Dec 6 2020: Bible Prophecy Update


Pastor JD talks about how The Great Setup is leading to The Great Reset, which is a global transition to a global economy fulfilling Bible prophecy in the book of Revelation.

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Hi, JD. Thanks for the video today. Amazing. Life to my spirit. Could you post the 12 points in the subscriber’s email about the economic destruction/impact? Thanks so much, Maranatha!


I would like someone to explain in simple terms the first part when pastor JD mentioned about money supply and linked to hyperinflation. I am ignorant of financial and economic matters.

Many many thanks.


Pastor Andy Woods taught about partial theory rapture today:


I agree.

Pastor Farag I would be most grateful if you would post the 12 step plan of the antichrist you mentioned.


I would also like a greater understanding of it

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Ok I hope I can keep this simple. If you are at all familiar with pre WWII Germany, you may know of the Weimer Republic. It was the time of Germany under strict controls of the WWI armistice treaties where Germany was one severely restricted economically. One of the major problems is that Germany was forced into a severe inflation problem called hyper inflation. In an attempt to help banks printed up money, lots and lots of currency. The problem is the more currency in the system the less worth it has. So prices to reflect the true value of an item are based on the value of the currency used to buy them. Here is an example. If in one country with a limited supply of currency each dollar is worth and actual dollar then the price of a gallon of milk will stay stable towards that dollar value. But in a country where more and more currency is printed the value of a dollar drops and that happens rapidly. One day the gallon of milk cost a dollar. When a thousand times more dollars are printed and used it then takes a hundred of those dollars to match the value of what one dollar used to be. To keep currency at pace more is printed and thus its value continues to drop till a gallon of milk cost a thousand dollars then five thousand dollars and so on. It was said of the Weimer Republic people were taking wheel barrels full of currency to the store just to buy a single loaf of bread. Eventually there is a full collapse of the system because at some point you can’t print enough money to keep up. So in the US when the dollar was unhinged form the gold standard, Fed Reserves were no longer restricted on how much currency they could print. Since that time in the 70s they have been printing currency at a massive pace growing over the decades till now the value of a present day dollar is only equal to about a quarter or less of the 70s dollar. The more money out in the system the less value it has. It is not unlike supply and demand economics. The less the supply the higher the cost. The greater the supply the lower the cost. Well the greater the supply of currency the less the value, the less the supply of money the greater the value. Simply put more money means higher inflation rate or hyper inflation.

I hope that helps you to understand.

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@anon70138210, please take note the foolish virgins parable only appears in Matthew, not Mark, Luke and John.
The main audience are Jews.

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Thank you Pastor JD. I have been following you for years and you never fail to point to where we stand in prophecy. This takes my breath away. I too long for the day our Lord comes for us. My hope in the Lord is my comfort.


Hi, Pastor JD,
We thank God for His gift of pastors and teachers to help the Church Body. God has blessed you and is glorified in His ministering work through you as a watchman of the Lord to His people. Really appreciated the pdf for the scriptures to the type of Christ examples. Also, thank you so much for addressing the “Partial Rapture Theory” it is so encouraging to know that we are totally “saved by grace” and not of works.

Special thanks to the Lord for His faithful servants at for their generous gift and ministry help us reach unsaved loved ones for Jesus. We love you all and are praying for you and the Church family. Maranatha


The following description will emphasize the enormity of the U.S. debt and the soon collapse of the U.S. economy. $1 million in $1 bills stacked on top of one another would be 119+ yards high. Or if placed on the ground would extend from the end of one end zone of a football field to the end of the other end zone. $1 billion in $1 bills would stack over 68 miles high or a length about an hour drive along the interstate at 70 mph. The national debt in $1 bills would extend around the Earth at the equator more than 60 times.


Right after we watched the Prophecy Update i saw this article. Falls right in with what Pastor JD was sharing about currency today.

Dennis, I like Andy…but does he support the partial theory?

Reality is, hyperinflation is already here. The wealthy are surviving in meeting the absolute necessities of life in 2020. Maybe a couple of homes they can choose to live from, everything they ‘need’, keep comfortable.

It does not surprise me that, soon, ingredients for making a simple loaf of bread will become too expensive. However, just as JD was saying, God always will provide to the faithful.

Is anyone else feeling the same?


@TCC, That answer is found in his slides, else go to his Youtube channel Andy Woods Rapture 30 teaching video which is live today.

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What I can share is building materials like cement and bricks prices went up here as my house is undergoing minor renovation.

The info in the post is a decent summary, but there needs to be a wholesale change of the term “money” throughout to “currency” in order to be accurate. The former includes, for example, silver and gold, while the latter term more accurately describes printed fiat notes.

@BayouBushi Thanks Jack… this was really informative and made me as a layperson understand! God bless!

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@Alisha2020 @JDForumTeam I just say… God will provide… keep trying to do at least something… even if you have lost your work… my husband has… since March… my ballet school has gone from 110 students to about 45… I got sick…spent my husband’s retrenchment money to pay for op etc…we were not covered by medical aid as we were on a 3 month waiting period because we had to change medical aid due to the job loss… almost 250 000…my testimony… I had a BIG art exhibition in 2019… NOTHING sold…paintings have been up at the gallery since then till now…then out of the blue 3 weeks I sold 2…totalling 24K…then a commission of 18K then ANOTHR commission of 3K…my point… GOD PROVIDES!!! MIRACULOUSLY…keep on trying to do something … bake cookies…make some bead jewelry…start something up…ask God…don’t despair…I trust God for all my needs daily…like manna… I honestly say I do not worry AT all… please continue to pray for my heath… I’m still in such pain every day…but the pain keeps me close to Jesus and on my knees…Pastor JD 'S Prophecy update was really astounding … gave me so much peace… I pray for you all daily… thank you Pastor JD for your messages that give us so much hope. May God continue to bless us all… May many more come to the saving knowledge of our dear Jesus through our testimonies and the ABC ‘S of salvation. I say Amen to pastor JD’ ’ MARANATHA… COME LORD JESUS!!!