December 11, 2022: 2 Peter 1:2-11 - Jesus Has Given Us Everything We Need

:bible2: 2 Peter 1:2-11

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how Jesus has given us everything we could ever possibly need or want in and for our Christian lives.

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Loved the Update, Its nice that he went through the different typology for the Pre Tribularional Rapture of the church- its always good to be reminded of Good news. It also passed theough my mind when he mentioned Messenger Rna And Luciferase- that in the Greek the word angelos (angel) means messenger, as in Angel RNa


Oh may I grow in the Lord…I want all these things the Lord has promised me that they may be applied to my rewards in heaven.


Thank You Lord for giving us all we need to live victorious


I’m so grateful and thankful of the many blessings God gives me each and every day. I hear some people complain all of the time, worry a lot and do stupid things because of what they worry about. It’s sad they refuse to have faith in God. They don’t understand that God looks at worry and stressing out as sin because he wants us to have faith in Him. I try to explain that to the lady and friend I work with and have been speaking to about God’s words and she forgets and goes right back into her pattern of complaining & worry! Sometimes I feel as if I’m talking to a wall, yet I keep reminding her!

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Working with someone who is negative and constantly complaining is draining. If people are experiencing anxiety can be a chronic illness that manifests in strange ways. I have always had to fight it and its close relative depression. I honestly don’t feel tension and no sadness for myself but i get feelings of butterflies in my stomach and when i am alone, I say things like how awful and this is terrible, meaning what is happening in the world. Then, i catch myself and i count my blessings and thank God. I think the cure for me is a look at what others are suffering and saying a prayer of gratitude. Of course, we know what others need is a strong relationship with our Lord based on faith and love.

It is taking me a while to complete this. I want to be guided by the Holy Spirit not just my personal experience.

Heavenly Father, i ask for prayer for NCH and for the people she encounters and works with who are struggling with fears, anxiety and what sounds like dissatisfaction with their lives. I do not know their circumstances but I do know that this evil world can be very hard on people and that working with someone who reflects negativity constantly can wear one down. I am asking for your hand in the lives of the unhappy people in NCHs life. They all need you, Lord Jesus. I know I would be completely miserable in this difficult times, if I did not know you are with me. Please give this dear sister the words she needs to tell them of the joy and blessed relief from fear and anxiety they will experience when they surrender themselves to you and give their burdens into your hands, never to carry them again. Bless dear NCH as she wants to see everyone free of worry and anxiety and she wants to share your word. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.


Amen! Idobelieve i share this very thing with them. How peaceful they become, as they get closer to God. Thank you for praying for me. I live alone and my dog can’t answer me! Just kidding! God answers me though. I feel so blessed each and every day even through all of the turmoil of the world, demons trying to take me off my path and negative people! Thank you ever so much once again!:heartpulse:

God bless you. Your words cheered me today!

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“Not one fleeting moment of life goes by without God knowing exactly where we are, what we’re doing, and how we’re feeling.”
~ Chuck Swindoll

“I will not forget you!
See, I have engraved you
on the palms of my hands.”
~ Isaiah 49:16


Great! God bless you too!

Guess what? Your prayer for me worked! God has switched my coworker’s days to the opposite end of the week i work! Now when I chart and do my billing I can sing my praises to the Lord and listen to sermons from pastor JD uninterrupted. I no longer have to listen to her griping about things she doesn’t fix or change (pity party)! I didn’t have to do anything except wait for the Lord to help me! Thanks again IDoBelieve for your prayer.:heartpulse:


Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ

Philippines 1:6


I am so happy to hear your news. You made my day! Praise God forever!

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