December 24, 2022: Christmas Eve Service -- God Will Solve Your Problems

:bible2: Christmas Eve Service – God Will Solve Your Problems

:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor JD explains how it is that God will solve our problems by virtue of how He solved our biggest problem of sin, when He sent us Jesus as our Savior.

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God is So good
he was already on my problem before I knew I had a problem. You see I have a flat tire. I’ve been driving around unknowing I had a problem with my tire all day today. The tire could’ve went flat anywhere during my travels today, which is a lot of woods area. and being Christmas everything is closed pretty much. I went 52 miles on this tire before I knew.
I came out of my dad’s house to go home and my tire was flat.
We couldn’t get the jack out so even having a spare tire was no help.
My friend put air in my tire and I prayed to get home before the tire went flat which is a lot of woods area between my home and my dad’s with nothing in between just woods.
I prayed all the way 14 miles home.
I said Lord please if it has to go flat again before I get home please let me make it 7 miles to the wawa ( a local Convenience store) I made it.
I said Lord Thank you I’m half way home.
Again I said Lord if it has to go flat before I get home please let me make it to my friend John’s house his son is their and can help me get the jack unstuck (which is why we couldn’t put the spare tire on. Which is only a donut anyway.) and I know he’ll put the spare on for me.
I made it to John’s house and mine is about 2 miles up the road so I said Thank you Lord for getting me this far I know You’re going to get me all the way home.
I arrived safely to my house and called my dad to let him know.
I said Thank you Lord for getting me home safely.
I knew that if the tire went flat before I got home that the Lord was watching over me and I would be just fine. And I thank the Lord that he let’s me talk to Him like I did because it helps me to stay calm and reminds me He is there with me where ever I go watching over me.
I did sigh when I seen my flat tire but didn’t complain, Which for me is good as I’m a work in progress. I was thankful it wasn’t in the woods area or while I was driving when it went flat.
So I’m home safe been home about an hour now and I have a flat tire.
I’d rather have the rapture happen and go home home now, but until then GOD watches over all those who are HIS.
I have someone to help me tomorrow morning so I can get a new tire. (Just in case we are still here)

The LORD is Good ALL the time.
Merry Christmas
Happy birthday JESUS.




Sermon: WHY did the Majority of Christians Fall for the COVID Deception?





Pastor Mac expounds on the Miles Cloverdale quote above.
If more people would bother to learn what Authentic Christianity is as Pastor Mac explains it…
We would have far fewer problems and arguments on our forum. That would Bless All of US
What a Merry Christmas to us All


Did anyone else completely enjoy (To the Max) Pastor JD’s Christmas Eve Sermon and Service? In my mind it was what a Christmas Eve service should be.
Sabia put the icing on the cake for the end song.



Greetings Dennis,

Sermon: WHY did the Majority of Christians Fall for the COVID Deception?….

…super excellent, among the best sermons I’ve heard yet from the pulpit on the COVID deception. I think this sermon could help arm the Christian for what comes next.

Thank You for posting.


I concur - got so much from this video. It’s worth a repeat and share.
Thank you @dlcv


Thank you Pastor JD for this beautiful sermon. You have no idea how much I needed to hear your encouraging words about salvation this December. I’m saved, but struggling. Beautiful song at the end. Was that your daughter singing? It touched my heart deeply.


Thank you very much the first sermon was incredible…i have to admit i was deeply shocked as i am from Northern Ireland. Not one of our mainline churches stood firm. Totally disillusioned





Kevin Sorbo says new film ‘Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist’ is timely amid chaos worldwide👇🏻

Official Trailer


Let not your Heart be troubled!!! What a Hope and Promise we have in Jesus Christ!!! He promised He will come back and get us… and take us to be with Him FOREVER in Heaven!!! It doesn’t get better than that folks!!!

John 14:1-3
King James Version

14 Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
2 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.
3 And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

Chad Thomas
Watchman On The Wall 88


Re: Canada euthanasia post above……the latest is Bill S248 in progress currently in its 2 session 84 th sitting Nov 24, 2022


Thank you Pastor JD for reassuring us to give everything to the Lord, every problem no matter how big or small.

Oh Loretta!

Praise the Lord for His Goodness, His Faithfulness, His Loving care and His Divine protection from all harm!

Thank you so much Loretta for sharing your testimony! Now this is exactly how we should depend on the Lord. What an AWESOME God we serve!
Thank You Lord for getting Loretta safely home each little step(mile) of the way!


Sermon: Media Led Church Leaders and Churches Sinning and Denying It.