Daughter and narcolepsy

My 29 yr old daughter was diagnosed 4 years ago with narcolepsy-had it since high school at least, but we didn’t know it. She just came for a visit, and I can tell that she is basically like she was when diagnosed, that is-she is constantly trying to be busy to stay awake. She is very physically fit and has jobs she enjoys.

My request is twofold:
apparently the medication she is on is no longer working as it was, so I am asking for healing for her. ( there is not much long term understanding of her condition or long term affects of meds. There are also things to consider in the future surrounding pregnancy and children)

I am also asking for any home remedy ideas if anyone knows of any.
Thank you for your prayers. :heart:

Merciful Father in heaven, You know all the details of my request. Please lead others by Your Holy Spirit to pray according to Your will.


I don’t know enough about narcolepsy to give any advice but I did pray for her. :heart::pray:


Hey there Letitia @Anchored,
Has your daughter ever tried either of the top two meds in screenshot? They probably kept me alive when I had to work. Took the Nuvigil for a few years before I got switched to the Provigil. I fall asleep driving…. now I take 1/2 tab and it keeps me awake and focused if I have to drive somewhere.

These meds promote wakefulness without that speedy feeling or nausea. My doc says that a lot of shift workers take them. Sometimes I would need to sleep after taking a dose but it was rare. I was able to keep working because of them.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that there are some drugs that actually improve quality of life or save life. I would ask for You to heal this young woman if it be Your will. If she has to live with this disease, please help Letitia’s daughter find a treatment for this serious problem.

Bless her healthcare team with wisdom, compassion, integrity and success in treating her. Bless her spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Bless her friends and family. And please keep others safe if this daughter falls asleep while driving or doing some similar activity. We thank You for it!

In the Name above all names, Yeshua, Your beloved Son and our Blessed Hope. We thank You. We praise You. Amen.


Thank you so much for praying for my daughter and for the info from someone who has dealt with this.
Yes, she has been taking the modafinil since being diagnosed. She does not fall asleep as long as she is busy- before meds and after(now).I think this medication is no longer working though. She still takes half a pill trying to prevent side effects. Of course my concern is long term effects of meds especially if they quit working but also this drive to keep busy. How much can/should her body take as physically active as she is since her Dr said that she never gets restful sleep? On the other hand, being physically active prevents sleeping and eating a lot haha.

Anyway, it’s time for a change-either diff dosage or healing. Thanks again for ‘listening’ and praying.


Thank you @Stephmerm for praying for my daughter. It certainly helps knowing that others are praying. :heart:


Lifting your dear daughter for complete healing, and management of the narcolepsy, in our Savior’s precious name. :pray:t2:


Ever Mighty and Loving Heavenly Father

Please, we beg of assistance for @Anchored Letitia’s daughter whom is dealing with narcolepsy. At one time I thought this was something I had but it turned out I was just bored, so for that, I thank You for helping me figure that out…(and lazy) But this is different and we beg of You to provide a transformative miracle of questions into answers and problems into solutions in regards to helping this young woman to not only get the restful (Theta sleep perhaps?) sleep she needs, but also to obliterate the problem altogether.

Please help her to be able to rest and also help her with the medications that she’s dealing with. Either to help her off them since they aren’t doing their job much anymore, and finding new ones that work, or help her by speaking into her body and correcting whatever is necessary for this problem to be obliterated, and for her to get natural restful sleep when needed, and awake when necessary without trouble or worry.

I guess a short prayer would be, Father, HELP!, but You know me and my wordiness.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you @Jon. I have learned to appreciate your wordiness and prayers😊


I am praying for her. One suggestion re: remedies. Have you considered checking-out Dr. Berg regarding narcolepsy? His home page can be found on YouTube. I have found his information quite informative and helpful regarding some personal struggles I have had and he comes from a naturopathic approach. Blessings to you.


Praying Letitia for you and your daughter.

(And trying desperately not to make a joke about blasting Matthew 26:45 through a megaphone whenever your poor daughter lulls…)

Yours in Christ


Twenty laughs( characters)


I’ll check his site out. Thank you!

Morning Letitia @Anchored,
Looked on doctoryourself.com, my fave site (at the moment) to see if there is anything about narcolepsy. Nothing specific. Found a few articles on sleep that you might be interested in. They led me down a trail (don’t they always?) and I found this (linked) site. Haven’t read it all cuz church is starting but am posting cuz it looks like it might have something helpful. I will finish reading it later. Although I usually only fall asleep while driving, your post has me rethinking my daily multiple naps— those I take because I am falling asleep standing up, lol. Never connected them to my driving problems until today. Thanks for opening my eyes!

As I find anything interesting (seemingly helpful) I’ll post it here Letitia.

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That was a very informative article! I will pass it along to my daughter. Thank you!


I understand that narcolepsy and fatigue are not the same but they are connected. Excerpt and reason I’m linking article:

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Letitia- if only I could trade my severe insomnia for some of your daughter’s sleepiness…


Hi, I met a lady recently that moved to our area who has had the same condition for 50 years and had tried everything. I suggested she try the GAPS Diet and within a month she is a normal person and enjoying a normal life. :pray: In Christ Glen