December 28, 2023: Topical Study -- God's Heart, The Gospel

:bible2: Topical Study – God’s Heart, The Gospel

Pastor Leitu, teaching from Galatians chapter 1, shares a message of God’s love as He works through believers and unbelievers to accomplish His will.

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Does anyone believe that God is blessing what the Israeli government is doing in GAZA?

Why do most prophecy leaders not see nor speak of this? The fact is Israel and the US governments are not being questioned for the response to GAZA by many Prophecy teachers. They barely even pray for the people in GAZA unless they remind you 1st how terrible they all are 1st.

Again the Church is being played the fool for the most part. Something is not right here and it is starting to remind me of when all the Patriot 1st. Preachers and Kingdom now folks were backing Trump despite the unbiblical deal of the Century from Pompeo, Kushner, and the rest.

At 1st media said most of GAZA was supported by Humas now they say nearly all the so-called Palestinians stand with Hamas.

Let’s not forget the UN through the USA has made sure the people in GAZA have been locked down in the strip for 75 years and Israel has gone along with this to keep the weapons coming from the US to keep the Israeli military ready to fight all the other enemies.

Don’t think Satan is not in this, and don’t think God will not hold them accountable too… We certainly can’t just trust our government to be doing good. Our country relies on the military-industrial complex we keep hearing our government does not want war, but what part of the government are we talking about?

I pray for the people of both countries, when I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem this means I pray for Jesus to come back ASAP as the Prince of Peace and as the Judge.

JD made it clear they are all in on this and I believe they need to flame the Fires in the Middle East for Satan their Master! The US will pay dearly for this and all the rest will too.