truly been helpful I will share with you after this post…

My drinking and my smoking has also caused health issues for me… I have constant bronchitis and coughing almost continuously and now I have to do some pretty thorough blood work in regards to my IgG levels… have to go for a CAT scan, etc…

May God help all of us that are struggling with the many issues that we deal with… my hope is in His soon return… but even with that I have to be honest and I sometimes wonder why he would want to take somebody like me up to heaven with Him… then I remember… Jesus didn’t come to heal those that are well, but those that are sick… and His grace IS sufficient.

How amazing is that!!

Steef, as often as I remember I will continue praying for you… please keep us updated on how your checkup goes.

Forgive me for my long post and my lack of proper wording and backing it up with scriptures…

But it does come from my heart…

I will follow up with those verses that I had mentioned.

Have a blessed day



Psalms 40:13

Be pleased, O Lord to deliver me: Oh Lord, make haste to help me.

I love the way that in this verse that the Lord is pleased to deliver us, and how especially in this time and age ,near this end … there is no time to waste, so please Lord, make haste to deliver us.

Have a blessed day Steef


Dearest @SteefNL Steef and @Blondiecab777 Carol. I’ve been praying, crying and worrying for you both since I read your posts. You see, I’m one of those people who God miraculously freed from addictions (cigarettes and pot). However, I still commit other sins everyday, and beg His forgiveness everyday, and repent everyday. Oh how I hate being a sinner and disappointing our Savior all the time. But that’s what we sinners do. None of us are immune to sin. But God still loves us as only He can.

We don’t know His ways, we only know that they are not our ways. Praying this is the Holy Spirit speaking through me now - if you’ll pray to Jesus for 5 minutes whenever you get a craving, asking for strength to overcome, that will be 5 minutes that you don’t drink and/or smoke. Maybe even 5 or 10 or 15 minutes or more. It will be for your good and His glory, and will show you first hand just how powerful He is, and how talking to Him, leaning on Him, and trusting Him, you can overcome, but you can do nothing without Him.

Oh, dear Heavenly Father, I pray these words are inspired by You, and well received by my beloved brother and sister in Christ. Please Lord, bless them in so many ways. These things I pray in our loving Savior’s name, Jesus, the Christ.


Amen! Agreeing with each prayer lifted here.

All I know is God’s Grace is new and fresh every morning. He gives us what we need for each day and nothing more. Yes sometimes I go to bed and end the day feeling totally depleted. BUT each new day is just that a new day with new mercies from God. In other words He gives us what we need each day and so we live day by day in the present depending on the Lord and His Divine Providence to get us through this day! And it is always enough for what we face each day.

The future is fearful, the past is full of guilt
Father, give us THIS day our daily bread…



I’ve shared this update in a reply as well.
Talking about the power of prayer… last night was my very first reflux free night since ages (yes… feels like that). So I’m thankfull cause I really needed a break from all that to see things in the right Godly perspective. I take it that He granted me this time. But also something else I realised and being thankfull for. All of you are helping me big time by sharing your own stories, struggles and thoughts on the matter. What a relief to read stuff I understand and where I can relate to. Loving all of your honest words right from the heart without the “instant miracle from heaven” preaching/shouting we use to hear when we were part of the charismatic movement. I don’t wanna get into that too deep because a lot of you had their experience in that area I guess. With all the respect of were people are in their faith journey, I’m so glad that guys like YOu (still) exsist!! Glad I became part of the JD community. Forgive me if I’m not able to respond on every reply but just know “I read you and being encouraged”. I know it will be still a long journey but I will keep you guys posted.

Blessings from the European Lowlands


I will truthfully and honestly give that a try Janet… thank you so much for your encouragement and your prayer.

I love all of y’all…:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::pray::pray::heart::blush:


Thank you Susan… yes thank God for God’s mercies that are new everyday and for His grace and love and kindness and His salvation…

And thank God for all of you


Hello again, what wonderful news to hear of your reprieve for your acid reflux, I pray that you have more quiet time alone with God and if you ever need someone to talk to please know that I am here I’m pretty much alone the majority of the time and I totally and truly understand the struggle so maybe we can help one another out.

I will continue praying for you as often as I remember.

Have a blessed day!!