December 12, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Thankyou J.D. God bless you and your family.


God bless you Brother Keegan. Thankyou for this info. I have shared it with a few others.


God bless you too!


Digital currency is it crypto is that mark currency

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Yup Vax to me is m o b
Ok green pass has so much hold on.ppl in Europe
Mark.isnt here I’m unsure who anti christ

So many Christians willing took v a
So we’re they not awake?
I’m sorry it’s so.judging

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God bless you sister!:grinning:


Are thoses all things JD said?

What does NOM stand for?

NOM = Nuevo Orden Mundial - New World Order


Beloved, you have to check the content on page 17 of this document!
Incl.: "list of possible adverse event outcomes: Deaths, Autoimmune disease, Stroke, Pregnancy and birth outcomes, etc. … :

Please note that this document has been intentionally hidden from the FDA site!
You are not able to find it here: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee October 22, 2020 Meeting Presentation- COVID19 CBER Plans for Monitoring Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness | FDA

You have to know that it exists… (and include “download” at the end of the link)
The event has happened 2 months before the start of the vaccination campaign!


ROTHSCHILD Patent from 2015 !!
“System and Method for Testing for COVID-19”


Think of it like an alliance. 4 Separate beasts or systems in Daniel. 4 beasts in Revelation become The Beast through alliances.

10 horns represent ten kings/nations that sit upon The Beast.

The Beast is 4 systems. What are we watching in regards to systems, global systems.

Monetary System
Global Government(s) Alliance UN

Second: Predictive Programming

Disney Film Coco from 2017

Flying through the sky in the Land of the Dead is the fiercesome, Pepita, the spirit guide of Mama Imelda. With eagle wings and talons, a lizard-like tail, horns from a ram and the face of a jaguar, Pepita is quite a creature to behold. Inspired by traditional Mexican folk art called, alebrijes, the Coco team set to create a number of spirit animals within the Land of the Dead.

The origin of the alebrijie dates back to 1936 when Pedro Linares, a 30-year old pinata maker fell ill and had a wild dream that was made up of brightly colored fantasy-like animals, donkeys with wings, snakes with chicken feet, etc. Once he awoke the artist created the first alebrije, which was created out of paper mache, it wasn’t until years later that the art form was reinterpreted into wood carvings. To date, the alebrijes are carved with a special type of wood from the Mexican state of Oaxaca called copal, a soft formable wood that allows for easy carving and manipulation.

When you have people tell you the image of The Beast outside the UN is ancient folkart, it is not ancient in any manner. It is less than 100 years old.


Thank you for your faithful service and posting this important info and videos!


Thank you very much for posting the link! I save those in my browser for making videos and articles. They are very strong evidence and maybe some are waking up.


Ya. I hear you. I really do. I know so many Christians who have. Isn’t the Holy Spirit screaming at you that this isn’t a good thing?


It sure seems that way. It appears that it is the way to control what people do with their money because it does not really exist, it is just numbers in an account and it can be connected to everything you do hence the social credit score concept. What you say on line, how you behave all will affect your social score. To ensure you and your finances are connected requires also a digital id. It is that digital idea technology that appears will be the MOB.


Several useful slides taken from Dr Geert talk:





A new website has been launched where people can tell their stories about being injured by one of the COVID-19 shots. They also have groups people can join, and it appears there is one group in each state.


Excuse me for saying @BBerean but from what I’ve seen of your posts to date on this forum you appear to be what’s commonly known as a “devil’s advocate”. I wonder if you’re taking your Berean responsibility too far given your audience?

I’m not looking to engage in any argument, just interested in your motivation and pray it’s not to promote discord here amongst loving, spirit led brethren.

Peace be with you and I pray you’ll not suffer ill health from your decision to be injected.


Pastor JD mentioned the previous Prophecy Update about the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Proof (which I’m watching), that in turn mentions the Galilean wedding and Before the Wrath (which I’ve seen).

Ever since I watched that documentary when it came out (a year ago?), I’ve always been nagged with the question, “Where’s the proof for all this?” I really do want to believe that this Galilean wedding info is true, because it would be amazing corroborating evidence for the pre-trib rapture, but I don’t want to just take someone’s word for it because they say it in a documentary. (That’s a dangerous thing to do!)

I’ve never heard anyone back this up with any source material; I just keep hearing it repeated as if it’s proven true (without seeing any proof!). Even when they talk about the “exciting” archaeological discoveries that prove this, they never actually give the info for these discoveries (articles? scientific literature? anything?). They just say “it’s been discovered,” or something like that. The film actually left me with a very wary ehhhh… feeling simply because they never backed up what they said with any evidence.

So, please, can anyone point me to any sources for any of this? I’d really appreciate it! I would so love to have this proven true!

Thanks so much! :grin: