Dec 13 2020: Bible Prophecy Update

Amen and God bless you!

I enjoy him when he visits JD and also Jan’s programs. He has allot of free material I only wish I had time to study it all.


Now I understand why JD was counting the days for complete years before his marriage!!!

What a beautifl wife!!!


I totally agree with Pastor J D that this sign has an association with the New Agers who see this as the harbinger of Aquarius dawning. Incidentally, the last time such a formation occurred was around eight centuries ago. This was the time of the Crusades which saw the birth of the Knight Templars which were the forerunners of the Freemasons. All this has strong links with the Illuminati and ultimately the New World Order. Interesting timing!


On the Note of the Article from the TIMES OF ISRAEL, I remember when I was a child I watched a very fascinating documentary on UFO’s don’t remember what it was called… I think if Aliens do Exist they are the Giants from the Bible or Demons coming to earth to cause mass Chaos during the Tribulation, Yes, I have seen my share of Alien Movies… E.T., Watched Star Wars, Star Trek and of course other Sci-Fi type shows, movies, etc…So who knows, could very well be E.T.'s out there and the Military could have created some Crazy type UFO’s.

God is in Control and only he knows the Truth…


Good afternoon

I was listening to the song age of Aquarius it says “when the moon is in it second pass and Jupiter aligns with Mars”
So the alignment that just happened was neat to see I don’t think it has to do with the Aquarius. I could be wrong but just wondering.

Thanks for that

Several weeks ago, I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to make gospel tracts to leave behind for others to find. I call them Making Kingdom Hearts cards. Anyway, I was wondering how to reach people that might want to purchase these cards to leave behind at the store, post office, schools or wherever they may want someone to find them. J.D. has talked about people selling the things they have made to spread the good news of salvation. What I have done, is fold a piece of cardstock 4X6 into a card with four pages. On the first page, I wrote a short note explaining the lateness of the hour. Page 2: a picture of the Rapture, Page 3: The Blessed Hope is written at the top them John 14: 1-6 is written out. Page 4: the ABC’s of salvation. I haven’t had a job since last March and selling these gospel tracts would help contribute to paying the family’s bills. So, please let me know how to tell others about the cards I make other that writing it here. Thank you and may we all stay strong in these trying times. - Rhonda

What a blessing to receive such warm greetings when least expected. I took extra time over the Christ-mas holidays to pray and read the Word asking for “exponential” strength for what is coming - knowing He provides freely to all who ask - in Jesus’ name.
I live up north (Örnsköldsvik" where I jokingly say Santa lives (if there was one!).
My children and grandsons live in Stockholm.
Indeed Sweden has more Muslims than Swedes and of course, those numbers continue to grow. Prayers needed as well for the Swedish-Laodicean church who are sleeping soundly surrounded by all the comforts of “mother Sweden” in whom they put their trust.
But God is Faithful and True - now and forever!

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Oh, YellowRose wooow…A swedish Christian Lady!! What a nice surprise!!!

You are like one of this Beautiful flowers decorating Our National Tree, The Araguaney


I lived in Stenungsund for a year switching back to Milan every three weks 3x1.

I met some swedish nice people from Borealis there.

I also housed for one year a young friend from Stockholm in Sandnes, Norway, who became like a son for me, Alex Lindl.

Yes, The Islamic Republic of Sweden has changed a bit since then, but, So glad to have you here My Blessed Sister.

God Bless

Greetings Gustav,
I am so happy to receive your emails because they are always kind and encouraging.
Maybe I should say I am a “displaced” Yellow Rose of Texas living in the northern part of Sweden.
The photo below is simply breath-taking and actually hard to believe it is for real.
So, I googled araguaney tree and indeed it is for real - do you live in Venezuela?

I am surprised about how much you know about Sweden.
This also means you may understand why prayer is very much needed for the Laodicean church here.

Of course, the remnant of born-again believers is getting smaller all over the world which is also why we need to hold onto one another - like in the Forum. I plan to continue to be involved in JD’s Forum as I firmly believe Pastor JD’s messages are anointed by the Holy Spirit, I agree completely with all he teaches, and even if I do not write much in the chat room - I can and do pray against the “wiles” of the devil.

Let us fight the good fight together!


Yes Displaced Rose of Texas, I am venezuelan and currently live in Venezuela.

And thanks God, prayers also reach Heaven even from Venezuela, so I will be including you my Dear Sister in them.

So thankful for your kind response, Sister.

God Bless

Greetings Gustav,
For some reason, I thought you were from Mexico, but no matter where you are from, I love how you love the Lord!

And your great sense of humor, which is much needed here in the frozen climate of Sweden.
Talk about being the “frozen chosen.”

If you are from Venezuela, then that means you are fluent in Spanish!
Please, if I may be so bold as to ask that while you are praying, could you include a prayer for a strong born-again believer who is devoted to sharing God’s Word and follows Pastor JD’s ministry to join JD’s Spanish Translation Team?

Maybe you aware that there is an international ministry in the making where we are translating Pastor JD’s Prophecy Updates and Bible Study messages into different languages? Right now, our greatest need is for the Spanish Team, which is why I am daring to be so bold as to ask you like this.

May God continue to bless you in all that you do for the Lord but especially for overseeing the forum Chat Room dynamics and protect our precious JD from “ungodly” attacks.


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I guess I can Sister.

Just give me some info and we can start from there.

God Bless!!!

First, we pray for the Holy Spirit’s leading…

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Great. Agree.

Hello everyone, i’m brand new here, but have recently been following JD on Twitter. Just wanted to say hello and get my first reply under my belt. How often is a new thread started for the Bible Prophecy Update?