Dec 13 2020: Bible Prophecy Update

Thanks for sharing this Jay.

No problem, I want people to be wary but not paranoid. I want people to have a love for the truth, because latching onto rumor is a road to being deceived.

On a side note I apologize for flagging someone’s comment, it seemed to be accusing people of not being Christians, I am sorry that it seems to have triggered a lot of retaliation and escalation. That wasn’t my intent. I didn’t know the flagging feature instantly censored someone I thought it’d just notify staff and it seemed against the rules of conduct.

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Mr Gates were asked if he will take his vaccine, and his interesting answer was
NO but I will when it is My turn.
Why START with NO! IF the vaccine were so harmless, then WHY WILL YOU WAIT for your turn.
Something is smelling fishyyyyy🙈


I couldn’t agree with you more!
Also, I would like to add that I am in complete agreement with ALL Pastor JD is presenting and boldly standing for.
Also, humbly, this is based on personal research in similar areas for 3 years, professionally involved in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years, and a nurse for over 45 years including Africa and Asia.
But most importantly, I am a child of God seeking complete truth, pure love, and perfect peace - provided only by Jesus who is the way, the truth, and the life.


My apologies as I mistakenly “liked” this.
The truth of the matter is that I do not agree with this comment.

well if you want to tell me what exact components of the current vaccines can change your DNA, I’m all ears.
But nothing in the ingredients listed for the FDA show that capability.

Of course we all put our trust in the FDA…

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I am new to the Form but not new to Pastor JD’s teachings.

I appreciate your comment and hope to read more in the time to come.
Maranatha! Even so come quickly, Lord Jesus.

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Please please dont flag this message OK? I read a no of messages got “flagged” in this thread.

I finally found an article abt New Ager opinion on Age of Aquarius and the Xmas Star on Dec 21. Pastor JD mentioned in brief but I was searching it for some days.


Great Find dlcv!!!

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Roman are you asking me where the doctrinal statement came from?

No, Brother. That I couldn`t remember which post you were answering to.

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No worries brother I was talking to the False doctrine dumpers who were post bombing the forum with post-trib and false doctrine. So I hope i didn’t confuse who i was addressing. Your one of my favorite members and I like your posts. Blessing and Shalom…

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