December 8, 2022: Jeremiah 42-44 - God Directs Our Steps and Stops

:bible2: Jeremiah 42-44

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about how oftentimes, God will deem it necessary to not only direct our steps, but also direct our stops as well.

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So powerful was this teaching, I was hit hard.
Yesterday I was told to stop and I went ahead of the Lord. I messed things up and I asked for forgiveness.

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Loved this teaching. Note to myself:

Always listen to the Holy Spirit, all the time.

:red_circle: STOP Don’t go, Don’t do it, timing isn’t right
:yellow_circle: CAUTION More prayer is needed, Don’t rush
:green_circle: GO Be blessed and a blessing

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I am so happy that i started listening to these lessons. Previously, i had trouble with buffering when i listened to them but that stopped. I had an “I get it moment” listening to Pastor JD today. Sometimes, i can be very slow. I finally realized the difference between JD and the other preachers i remember throughout my life. JD is so engaging because he actually LOVES his job! When he says he looks forward to Thursdays and what he has prepared is a labour of love, he really means it. Today, listening, iwas reminded of when I was happy tme o go to work and looked forward to meeting with the people scheduled to see for help getting back on their feet, back to school or to find a place to live. I heard the love in JDs voice as he used the amazing gift God gave him to hold many people on the edge of their seats eager for his next words. JD loves his job, worships his boss and his gifts are our blessings. Like i said, i canbe slow at times. Everyone on this forum knows what I just wrote. I hope we never forget how rare a gift it is to have people check the time when they are speaking, hoping there is still much more to the session. Having enjoyed this lesson, I find my joy bubbling .up and my hope stregthened. Thank you JD.