Daughter has covid-19

Please pray for my oldest daughter. She has covid-19. She just tested positive today at her PSW placement. She also has lupus as I do and other health issues.

She’s saying that she’s calm but I know she’s not. She lives with roommates and isn’t sure how to tell them.

Give me the strength Lord to support, guide and direct as far as I am away Lord. You know my heart as a Mom. I am really struggling that I can’t be there and help with meals etc.

Please help our little family today.
In Jesus Name. Amen.


Praying for your daughter, Sister! May God’s loving Grace and Mercy heal your daughter completely, in Jesus Christ’s precious name I pray, :raised_hands:t2:

May God Almighty lift you up and give you all the courage and strength. :blush:


Mighty and Beloved Father

By Your might, please bless Kate with Spiritual wisdom and knowledge which surpasses all comprehension to aide in the recovery if her daughter who was informed she has this beyond corrupted virus. Please give her the strength and the energy to meet the needs of herself and her daughter separated by miles. Please heal Kate’s daughter in plucking from her this disease, or speaking into the virus and destroying it as only You can. Please correct and rejuvenate her immune system to overtake this virus and aide her in an expedited recovery,

Please also, infill upon her the courage transformed from fear to just plainly tell her roommates that she is sick with this and to keep themselves healthy and sadly, yes, may need testing. The sooner told the better.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Morning Kate,
I’m sorry your daughter is sick and that you are unable to care for her as you wish you could. I wish I had words to give you comfort in this time of trial; I will pray that our Father sends His Comforter to walk with you and your family.

Father in Heaven,
You are our Rock and our Refuge, our Comfort and our Healer and we praise You for Who You are. We thank You for all You do! And we come to You this morning asking for comfort and health for Kate’s whole family, especially her oldest daughter.

Please bless this child with a quick recovery from Covid and a reprieve from lupus. Bless her caregivers with wisdom, compassion, integrity and success in their treatments. Bless them, their family and friends with a hunger for Your salvation. May Your Name be glorified in this trial Father.

Please bless this child’s roommates too. Give them compassion in their response to Kate’s daughter’s diagnosis. Keep them safe from the disease. Please give them, their family and friends a desire to know You and accept Your Son’s sacrifice on their behalf.

Father, thank You for what You are doing in the world, in the lives of those we love. Bring us all ever closer to You, that we may find joy in Your salvation and that our joy is witness to everyone we meet. In the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our beloved Kinsman-Redeemer we pray and give You praise. Amen.


Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Our dearest and most trusted Savior and friend. . . Wrap Kate in the peace which is like no other. Calm her every fear, and may all anxiety melt away as she turn and turns again to you! By your Holy Spirit bring healing, swift and complete, to her daughter. She may be out of arms reach for Kate, but she is totally enfolded in yours. Provide for her every need, Lord. We look to you for protection, provision, and perfect peace. May we have because we ask in your name. . . That our Father’s name might be glorified in this. . . Amen




Joining in prayer for your daughter and thank you Jesus in advance for answering them.


She is all clear!!! She took a rapid test today! Negative for covid! PRAISE THE LORD!! Both my babies are back to being healthy!!