December 1, 2022: Jeremiah 39-41 - How it Ends in the End

:bible2: Jeremiah 39-41

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how God, through the prophet Jeremiah, speaks to how it will end, in the end, and that it will depend on whether or not we take heed to the warning of God and the Word of God then concludes with the celebration of communion.

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What a great teaching by Pastor JD.

This is why I get so much out of Pastor JD’s teachings, he brings all the era’s and actual people of Scriptures to life, with great passion.

Like Pastor JD, I have a lot of good thoughts towards Jeremiah, the man, who gives us a lot to think about…and not such good thoughts towards Ishmael, son of the Davidic Royal Line.