December 26, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update


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:hawaiianshirt_3: Pastor JD talks about what’s just around the corner despite everything that seems to be against us in the world today.


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Added this video mentioned by Pastor JD on geoengineering.


I watch these Bible Prophecies every week. My heart is 1) so looking forward to seeing My Savior and 2) so filled with sorrow. Sorrow for my loved ones who reject Christ. Sorrow for my neighbors who reject Christ and think I’m too “religious.” Sorrow for the brokenness of humanity because of sin. There are times I look at the skies and listen for the sound of the trumpet calling me Home. When I wake during the night and begin praying…for everyone…those in the Ministries, our government, children who have been placed in institutions and left behind in poverty. When I plead with the Holy Righteous God to delay sending our Groom to us because just maybe, maybe, someone I know and love will remember the God of their youth or maybe I will have one more chance to show God’s love to a stranger and testify to the Goodness of God. So, Pastor JD, keep on keepin’ on. Whatever happens to us, we know our weakness is made strong in Christ and Him Crucified. So we stand in the gap for those whom our hearts are saddened and broken for; we pray Mercy; we thank God that someday we will leave all this behind and will evermore sing “Worthy! Worthy! Worthy! is the Lamb of God”.


Dear Pastor JD,

You make me so proud to be a member of this church family! You are truly an inspiration to SO many of us here! I love your gentleness, your beautiful passion, & zeal for the coming of our lord! Most importantly I love you all for your thankless devotion in these perilous times we live in. Through you many see the light, hear the word, and heed the call of Christ Jesus our lord and savior!!


Has anyone faced “disruptions” by TPTB in today’s streaming? So far so good today.


I had smooth sailing, today, but I view this site through Brave browser. Last week was pretty decent for me, too. My issue is usually with sitting at the end of the reach of our wifi and with too many devices competing on Sunday in our house.

Anyway, I think using Brave is a thumbs up.


Yes it’s true that terrible things are afoot, but GOD will keep us as we rest in Him. Pastor JD, I know some of my family think I’m off the deep end, but the truth has set me free! And where have you been hiding that daughter with the angelic voice?


I think they read our posts, and their pants caught on fire when we pulled their dark ways into the light.
Smooth sailing.

Today, like all the other PU days, I am excited to hear about the latest signpost. Give it to me straight - hold the gravy please. Thank you JD!! I post scripture on FB, and sometimes a few words to grab that nanosecond of attention. Family doesn’t respond, but as humans, our Creator made the eyes to record e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. Teehee.
I’m going to post, “Nice, kind, give- you- the- shirt- off-their-back people are NOT going to Heaven. Why? Read next post.” I’ll post scriptural quote next.

What would you do if you only had 9 months to live?



It was a great bible prophecy today! So excited but prayerfully wanting my family to accept Christ’s salvation!


Yes, and I also had “disruptions” last week as well.


I had a lot of trouble on 2 devices again! Because it’s a weekly issue I thought it was happening on jd’s end NOT “their end”. I should’ve known!!


Just think, we’re probably going home by the end of 2022! Hallelujah! We’d best get busy!


What is tptp?


I really hope its in the beginning of 2022 and not by the end.


Oh, me too, Kris! Come, Lord Jesus!


I’m confused about what Pastor JD said was (possibly) the reason why so many people just aren’t “getting it.” Many of us Christians have been shown the truth about the Covid jab by the power of the Holy Spirit. I listened to him twice and still not understanding why thousands of Christians have taken the shot and plan on taking the boosters. They’ve drank the kool-aid. Can someone explain it?


Hi @M777

TPTB = The Powers That Be i.e. those in control/positions of power currently.

Such power is of course is utterly transient and vaporous (Psalm 62 v 9-10) and God is in control always - Isaiah 46:10



Debora, we’ve been brainwashed into believing the men in white coats have our best interests at heart. Just think of all the medical dramas over the years: Marcus Welby, M.D., Emergency!, E.R., etc. In all of those shows, the doctors were kind, caring individuals who sacrificed themselves for others.

I think some people don’t want to see the truth. Just like the way we are all blind to our own sins, they don’t see the harm the Big Pharma industry is doing to people. The one blessing about the C–v-d drama, is that some people are waking up.



Today’s update is just now hitting me, this evening, with fresh tears for those who don’t see what’s ahead. It’s like funerals inside out for me…the grief.