December 5, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_2: Pastor JD talks about the Omicron variant and explains that the entire world is in lock-step because of who is pulling the strings.


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The Inside Voodoo of the OMICRON Fear Campaign

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really really :woman_shrugging:

hmmm more restrictions after christmas repeat of last year


So far all those infected with Omicron were vaccinated. Could this possibly be the actual truth of why straight from the UK health minister’s own mouth? Go to 8:55 or so mark and he says: “the greatest concern is the virus has mutated to such an extent that our immune systems, TRAINED by the VACCINE, no longer recognize the virus and no longer trigger an immune response.”

Am I wrong or is he actually saying, oops… our jab messed up your immune system?


Omicron seems like an Anagramm.

First its Omicron = Oncomir

Maybe this will happen with many taking the booster poison. Some doctors already seeing cancer rising from vaxxed people.

And then its Omicron = Moronic

The Elite is laughing in our face - they know there is no pandemic. But guess who will laugh in the end?

Omicron means 70 in the greek number system. I see this as a sign that the last seventh year of daniel is on the horizon. It will begin after the rapture, when the Antichrist appears and seal the deal with Israel. Of course this is speculative but I wanted to share this with you.


Yep, I posted some of that in the thread for last week (well, not the link though, just the info). It’s all so convenient that they chose that name, right?


Hope your speculation turns out to be right. Lets get the show on the road!


Sorry, I missed it. I am not very active for weeks here and dont read many posts. Its too much for me. Dont mean it negative, I just need a little break.


No that is great because actually I didn’t include the 70th week bit! Which is cool!

BTW… also Omicron could also point to the presence of micro RNAs or miRNAs which have the capacity to trigger latent viruses and glycoproteins inside the body.

Welcome back, btw. Hugs.


That is why massive deaths can be triggered gradually in few years time with pi + rho + sigma scariants lined up. Someone is pulling the strings behind. This may also explain massive deaths in 4th Seal Judgement.


IDK if anyone has posted about this study… if so, sorry to post again. Basically, it shows that tallying data pulled from the Github repository of Our World in Data for 219 nations it showed that in every single case more vaccination resulted in more COVID-19 cases and more COVID-19 deaths, as reported.


Agreed. Since GMOs were put on grocery store shelves in the 1980’s (thanks to President Reagan btw), there have been massive increases in cancer, dementia, and other diseases. The timeline for increased diseases after the jab will also probably be ignored by most.


Do you have a saved link to a really good article on that, @Janet7 ? I’ve avoided GMO’s since they came out and warned my kids off them to no avail. My youngest has changed after seeing all the stuff going on the last few years and began avoiding them as well as buying organic, but my other daughter thinks I’m a nut.

PS. Don’t waste time searching if you don’t, I just wondered if you might have a good reliable source to hand is all.


The health ranger at has always had informative articles on GMOs. There are many more, but I can’t think of them right now. My brain is slowing down quickly tonight!


And now this:


I was just thinking about that… and if the Deagal report is correct, they expect the deaths will occur prior to 2025. That is a much shorter time span, so would be harder to hide, right? So maybe that is why they have to come up with some sort of other variant or virus or something that they can blame it on?

PS. I go back and read what I wrote and feel so callous! UGH. I don’t want to believe that folks will die from the jab at all, and especially not that soon… my own family members have taken it. :sob:


Yep. People are just so conditioned to trust these organizations and doctors, that they won’t question anything! Like zombies or something. When I try to tell people that what they ingest (that also means through the skin) can heal them or can make them sick, I get blank stares. Who could not know that MacDonald’s meals are NOT healthy? I even doubt that it’s actually food. Ok, I’m ranting - sorry.


Wow… according to the article 94% of the cases of mumps in kids recently have been in those vaccinated for it… AND even more wow is that this was reported on NBC news! MSM!


I took notice of that part too.