Dec 13 2020: Bible Prophecy Update

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Wow… where dit it come from…I mean… what did I say that your echoes I can hear but I can`t hear the source of the voice?

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Sorry, This post was very singular with many comes and goes and I got lost in it.

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I finally found an article abt New Ager opinion on Age of Aquarius and the Xmas Star on Dec 21. Pastor JD mentioned in brief but I was searching it for some days.


Great Find dlcv!!!

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Roman are you asking me where the doctrinal statement came from?

No, Brother. That I couldn`t remember which post you were answering to.

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No worries brother I was talking to the False doctrine dumpers who were post bombing the forum with post-trib and false doctrine. So I hope i didn’t confuse who i was addressing. Your one of my favorite members and I like your posts. Blessing and Shalom…

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Yaaaayyyyy… God Bles!!!1 :crazy_face:

Amen and God bless you!

I enjoy him when he visits JD and also Jan’s programs. He has allot of free material I only wish I had time to study it all.


Now I understand why JD was counting the days for complete years before his marriage!!!

What a beautifl wife!!!


I totally agree with Pastor J D that this sign has an association with the New Agers who see this as the harbinger of Aquarius dawning. Incidentally, the last time such a formation occurred was around eight centuries ago. This was the time of the Crusades which saw the birth of the Knight Templars which were the forerunners of the Freemasons. All this has strong links with the Illuminati and ultimately the New World Order. Interesting timing!


On the Note of the Article from the TIMES OF ISRAEL, I remember when I was a child I watched a very fascinating documentary on UFO’s don’t remember what it was called… I think if Aliens do Exist they are the Giants from the Bible or Demons coming to earth to cause mass Chaos during the Tribulation, Yes, I have seen my share of Alien Movies… E.T., Watched Star Wars, Star Trek and of course other Sci-Fi type shows, movies, etc…So who knows, could very well be E.T.'s out there and the Military could have created some Crazy type UFO’s.

God is in Control and only he knows the Truth…


Good afternoon

I was listening to the song age of Aquarius it says “when the moon is in it second pass and Jupiter aligns with Mars”
So the alignment that just happened was neat to see I don’t think it has to do with the Aquarius. I could be wrong but just wondering.

Thanks for that