Daughter’s anger & suicidal thoughts

Please pray for my 8 year old daughter. She has high functioning autism disorder. This past year has been really rough, especially these past few months.

Her anger outbursts have become more and more explosive and she gets so filled with uncontrollable rage. Any little thing can trigger her at any moment. She also goes into these dark cycles of cognitive distortions and lots of black and white thinking where she is so hard on herself and believes she is worthless and wants to die. Recently she said she tried to suffocate herself. :sob:

Everyday I’m dealing with at least one episode like this and it’s been very exhausting and taking a toll on the entire family.

We have been in Christian therapy for a month now and sought out therapy in our church. We’ve anointed our house and our small group has laid hands on her for healing but with little improvement. I feel very hopeless and defeated at times and just at a complete loss.

Please pray the spirit of anger, self hate, and rejection will be completely removed from our family and that God will bring healing and restoration to her brain, that the spirit of autism will flee completely and she will be healed from all the damage from past vaccines.

Thank you


Praying for you dear sister x


I’m broken hearted reading your message, as if the world wasn’t confusing enough for her, all this is going on around her, being so low at that age to think of suicide is too much for my heart to bear,
Prayers For Suicidal Child - Powerful & Uplifting Words For Prayer


Dear precious Lord, we come before you asking for your blessing upon HomeschoolingMama’s house, family, and daughter. Please help this lovely family before you with wisdom in their situation. Please help them to know how best to minister to their daughter. That you might open insights within their heart’s and mind’s how to best help this little one of yours. Also Lord we hold this daughter of yours for whom you created and for whom you died, that your touch would be upon her heart and her mind. That your spirit might be working within her soul to bring about peace and hope. And that these qualities and works of yours upon the human heart may still and focus her mind to perceive beyond the curtain of her perceptual limitations. Rather dear Lord that she may see, sense, and know your very generous spirit and reality always present before her. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.


Hello Sister :slight_smile:

Please be careful with laying hands on it could be dangerous and
this practice was only for the apostles; nowadays its used alot by charismatics
and its really not a harmless practice.
Also the therapy stuff becomes more and more occultic and worldly.

I believe I was demon possessed as child and your report sounds it could be
that something is attacking your daughter. Please, I dont want to fear you,
I was attacked too as kid and it was terrible and I was so evil to my parents
and jelled and used very bad language…I destroyed things and took my clothes off.

I would fast a day with your entire family and pray in this case sister!

Edit: You can check for occultic influence:
Is there any practice of concentration exercise ? Focus on a point? They learn this
in school now, and its esoteric/occult. Evil books? music? occultic stuff with her friends?


My heart goes out to you, I have two daughters 7 and 8. My oldest has severe ADHD it is hard for her to concentrate at school but you are dealing with something that is much harder to bare. I also wonder if the vaccines required for school affected my daughter. I will pray for your daughter, the very thought she has tried to harm herself has hurt me. Prayers again will be made with sincerity. Much love sister.


Homeschooling Mama,

My heart aches for you, your daughter and the rest of your family. I am praying for all of you that you may sense Jesus’ presence. Jesus said, “Come to me all ye who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” May Jesus give you the rest and peace that you need right now. When you are weak, may He make you strong through Him.

I can empathize with your pain as our family is being tested right now via our 13 year old daughter. The enemy is at work (he’s working overtime) and wants to steal, kill and destroy. Stay in God’s word, speak out loud in Jesus name telling him to flee.

I lift your family up in prayers - may God see you through this trial. May He give you wisdom as parents and may He bring a peace to your daughter and heal her from her fits of rage.

Keep the faith sister!!


Father please help this family deal with this difficult situation. We have no easy answers for anyone living in such situations. It almost seems unfair Father that parents have to endure such problems. There doesn’t seem to be the relief that people desperately need in these circumstances. Please Lord, give them the help and peace they desperately need speedily and daily Father. We implore for help on their behalf as always in Jesus Name.


Praying for your daughter and your family


Please pray for my 8 year old daughter. She has high functioning autism disorder. This past year has been really rough, especially these past few months.

Take heart and know that God has overcome the World. He knows your weakness. Let Him give you strength. My devotions were in Psalm 139 today, and I believe it is for you.

Psalm 139: 13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Your child is a child of the Living God, and Lord Jesus we pray now, that you would take the label "autism’ off of this child. Give her the name you have for her, a child of the most high living God. Encourage her to know that she has so much worth and value. We pray that you would remove any harm from vaccines and make her body and mind well. Block the negative influences in her life that are keeping her believing that she is autistic. Speak to her mind, Lord, and tell her that You are a mighty healer, creator, and able to do all things. Tell her that you fix brokenness, and transform lives. What she is not able to perceive, I pray that you would make known to her. Give her knowledge and wisdom, and most of all let her know that you have not left her alone. You are with her and there is nowhere that she can go that you are not there too. (Psalm 139) Give her mother wisdom and knowledge and discernment also. Thank you, in Jesus Name, Amen.


Man, and I thought all the conversations had over various doctrines was difficult. I’ve talked with many teens and adults who’ve had suicidal thoughts and were trying to attempt it. The gravity of it changes when it’s a little kid. You can’t use the same level of conversation with a kid as you can a teen or adult. Kids need an escape from the realities of the world. The tragedy of the world rests heavy on the brow of a child that cannot have a chance to see a different world that is play and pretend. Being Autistic is even harder. I have not one iota of true experience with that.

As my heart weeps and yearns for understanding for you; I applaud you for the strength God set forth in you to accept this challenge without even knowing. The dedication for being a mother of such strength and courage. A woman who can take the pain of childbirth and therefore raising a child is a badge of honor within God’s plan for inhabiting this earth. The strength that God has bestowed upon you to enlighten a child that has Autism. A heart that God gave you bigger than some who cannot tolerate the sound of a crying child without blowing their lid.

Why God created such a strong woman within you draws respect to you from so many who must know you and must not even equate what your life is like even while the world within this upside down world is dishing out. You are a candle in a strong wind trying to blow your flame out and yet you stand strong facing a hurricane storm of multiple evolutions in your life.

A motto that has provided some solace in this world for me, is “The Only Easy Day was Yesterday.” It’s military but it’s also true. We worry about the problems of today and not tomorrow for tomorrow will have its own problems. You have come a long way from where you began in this journey, Miss. You have halted turmoil in places of the heart most don’t know exist. You have eased the tempting of evil more times than some could fathom enduring. You have fought off the wiles of the devil in ways some are too scared to announce exist, Ma’am. I salute you for your fortitude. I honor you for your strength and heart. You can overcome and you will overcome till the day we are called home. Remember that always.

Caring Merciful Father

We beg you to cast forth a heavenly light upon this woman and her family. Blazing a glorious light upon her 8 year old daughter. No matter the obstacle You allow us, we are given an opportunity to do something for Your good with it. Whether tinnitus to help us ignore the temptations of the devil, or autism to ignore the normality of peer pressure to guide us to wrongdoing. You have given us all gifts. No matter if these senseless meanderings of the minions of evil show us these gifts as curses, You have allowed them for some good we have yet to understand.

Perhaps we are given trials because You know the perseverance that we must endure later on is necessary to train for with what is given now? Perhaps we are given the opportunity overcome what many can’t understand and therefore YOU will be a strength for others to help them overcome what they can’t handle, but you, Ma’am…you call “Tuesday”.

O Lord, please engulf this woman with the everlasting joy for her heart that You protect with the love You have for us. Hold her and her family as gentle lambs shaking from the cold and fear of the wolves they hear in the distance. While the world is tearing itself apart, please Lord cover their hearts and minds with peace and calm.

Dear Lord, Calm the heart and especially mind of this 8 year old child. Help her to play pretend to escape the normality of this world while still in this world while we wait in hope and faith to be out of this world. Let this 8 year old child know the beneficial meaning of life for her time. Allow her please, a message fitly spoken to her from You, the Almighty. Creator of Heaven and Earth so she understands and can overcome the stress she faces today…just as her mother faces the same stress and torment.

Please melt the troubles of this little child and her family with the fervent heat of the light of Heaven through your loving gaze and smile like candle wax in winter. Provide this family with the wisdom needed to overcome. Provide this family with a respite needed to overcome. Provide this family with the calm of their hearts and minds through the refilling of the Holy Spirit. Cast forth a joy and happiness in this woman’s heart that rivals all comprehension. Bring forth a happiness in the heart and mind of this little child so she may leave the cares and stress and attention distracting moments behind and be the little girl she needs to be. In Your time, Your way.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


If you don’t mind I’d like to join you in your prayer x

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three have gathered together in my name, there I am in their midst.”

– Matthew 18:19 (NASB)


Lifting you up in prayer now. Feel it and know it sister. May God protect you and the demons be cast out in Jesus’ name and with his authority. God bless and keep you safe, healed and protected from evil. Amen :pray::pray::pray:


Have you found a Christian Psychiatrist? The doctor will be able to help you with the anger & depressive issues. Google AACC and www.psychologytoday.com
Also google a natural doctor like a chiropractor or nutritionist. Diet is a huge issue in autism and depressive disorders. Example: change to fresh/frozen fruits, veggies, organic meats, fish, chicken. Take Gluten out of your diet, it can be done! Stop using any foods with preservatives or any foods that come from a box or can. Get rid of soda pop, high sugar drinks. The improvement is huge!


I only pray God in Jesus’ name.
What is this kind of Christian therapy?!
Are you catholic?

It’s very sad, ask her Why?
I’ll pray for you.

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It sounds like you have done everything right with your daughter. When I worked at a school I wish more parents were more involved like you are.

The only thing I can think of that might be accelerating her behaviors is a change in her daily routine. I’m sure you know about the importance of maintaining a regular schedule. People with autism don’t do well with any kind of change in her routine.

I can only imagine what stress this has put on your family, but let’s continue to keep her in prayer.

Hang in there sister.


This is definitely a difficult situation and I am sorry that your daughter is going through this. I pray that you will find the best help who will best layout a path for healing and for managing the complexities that comes with her type of autism and I pray that the enemy stop exasperating her autism. Also, I ask for a miracle that the Lord will heal her of her autism.

I encourage you to continue to seek help and have your therapist seek outside help if they can not help her.

Again, I’m sorry to hear of the anguish you are going through and of the great distress your daughter is experiencing.


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Heavenly Father, l stand in agreement in prayer with this family and their petitions for healing and wholeness. Father we have such little understanding of mental illness and emotional disorders, but you know all things. You truly do work all things together for the good of your beloved. I ask that demonstrate your great mercy now, in this situation, for this family and their precious little girl. Help her to feel your tender love and the value you have placed on her life through the giving of your own Son. Give this family endurance and help them to persevere and overcome the obstacles that prevent peace in their home. Give their counselors wisdom, for even the wisest of shepherds can fall short of understanding when faced with difficulties outside of their personal experience. Father help this family to remember, as you frequently remind me, to be thankful in all things, for this is your will for us. The joy of the LORD is our strength. We praise you and honor you and Lord, we so long for your coming and the restoration of all things. In the name of Jesus, our God and our king I ask these things.


Overwhelmingly beautiful prayer, jon. Amen and AMEN. :pray:t3::latin_cross:


Oh dear sweet sister! I can be completely empathetic!!! I feel like I am reading my daily diary when I read this. You are NOT alone. We homeschooled as well. Everyday can be completely suffocating for you as a mom and Dad. Not to mention the abusive yelling that you have to endure as well. It’s ok to acknowledge that you feel beat up when the episodes occur. My daughter is now 21. FINALLY starting to mellow a LITTLE bit. But I really wish we had considered meds for her when she was younger. If you haven’t tried that yet, I encourage you for the sanity of your home to relent to them. Some meds are a huge gift from God, not a cop out. My daughter tried suicide so many times. Cut herself and still can’t keep a friend for very long. Neither her older sister or I can each be alone with her for our emotional protection. Please please take care of you too!!!