December 22, 2022: Topical Study -- Dispensationalism

:bible2: Dispensationalism

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor Mac delivers a teaching discussing the biblical approach to Scripture known as Dispensationalism.

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EXCELLET TEACHING on Dispensationalism. I would recommend everyone watch this. I plan to watch it again.
Thank you so much Pastor Mack.
This would answer a lot of discussions that we’ve had on various threads.

Here are some screen shots to help, but they should be used with the teaching that goes along with them.


I am with you on that sentiment sister, he is really an interesting, gifted teacher.
A welcome long overdo teaching.
Doc :dove:


Thank you Pastor Mac, it does not get better or clearer than this. It should be reviewed as an open Bible Study for those who do not understand it.


Thank you and God bless you Pastor Mac.
If I kept a list of “best sermons” this one would go on it.
Everyone please listen to this!
I think it could be helpful in many ways and was much needed.


Finally had time to sit down and watch this. Very Good! :slight_smile:

His sermon is/was about the traditional 7 dispensation view. I do wish he had gone a little into the differences between that and the new wild extreme versions out there, but… Maybe he felt it was complicated enough as it is. :wink:

Nothing wrong with commentaries of others, simply, that you don’t lean on them, but rather use them as a starting point for your own thoughts and research. They are, in the end, mans thoughts, and can often be way off the mark.

Liked his approach to bible interpretation, though for me Context should be higher up the list for my tastes.

Most people really don’t realize that the original manuscripts have no Chapter and Verse designations.

They were meant to be interpreted by their own Context (the word itself) and often the context stretches over many chapters.

Rightly Dividing (which I really hate that term) or more properly, “Accurately Handling the word of truth” is not a process of compartmentalizing the word, but a process of seeing the whole counsel of God in context.

So while Chapter and Verse are helpful memorization and verse identification tools, they also tend to hinder the larger cross chapter flow of some of the Word. And at the very bottom line are decisions of men also.

A good example of this is the transition from Chapter 12 to 13 in Revelation.

This gets into a KJV vs other translations discussion, but is every bit about how to read the proper context of the word you are dealing with.

Another example would be the epistles to both the Thessalonians and to the Corinthians in respect to the Rapture. Thessalonians especially, as the whole of 1 Thessalonians is about the resurrection and rapture.

…and Paul starts out in the first chapter at the end of verse 3 with:

“and your enduring hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

and explains this “Enduring Hope” in verse 10 with:

“and to await His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead— Jesus our deliverer from the coming wrath.”

So, it’s not just the selected favorite verses talking about the Rapture and and how it will occur in later chapters and verses, but the whole epistle is about it from the start.

I have always considered the phrase “Context is King” from my early days in the 80’s when my faith took off. It has not changed as the word does not change nor does the God who inspired it change. His Grace to us does change, and more importantly grows.