Daughters will be baptized next week

Dear fff’s :smirk:(farag forum family), we will leave tomorrow for a well earned and very rare holiday with our 2 lovely, precious girls (22 & 18). We are going to Terschelling, a little island in the north of the netherlands where my parents took me and my brothers & sisters on holiday since i was a little girl. I passed my love for this place on to my husband and kids and we decided that maybe for the last time we wanted to go there and do some celebration of my daughters 18’th birthday, my husbands birthday and our 25th wedding anniversary.
When we talked this over our girls came with the idea that they really wanted to be baptized there, by us. No audience…
We are really excited, but i’m also a bit nervous. I have never done something like this.
Will you pray for us that the Lord will give us words of wisdom and love, and that He will greatly bless our girls in these crazy days!
Thanks, and blessings for you all!!


Praise God! I baptized both of my sons when they gave their hearts to The Lord.


May the blessings and joy of The Lord Jesus guard your time and sweeten it with The felt presence of His love. I pray Father for this family to be escorted by Your angles and blessed by Your Spirit and their time with You to be consecrated without any interference in The Name of Jesus and for Jesus sake.