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@YosemiteMountainMan I appreciate the detailed information on the coming eclipse, the history revealed on point #13 is good to know, new to me. :+1:

@Uturn9319 Happy New Year to you too and God Bless! (Long time no see :slightly_smiling_face:)
Thank you for your input, appreciate the word of caution regarding this matter.

Whatever God allows to happen, we know He’s got us, so look up while serving the LORD the best we can as the time we have left is not long.

Blessings to all!


Last year a few months back now I wrote a blog entry on this myself…

Have a look @YosemiteMountainMan , and anyone else who wishes to also… :wink:

and a follow up


I remember the last eclipse that was highly visible (with our protective cardboard spectacles) from our property just outside the Smokies. We’ve since moved to Oklahoma and back in what now may pan out to be our final “tour” to see relatives since we may never cross that Mississippi again.

I must admit, I’ve been a little dismissive about the eclipse-x-marks the spot theory presented by others over recent years. I wanted to believe it because I desperately desire to see the unfolding. While some may say that’s a morbid outlook, I can only describe it for myself as a settling of an unsettled heart in an unsettled lost and dying world. Still, the days seem to float by in a fog and the headlines are so muddled. The trust in God’s plan never really goes away but “hope deferred makes the heart sick…” Proverbs 13:12… so perhaps there’s been more of a cautious self protective attitude on my part to not focus on some of these intricate details.


Something spoke to my spirit when I read your blog on this upcoming eclipse. Thank you for your diligence in communicating to us. I had no idea of the blog’s existence. It’s very very good and a huge blessing. Will definitely be checking back for updates.

I’m a little embarrassed to say that I don’t know what don’t be a grape means :no_entry_sign: :grapes:. I do know that I don’t anyone to be fruit left on the vine only to eventually become a raisin. :upside_down_face:

…but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life
Proverbs 13:12


yeah, started it back in July of last year. Quite a few entries under my belt already on it. I don’t post on a schedule, only as led by the Spirit.

Don’t be a grape refers to a meme that started on Unsealed dot Org by Gary and/or Jeff. It represents those who enter into the winepress of wrath. IE, don’t be a grape.

Love the Raisin analogy… :smiley:


Horns are up triangle points down.

triangle points up horns are down.


Ahh…got it. :wink: That extra “ancient Hebrew” spin spun me…lol. Ken I hear you brother. And yes it does look like an upside down ancient aleph. Amen. I believe both civil and sacred Hebrew calendars are in the Bible? Numbers 12 & Lev 23. So they are both ancient I believe. I would suppose the religious or sacred as based on coming out of Egypt (Passover) and the March/April date.However this date falls on the official establishing of the Lunar calendar found in Leviticus 12 & 13. Thus I see you desire to link it with ancient Hebrew. Nice one Ken :+1:

Ok so “what if” itza jigsaw puzzle 7 year gap twin solar eclipse part 1 & 2 though? :grin: In looking at both characters they mirror Phoenician script much more than Israeli script. The aleph in ancient Hebrew was a straight up ox. The middle period was a triangle. So I think it is extremely clear that the aleph is much closer to a solid Phoenician script look to it. It also matches the the Phoenician Taw (last letter Semetic Alphabet match of Hebrew Tav). So both aleph and taw look like the script of Phonicean.

Interesting about Phonicea in that they submitted to Assyria yet Tyre was free for them to reign. They submitted also later to Cyrus (Ancient Persia) in his take over and were able to rule their own lands with their own kings. Unlike what we saw with Babylon. They built Xerxes Canal (but later severaly scolded by Xerxes for cowardice). The Phoniceans also submitted to Alexandar the Great (who took over Tyre and Sidon). Interesting history. I believe it wasn’t until the 1900s that we discovered the literature. Kind of end time-ish.

So if we look at this puzzle we have:

  • Occurs on very first day of most ancient calendar days for Israel
  • Letters resembling more Phoecian script

BONUS – The ancient Hebrew Tav does not match the Phoenician Taw. But the middle Hebrew period (During Ezekiel times) matches very closely to the Taw.


  • Occurs on very first day of most ancient calendar days for Israel
  • Letters resembling more Phoecian script
  • Ezekiel Tav/Pheonicean Taw

Ladies and gentle, brothers and sisters, dearly beloved, dearly gathered, i believe this is a clear cut case of:

  • Ancient Israel
  • Ezekiel Period Israel (which covers the prophecy of modern Israel) So both Ezekelian & Modern Israeli
  • Phoenica (Gentile: SuperPower “Tyre” USA mirror blend).

If i were to make a jigsaw puzzle stew…those are the ingredients i would use. IF it means anything…i believe we could have 2 elements of God’s origin promise to Israel (Passover escape from Egypt) + God’s prophetic Israel to return (Ezekiel) + The Gentile Age reptresented like modern Tyre “America.”

  • Ancient Israeli Promise
  • Prophetic Israel Return/Modern – God is Faithful
  • Tyre / America
  • Alpha and Omega – Over USA and to America


  • God’s promise (ancient / modern)
  • Mirrored (Alpha / Omega)
  • Mirrored (USA/Isreal)

Ancient or Origin (Alpha) / Modern or Latter (Omega)
Israel / USA
USA used to protect Israel for decades now.

Those who view American collapse: Anarchy (which is a really cool looking “A” match) and Upside Down Aleph (the opposite of strong). America bleeding away strength and order/law.

As is no surprise I would see this potential omen as steroids for America because of the tribulation implication. But of course it could be the ominous ending of America. If God does not do otherwise (considering where we are today), this is the outcome soon enough…eclipse or no eclipse. Fascinating guys. Blessings.



Great catch in putting all the puzzle pieces together forming a mind-blowing coincidence, Teren.
There is just one problem……Our God is not a God of coincidences, and I do believe that God is letting us know ahead of time that something is definitely going to come on us, we are long overdue for judgement for the slotter of innocence alone.
If I were to take a wild guess (completely just my opinion) I would say that the USA is in for a year of anarchy, and lawlessness like we have never experienced before since our civil war, and a major economic collapse driving it. This is perhaps why the USA is not mentioned in the 7-year tribulation.
Because the Rapture is eminent to set it all into full swing worldwide.

My Hope is that we are going home where we belong. Amen



Ya tuk da bate :grin: @FoxMan “help me…help me” I feel like the fly caught in that web scene. lol. I meant that like i need a 12 step meeting not to take the bate when they take the bate. Oh yeah…bait. I can talk normal now that we are past the intro :smiling_face:

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Years to @YosemiteMountainMan and @Uturn9319…and of course to all else now that we are in the thick of it. :+1: Well I did say…

So that’s Teren-eese for “There are those that think America will collapse. Seeing an ominous end to America. And if God does not do something or step in some way…we are heading in that direction whether the eclipse means anything or not. Like that is the track we are on for sure…even right now. Unless something miraculous happens…yeah…America will be working for China and enlisting in the United Nations European Union Army to protect Sector Block 5 or some such new reformation.”

I just hope that if its not obliteration …it would be with some kind of hostile exiting country. Not Europe. Something with more sting and grit…like Iran. Something extremely dangerous as some kind of finale. Cuz it would be a dud of a finish if we have to hang out EMPed and all fighting each other for food and with a “Leave the World Behind” kind of confused mind.

We have our different views. I bet if Jason put up a vote, it would be 67 to 1 lol. “Who Thinks America Will Tank Due to Biblical Prophecy?” Y/N. I’ll just do this in short hand. From the arm chair quarter back couch of TCC…fullly endorsed by Ken’s humble…

…I would like to borrow that statement also. But first, brother Ken i’ll meet you part way. I would say there will likely be what we saw with Antifa/BLM (in 2020) but like in a can of “Hamas,” extra spicy. Like spicy hot V8…so just like with an extra kick or something. Not like hardline cayenne pepper V8, I don’t recommend that to anyone. :innocent: But yeah I do think we will see an increase of that with a likely dirty bomb threat in late October (or perhaps a full nuke explosion off shore taunt), and the theatrics of WW3 in December. So I kind of am tracking with you. I believe hurtful threats and increased street thuggary = “Why We Kept the Borders Open.” A Few Measley Million Globalist Makeshift Army Troops Off Radar.

Ok so for the early record 2024…now that we have entered the twilightzone year…I would believe the following to be a potential here:

  • Fierce American Voting Opposition (like we have not seen)
  • Cyber Threat to Shut Down the Voting
  • Michelle Obama Enters the Race
  • Go to Paper Ballets Secured by Military
  • Trump Win
  • WW3 Threat
  • Touchdown :grin:

…and that’s just the trailer. In any event…yeah that would be my wild guess. However, if I can end this boring like and not scary or like too political looking…I would see a Trump plan to resolve Russian conflict (since he’s a spy and all) that was a joke. And also stop China from punking on Taiwan. Pretty boring peace. Along with enhanced Abraham Accords and Saudi Peace in the middle east combined. BUT WAIT…

there’s more…lol…

Ok this is it for now…just that in my view (which is totally my opinion) but I think it has tons of clout. Bookshelves worthy…but you have to wear these special glasses…lol. Ok I’ll stop. Here, this is it. So the kicker is that this may take a few years to roll out…like the whole peace and safety thing might be like 2 to 4 years maybe. It’s possible. I think what is likely peace meal here is that we get a little burnt out by claims of things like COP28, Psalm 83 etc…and things quiet down and maybe we feel a bit off about it all.

But I think more likely than not it would be during this quiet period that we would best be on our toes too. Some would think this escatology is more like from the next Barbie movie trailer (like eiscatology according to Barbie)…lol. I get that. But this is how it looks to me…and thanks for being so kind and patient with such a view. I know…I know. One main reason I am here is to talk myself out of it. I don’t mind disproving it. So far its been 5 years and I think I need a Barbie disinfectorate eiscatology 12 step meeting.

In depature here…I would say, since we don’t know exactly how things roll out from here…2024 is an excellent year for a rapture. So it so could be THE year in my view too brother Ken. In fact when I first started considering my view here in 2017/18 I would have seen 2024 as the tribulation transfer year. That is what I was thinking back then. I think its likely a bit further out than that. But this is “the year” some on this forum know I woulld bet as the best candidate year when I came aboard in 2020.

The Great America Solar Eclipse is kind of a sweet spot for me. I just say that what brought me here to this point for me, is Solar Eclipse passion (not prophecy proper). The Great American Solar Eclipse has been like 37.5% of why I hold my view (at all.) At least in the sense of the wrapping paper. The core elements of my view don’t consider the eclipse. But that eclipse, to me, is different from V8 “standard” and V8 hot and spicy, even…but more like the cayenne version. So this one is pretty sentimental for me. :slight_smile: Thanks for letting me ramble. But I make a pretty easy target. Its black or white now…Its kind of show time I guess. Blessings ya’ll. This has been my Friday Night Special. :love_you_gesture: Thanks for being a part of it.


JOKER - “And here we…GO” - YouTube


6 Jan 2024

While awaiting the return of JD,

I just got started reading your reply…
Teren, the poll idea, the already known result, yeah just cracks me up what you can come up with sometimes!
(And I always wonder how much I miss b/c of language barrier :weary:).


Now a serious question for you, you read and studied a lot… Who is this mysterious young lady addressed as the daughter of Babylon? (Don’t tell me it’s Babylon — that’s the Mother)

Psalm 137:8

O daughter of Babylon, who are to be destroyed,
Happy the one who repays you as you have served us!

Isaiah 47:1

Come down and sit in the dust,
O virgin daughter of Babylon.
Sit on the ground without a throne,
O daughter of the Chaldeans!
For you shall no more be called
Tender and delicate.

Jeremiah 50:42

They shall hold the bow and the lance.
They are cruel and shall not show mercy.
Their voice shall roar like the sea
They shall ride on horses,
Set in array, like a man for the battle,
Against you, O daughter of Babylon.

Jeremiah 51:33

For thus says the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel:
The daughter of Babylon is like a threshing floor
When it is time to thresh her,
Yet a little while
And the time of her harvest will come.”

Zechariah 2:7

“Up, Zion! Escape, you who dwell with the daughter of Babylon.

If you find the time… God Bless!


To this day the Qanon camp says “Military Is the Only Way.”

We never know how God can disrupt plans, insert more time etc. So, having said that:

Happy Wise Patient Waiting to all while we spread the Gospel and serve the LORD in the best possible ways according to the gifts he gave us!

God Bless!


1 Corinthians 1:22
Context: The Message of the Cross
…21For since in the wisdom of God the world through its wisdom did not know Him, God was pleased through the foolishness of what was preached to save those who believe. 22 Jews demand signs and Greeks search for wisdom, 23but we preach Christ crucified, a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles,…

It seems that maybe this sign will mean a lot to the Jews after the fact. I have always believed that Jews are not paying enough attention to signs during this age but that will change soon, even as they will look back to how these signs came to pass as a warning to them.

I see the Rev 12 sign the same it was to the Jews as a warning and if Gentiles were looking because the Jews would not then it’s also for Gentiles pointing eventually to the rapture.

I see this as an X and as an A both for Jews and Gentiles for the lost and the saved.

Makes a lot of sense but still seems to mean the same result the collapse of the USA.



I’m of the firm belief that this “Daughter of Babylon” is the USA (Jer 50 &51), and is not to be confused with the "Mystery Babylon of Revelation which is a religious system.

My opinion of course… :slight_smile:


I concur Jack, so if you’re wrong, you will have company :slight_smile: But if this is correct, then America is in the Bible in the end…
However, let’s hear the expert’s (@TCC :smile:) opinion.
@TCC You’d better use plain English as to not get me confused again :wink:

The Zechariah verse stands out most to me.

God Bless!


The warning is in Jeremiah too, and it’s particularly interesting that it is only to Jews for them to return to their home (Jer 50:4-8).

This to me among many other things indicates that this destruction will occur either at the rapture or almost immediately afterwards. Giving time for the Jews to flee.

Possibly it is based on the chaos of the Rapture and Resurrection itself. With the church gone, this Daughter of Babylon (USA) is bereft of any protection now, and the Jews that remain are warned to flee before this coming destruction, as we have seen so many times before in the Jewish history both biblically and secularly.


This is such an interesting question.
Though I read the Bible many times, and especially what’s about end times prophecies, I never made the distinction between Babylon and the daughter of Babylon.
So, thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.
The notion intrigued me, and I went a hunting.

Found this on Qora, an article written by Dennis Lee (don’t know him).
There is also a book by a man named Allen Bonck that says, yes America is that Daughter.

But here is the artfcle from Dennis Lee, very interesting!

Is America present day Babylon?


I will not waste time on foolish speculation derived from a single verse or a handful at best. I will provide over 30 broad proofs as to Babylons identity. The list will paraphrase but still let the Scriptures do most of the talking. They will make it abundantly clear that only One Nation fits the hundreds of descriptions of Mystery Babylon today.


It is easiest to explain Babylon in a chronological manner, starting with Isaiah 13, 14, and 18, Jerimiah 50 and 51, Daniel 7, Zecheriah 5, and finally Revelation 17 and 18. I encourage you to grab a Bible and follow along.

Isaiah 13 - The Burden Against Babylon

  • 1–13; A declaration of Babylons fate at the hands of nations “from far away lands.”
  • 14; Each person fleeing Babylon will “return to his own people, will flee to his native land.” This is the first indication that Babylon is a melting pot nation full of many different nationalities. Over 97% of American citizens have lineage from a different nation.
  • 15–22; Indication that the “Medes” or modern day Arabs will come against it and the destruction will be total annihilation. Middle Eastern Arabs often call for America to be punished for its sins.

Isaiah 14 - The Ruler (God) of Babylon

  • 4–8; The “Oppressor” who “struck people in anger…subdued nations with persecution”, caused chaos around the world, and de-forrested giant trees around the world. America rapes forrest after forrest for its resources.
  • 12–14; “Heylel ben Shachar” or “Lucifer son of Dawn” is identified as the Ruler of Babylon. He who was 'destroyer of nations that sought to raise his throne above the stars to be like the Most High.’ גַּד is the name of the chief Babylonian deity of fortune, and in English it is pronounced 'god’. American money states “In God We Trust” and proclaims to be a “Nation Under God” in their Pledge of Allegiance. “God” is not the name given to the Most High nearly 7,000 times in the Bible. His name is יהוה (YHVH). America worships God, the Babylonian deity of Fortune, not YHVH the Deity of Israel from the Bible. God is no other than Heylel ben Shachar, the Shining One.
  • 15–23; The fate of the “God” Babylon trusted in is declared and final. This is reiterated in the Gospels and Revelation.

Isaiah 18 - The Land Beyond the Rivers of Cush

  • 2–3; A warning for “a powerful nation tall and smoothe skinned, who’s land is divided by rivers, a people of strange speech feared far and near.” English is considered the strangest language in existence. America is easily a powerful nation who’s states boundaries are divided by rivers, as is the nation from North to South divided by the Mississippi River. Tall and smoothe skinned are also both prominant American ethnic markers.
  • 4–7; Just before the destruction of the land, a remnant of escapees will be found in Jerusalem.

Jerimiah 50

  • 3, 41; “A nation from the north will come against [Babylon].” Exactly north of Jerusalem where Jerimiah is writing his prophecy is Moscow Russia. Russia and America are great adversaries.
  • 4-8; Another mention of the “Lost Sheep of Israel” escaping Babylon and joining with their brother Judah in Israel. Also, the command for Yahs people to flee from Babylon is echoed from Isaiah.
  • 11–12; Babylon is a haughty and arrogant Nation, and it is a nation born from a mother nation. Jerimiah declared Babylons mother nation will be ashamed when it is destroyed. America is one of the only nations of prominence born from another nation, Britain.
  • 16; Another indication that Babylon is a melting pot nation where each will “turn to his own people” and “flee to his own land.”
  • 23; Babylon called “The Hammer of the Whole Earth” and America is commonly called “The World Police.”
  • 28; Another reference to those who escape Babylon and shout out in Zion.
  • 31–32; Again, the nation is called “arrogant.” A term which even Americans cannot deny applies to this country.
  • 33; The oppression of the Sons of Israel. Substantial anthropological and archaeological evidence traces decendents of the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel to the American Native Indian People, Irish, and African Americans. All these groups have been substantially persecuted by government policies throughout their history in America.
  • 38; “A land of graven images” and “people go mad over Idols.” One cannot drive 5 miles without seeing a symbol of idolatry. Whether it be a sacrad pillar atop a church, something YHVH the Deity of Israel detests, or a billboard of an actor, athlete, or pop star, it is undeniable that the American people go “mad over Idols.”

Jerimiah 51

  • 2; Strangers or spies will be sent to winnow the nation from inside. There is no denying Russian interference in elections and social media have already been prevalent.
  • 6,45; Another call to flee from Babylon before it is destroyed.
  • 7–8; The influence of Babylon has made all other nations intoxicated and mad.
  • 9,10,50; Another call to flee to Zion and acknowledgment of it being a melting pot of nationalities.
  • 13; A land “by many waters rich in treasures.” This excludes most Arab nations, Iraq and Rome.
  • 25; this indicates Babylons influence in causing destruction over the entire earth. America has easily fit this bill, sending drones all over the world killing without legal precedent or discretion.
  • 28; Another call for the “Medes” or Arabs to come against it.
  • 48; Kingdom from the North, Russia.

Daniel 7

  • 4; Daniel sees a vision of a lion with eagles wings representing a kingdom. The Eagles wings are plucked and the Lion is forced to stand alone and given a heart of fear. This mimics Jerimiah 11–12. America has the crest of an Eagle, and Englands is a Lion. England relies on its partnership with America now thanks to Brexit more than it ever has. Without America, when the wings are plucked, England will be alone and fearful.

Zecheriah 5

  • 5–8; Describes “wickedness” as a woman carried of to Shinar, where Babylon was first built, by two women to be set on a pedestal when the time comes. The Statue of the Goddess Liberatus that sits on a pedestal at New York Harbor is a symbol of America. It is derived from characteristics of two other female deities, Columbia and Marianne. Columbia in particular represents America and is often depicted topless riding a serpent and holding a cornucopia, which represents Zeus and is a staple of the Goddess Fortuna. Fortuna is Goddess of fortune and luck. Marianne, the French influence of the Statue of Liberty, is also often depicted topless. These are all symbols of Idolatry and very wicked in the eyes of YHVH.

Part two of Dennis Lee’s article:

Revelation 17 - The Prostitute of Babylon

  • 1,2; These verses echo the description above from Zecheriah 5, though the hidden meanings go much deeper. All the kings of the earth lust after America and American culture has seeped into even middle eastern nations. Sexuality, lust, and consumption at all costs is ravaging the earth thanks to America and its influences.
  • 6; Another reference to the atrocities done to the lost sheep of Israel, its scattered 10 tribes. (Native Americans, Irish, African Americans)
  • 9; The vision explains the woman sits on 7 mountains. America is the only nation on earth with military bases on all 7 continents. The Statue of Liberty also has 7 rays on her crown symbolizing the 7 continents.
  • 15; Proof that Babylon will be the ultimate melting pot of nationalities. The Statue of Liberty sits on many waters where every immigrant had to pass through when they came to the country.
  • 18; The great city that rules all the kings of the earth is easily represented by New York, the headquarters of the United Nations.

Revelation 18 - Mystery Revealed

  • 3; All the nations of the earth are immoral from her influence, and all the merchants have grown wealthy from her excessive luxury. This includes Panasonic, Mitsubishi, Audi, Sanyo, Samsung, and countless others that rely on our Black Fridays and gift giving holidays to increase their wealth. This rules out theories for Rome, Saudi Arabia, or Iraq as none of those places contribute to the bottom line profits of such merchants across the earth as much as America.
  • 6,7; Arrogance, pride, and excessive luxury, again unrivaled by any other country.
  • 11–13; Merchants of the earth will mourn because nobody will be left to buy their goods. These goods are laid out in two sections. The first section in verse 12 represents goods sold on New York Stock Exchange. The second group in verse 13 represents goods sold on the Chicago Merchantile Exchange. This includes “the souls of men” because on the CME American Birth Certificates are traded with foreign banks as collateral for foreign loans.
  • 15; The great city clothed in Linen, Scarlet, and Purple. Linen represents white throughout Scripture, and Scarlet represents Red. Navy Blue is a shade that was not named until the 1700’s. If a person 2,000 years ago were to see this color in a vision, it would be very easy to imagine they would call it “purple” since the only shades of blue 2,000 years ago were very light and came from a specific sea mollusk found in the Mediterranean Sea. Purple was much darker. This means John, the author of Revelation, very likely saw the great city clothed in Red, White, and (Navy) Blue.
  • 17–19; EVERY shipmaster grew wealthy from her and every passanger and sailor will be sitting on the water from a distance mourning. Rome, Iraq, and Saudie Arabia do not have harbors that grow all the merchants of the earth rich. They do not have waters for all these ships to be floating around watching their destruction either. America, on the other hand, fits this perfectly as well.

These are nearly 40 proofs covering over 200 verses that give the identity of Mystery Babylon very plainly. Some countries other than America can certainly fit the bill for a few lines here or there, but no other country can fit every single one of them. With the fall of Demascus predicted in Isaiah 17 coming to fulfillment before our very eyes, I do not see America having much more time. It is time for YHVHs people to come out of her, lest we perish in her iniquity.