December 26, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

You and me both Stacey : )

Maranatha !


Israel 1948…

May 14th, 1948…Israel Independence.

May 15th, 1948…Israel Attacked By Overwhelming Islamic Force, given zero chance to survive…But God !

Israel 1948 should make anyone a believer in Almighty YHVH GOD.

Welcome Israel1948 :hugs:


Dear janet,
I might be wrong, but the sense that I received was along the lines of say, if we were at a memorial service, and an unsaved family was in deep grief and mourning…and all of a sudden someone walks in off the street, sits in the back of the room and bursts out laughing. Or the reverse, in a happy event, where others are celebrating, how we might tend to head off to the lady’s room if we received a call of bad news that had us in tears. ie repressing our feelings that way, in an effort not disturb anyone.
In today’s world where so many are suffering and crying, i find it can be really challenging to remember, much less express the joy of the Lord, and the positives for fear it may offend or be seen as hurtful to those going through terrible situations. Its not like the kind “fear of man” or men-pleasing that is based on vanity or self, but rather a longing to be sensitive to others feelings. In a way it’s like putting others needs before our own. Praise be to God that in heaven when there is no more sorrow or pain, we will be freeeeeeeee to live in the continual joy and peace of the Lord. I so long to sing again, but a new song.
On that note…You, me, and Stacey and the sistas here have a divine appointment to go singing and picking flowers on God’s Holy mountain some day soon, okay? We just can’t sing Jeremiah was a bullfrog anymore, (kidding) LOL. :joy: :heart:


Beautifully said, I love all that you said here :grin:


I did look it through and boy it all makes sense that there has been such an agenda for so long.

There was one part under the Global government/NWO section in the end that said it will most likely happen on a weekend, everything shutting down on a Friday and by Monday, voila a new system and that this would be in the winter. wow


I am always blessed to be able to catch Pastor JD’s updates. And appreciate his child like heart toward our Lord’s soon return. I am grateful that he brings the tensions as well as the wonderment of our great God. A very blessed man.

I am often surprised sometimes by what he shares. Originally what brought me to Pastor JD is how he would share on Ezekiel 38 and tell us those updates prior to the pandemic. He seemed to capture some very unique angles. And even now sometimes the things he shares are so rather endearing to me. During this journey of COVID since 2020 and through 2021 I had become very impressed with the post exilic books of the bible. Pastor JD mentioned his fondness of Esther and that he sees God’s heart toward us like this today. “But God.” I was kind of floored to hear him say this. For it has been the heart of God toward His church in the fading days of grace in the church age. I had ventured to consider that these final days of grace age might be as much how God shows us a turnaround because He is God. And although I know no one would hold a gun to God’s head insisting (including and especially Pastor JD), it is rather endearing that Pastor JD used the book of Esther to demonstrate His character toward His own in the final church age. And that God might in ways turn things towards the church advantage in so doing.

I mean to put no words in Pastor JD’s mouth. For I know no man or woman alive knows exactly how God might finish out our age. But I do believe that Pastor JD’s own leanings on how God’s heart in Esther is is also one for the Church to consider His heart as such as well. And I find it ironic that “at such a time as this” Pastor JD might find it in his heart to share this very same sentiment I have been sharing for over a year on this forum.

In and of itself, those are just my views from research and may have some merit and certainly may not. But in my most sincere heart I have thought for some time that those post exilic books to Israel may also have mirror like application approaching their 70th week in their gaining moment this side (the age of grace) of it. And as we all journey into 2022…that we might see a hand of God that had been hidden for quite some time. Especially in the face of such brute evil. But God is not obligated to nor has He emphatically told us He will. But that in His heart, He might consider, well…this might be something worthy to consider as we are still in the age of grace.

If interested in that more raw context, please check out a post from March 2021. I know this is not something Pastor JD holds to or has shared. But it is beautiful to hear him speak in the way he has concerning the book of Esther…in such a time “as this.” Blessings.

Regarding Esther

The only thing I would caution here is, we are to be truthful. We are to warn. Our job isn’t just to share the Gospel but its also to lovingly tell the truth to people, esp brothers and sisters. Ezekiel comes to mind- warn people or we can have blood on our hands. Warning about what time it is, what is happening. We have a heavy responsibility in having this knowledge. To whom much is given, much will be required. In other words, when we live out our faith in grace and truth its going to be costly.
I started this journey out heavier on the grace side this summer. Well, I have been reminded time and time again that I have to be operating in grace and truth. Can’t have one without the other. So, I ask the Lord to help give me opportunities to share the Good News and to warn. I don’t always get a chance to do both and I prioritize the Good News (believe me, as we all see here warning seems to fall on deaf ears). . But I know I have a responsibility to both and I will say yes, I have been failing on the warning system- have shared with many about that but not nearly enough. Haven’t seen a break-through case yet for understanding of these things to any who have been warned.


Enjoying my stay and along the way standing with Israel.


Praying for us :pray:

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I am just so thankful for Dr Zev! It was hearing an interview he did on a well known news broadcast at the beginning of all of this covid crazy that first prompted me to question the narrative and jump down the rabbit hole in search of the truth. I am so grateful for his courage and his voice! May our merciful Father bless, protect, and keep him. And . . . I pray that he will come to embrace Jesus as his Savior.


Thank you for the insights you shared David, and your kind words, always appreciated. Its funny, i had the same thought when it was happening, like …um…this doesn’t make sense, aka very irrational. She had spoken of these “frequencies” before, but the connection to God and His Kingdom…um, no. It didn’t compute. I’m not sure if it is the circumstance, the jab neuro effects, demonic realm, or all three. But somethin’ is seriously amiss.

As I understand it, fear can indeed slow and stop the function of the frontal lobe of the brain, which is logic and calm planning ability. Then again the boyfriend is of Buddist leanings, so in terms of a pagan or demonic open door to confusion, theres that. It causes a thick spiritual blindness or fog to roll in i think. And that could be what is happening.

Last night I was listening to a study by brother Robert Breaker. He was discussing something that most shy away from and shouldn’t but it was “Why I don’t partake of the Mass”. He went into the Babylonian connection of Nimrod to all pagan and Eastern religions of the world which incidentally got blended into the whole of the Roman “traditions” including the “mass.” He then read Rev. 18 and how God instructs believers to “come out of her my people…that ye be not partakers of her plagues.” Babylon always comes with plagues attached. Always. It is or represents the demonic realm. Spiritual blindness is among the plagues.

Suddenly it dawned on me that "What if everything outside the Lord Jesus Christ now represents Babylon, and mystery Babylon? (The world, the flesh, and the devil) Then the answer is simple. Stay within Christ and beneath those feathers of Psalm 91 and the Word of God for dear life. Keep it simple and pure. Come out of everything that is not of God, and the plagues go away. They just fall off ones life, poof, just like that. The spiritual sight is restored, The Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Yet, if we keep one foot in Babylon, and one foot in the Kingdom, God said we can’t serve two masters. The great gulf is affixed. We can’t have the cake of our Babylon traditions and eat and drink at God’s table at the same time. If we try, we reap plagues. (been there) Maybe He advocated non-comingled linens for the same reason? IDK, God doesn’t like blendings of good with evil, man with computer, new wineskins with old. He is an absolutist as opposed to a relativist. He makes us choose one or the other, Him or Babylon. Modern psychology would screach… “Oh no that is pathological black and white thinking” Yet there it is. Is God pathological? God forbid. Its the only way to have a sound mind, is to decide.

So whatever happened to these friends, we had to place them in God’s mighty and capable hands. It all seems to be boiling down to a one on one decision time between each person and the Lord Himself. Jesus said in Matthew 24 whole families would be divided up because of the truth. In order to have unity, it would be necessary to have a standard (the Word of God) that all could agree upon as a foundation. I couldn’t unite with “frequencies” or Buddist, or any other pagan-based religion, so if the Word is the standard, I’m among brothers and sisters. And if the Word isn’t the standard, but rather some other conflation or type of religion or gospel, I’ll be out on the curb. Yet we are so close to the rapture, i’ll just try to share the gospel with those who are receptive whenever he opens the door to that.

He leaves the choice up to each of us individually, as he never forces anyone to do anything. Could the choice between Babylon and Himself be what he means by singleness of eye and focus? Then the whole body is full of light?


For days, yes. And just when i thought nothing could surprise me anymore too.
Thrown for a loop. :weary: :woman_shrugging:

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Welcome Israel1948
Yes to meeting Daniel and all the saints, can hardly wait! It is difficult now to imagine the joy of that, just being able to talk and communicate with Jesus face to face, and the likes of Daniel, and Isaiah, Jeremiah, Moses, etc., etc.


I think your last sentence is actually the challenge we face for this time in history, more then any other. To not become fatigued in warning (well doing) especially when we don’t see any positive response from those we are warning.
Previous generations knew that someday Christ would return but did not see the fulfillment and convergence of so many prophecies like this generation is seeing and may not have felt the same sense of urgency that we now do to bring others to Christ as quickly as we can.


Thank you for posting this prayer request! It is weighing heavily on my heart! And I hate to admit this, as I know I’m not to give in to fear but walk in faith, but . . , this scares me!! I’ve gone back and forth with my husband for a long while wondering if we should move, but he has not felt that we should. . . Now I fear that our window of opportunity is quickly closing! No one I know is talking about this or seems aware of it. . . And NO ONE want to listen to me! I am Moishe the Beadle . . . :sob: and I just don’t know what to do! Seems everyone in my small sphere of influence has been blind and deaf to the truth. Please DO join me in prayer that this evil bill will not pass!! I put nothin past our NY legislature which once voted in a horrid abortion bill and celebrated by lighting the towers in pink! I knew then that we were due knew then that we here in this state were deserving o f God’s judgement! Lord HELP!!



I loved everything you said except one thing (above).

For me, when I have doubts, I then go back to Scriptural basics and that is our Bible Scriptures are the only writings in the history of the world that dared to predict the future, many times over, and has a 100% accuracy rate…only Almighty YHVH GOD could have given these Scriptures.

Also, the Jewish People are tangible proof of the Scriptures.

But more than the above, the Scriptures speak to our soul in a way that nothing else can.

wren, the only curb you and I will be on, is a curb in Heaven…if it has curbs :smile:


Hi Nancy,
You just reminded me of something, thank you. If you or others you know would like a neat comic book style resource for reaching teens and adults with end times gospel message…my hubby and I found some at chick tracts, and a magazine called “Chaos” very good. The A,B,Cs are optimal, the best, but perhaps this can serve as added resource to send out. We initially got the whole stack of the magazines years ago, and our teens loved them and recommitted their lives to Christ after reading them. They couldn’t put them down. Frankly, neither could I or my husband, they were so interesting. They are packed with well-sourced info, and one smaller tract in particular called “The Last Generation” was really poignant. Can be read free online, at y.t. i think. It packs a jolt, but I’d rather do that and see them in heaven, than not.
Love and blessing, pray to see you in the clouds soon!



I have not yet ordered “The Action Bible” from Amazon yet, it is on my list to check out for the younger audiences.

So, I can’t vouch for it, but it might be good, if you want to check it out.