Demonic Attack?

This is a prayer request/seeking advice posting.

I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, and I’m not really sure what to make of it, but I would like to ask for prayer and to seek advice from folks here.

For several years, too many to count, there are times at night and I feel an evil presence in my bedroom. I’m hard pressed to be able to say anything, and I can barely move. It’s not until I can say the name of Jesus, or sing a Christian hymn, that the presence goes away. At times I feel like someone is pulling at my bed covers, and like last night, I felt like the presence was right behind me and laying up against me. I swear I felt like I could actually touch it.

It’s really, really, scary. Thing is, I’m not really sure if I’m awake or asleep when this takes places because it’s not until the presence leaves that I truly feel awake. Then of course I pray that the presence is gone and I plead with the Lord not to let that happen again. Of course it does, but it’s not something that I know is coming when it happens. It just “happens.”

So I really covet your prayers, and would like to know what you all think about this. Does anything like this happen to you?

Thanks for your time.


While I have some questions to ask of you regarding this, I will rest my curiosity for another time. This sounds less like demonic attack and more of sleep paralysis. I’ve had this very thing happen to me a few years back and even to the point I couldn’t speak I was so fearful. I feared I would turn to my opposite side and there would be laying a demon…ironically it was just my girlfriend at the time. No, I’m kidding, sort of. There was nothing and no one next to me. And while the pressure to be fearful persisted from time to time, I knew there was something wanting me to stay in that state of emotional torment and I was allowing it. Yet I would speak Psalm 23 and through that, gained strength and there was nothing there. It’s a common psychological dilemma many face. Some call it the “old hag syndrome” or a number of other titles, but it’s sleep paralysis. I won’t discount evil showing itself as I have seen a entity before that was demonic however, it only happened once. And know I am not dismissive of your plight as I said I’ve had the same thing happen to me in the past. Haven’t had it happen though since I became closer to Christ through church (online), through reading the Bible on my own. To praying more and every day. If you do not do these things, may I encourage you to begin now. If you dabble in anything wicked, if you have things that intercede in your life that ought not and you know what those would be, begin cutting them from your life and the more this cleansing occurs, the less you’ll experience this, I believe. At least from my perspective, you will face less of this. As this is what I did for my situation. Perhaps it will be the same for you.

Dear Heavenly Father
We have not seen Byron here for some time now and we welcome him back to the forum to share with us his request for prayer. Galvanize Byron with the bold strength and courage to overcome the situation he has faced for quite some time with what he feels dwells around him. Please cast upon Byron a heavenly light piercing the darkness around him and through him that he may live in the peace of Jesus Christ and may the Holy Spirit intercede within his plight to overcome his fears. May the heavenly feeling of calm and peace be what Byron clings to as he journeys through this life to Lord willing follow You closer and closer.

You have not given us a spirit of fear nor will You forsake us. Remind Byron to continually call upon Your name O Lord and to look away from wickedness and into the light. The Heavenly light that is. Please wash over Byron with waves upon waves of discernment to not let the fiery darts befall him, but rather flutter to the ground as falling leaves in Autumn. May he place upon himself the FULL armor of God to fight the Spiritual battle we all fight daily, even minute by minute. Teach him O Lord the process of putting on the Armor and help him lift that shield of faith high above to interlock with the rest of your army so the fiery darts may blot out the sun, but will never land their mark. As ironic as it may be, let the fiery darts sin unto themselves as they miss their targets with embarrassing continual sins (missing the mark) till the day You look upon the field and smile upon the land, casting woe to the enemy for the outcome is already known victorious in Your name.

Wake Byron from this dreaded cycle and may his eyes be fully open and his ears fully attune to Your voice as our Shepherd. Help him O Lord and bring him to the fold with confidence through Your grace and mercy. Perhaps Byron has received a message from You upon these moments, only to have not register, so I ask Lord, speak into Byron’s heart and mind now and profess to him what he already knows.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I have dealt with spiritual encounters my whole life. As a young adult, I would frequently experience portelgeists in my room (I would wake up and my whole room would be destroyed). I grew up Catholic and my family didn’t know how to deal with this…they thought it was just a bad dream. One time two other family memebers witnessed it, and they actually began to believe me. It wasn’t until I got saved many years after that I learned to rebuke these in Jesus’ name. A few years after getting saved, I visited my parents house during a holiday and a portelgeist was in our closet tearing it apart - I rebuked it in Jesus’ name and it stopped…but it woke up the whole house. I don’t doubt that sometimes I am having a bad dream, but I am confident that many times it is evil spirits or something of the sort. A few weeks ago, I fell into a sin and have since confessed and repented of it. But that sin did open up some attacks. So when these things happen, examine your conscience and see if anything needs confessed. Likewise, when you doing something out of obedience to the Lord, Satan may try to scare you off or discourage you. I keep my Bible opened in my house and keep hymns playing non-stop.


praying for you. I’ve had only one experience like this ever. the night before I was to go on a morning mission trip. I could not fall sleep, and it was getting super late, like 3am or so. there was no reason for it, and why on this night, that I really needed the sleep?? just layed there. finally I was kinda in and out of sleep, between, and this was like 6 years ago so it’s hard to remember what gave me this inclination. but I somehow ended up figuring out there was an evil presence in there, and it was the reason I couldn’t sleep. somehow in my half-dream state this was my understanding. I remember sitting up and growling a few words like these at an unseen entity in front of me: “get out… you have no room here…” something like that, I cannot remember exactly. I think more happened then, but it’s just been so long and I was only half awake so yeah. with that, I layed back down and slept and woke up feeling refreshed just a few hours later. when I got outside and looked at all the mission items I’d stuffed in my car the night before, it was like a confirmation that this mission trip was the very reason I was being pressured not to get the sleep I’d need. this was early on in my church days so it was one of those things that spiritually convicted me of the God of the Bible.

i’m just telling you this story to show an example of what can work. this presence hasn’t returned at least not like this. my best advice is to be unafraid as possible. evil feeds on fear. even if you are tempted to be nervous, just immediately tell it to leave, with strength in whatever way you say it. don’t let fear get an inch into you more than it originally hits you.

my prayer is for God to be your true strength when battling this demon. you don’t have to do anything but trust God to back you up in your rebuking. I THINK I said “in Jesus’s name” when I did this, but I just don’t remember well enough. overcoming fear and trusting God are #1 here, regardless of the words or body language that come out.


Jon, thanks for your reply. I looked up the definition of sleep paralysis and found a couple.

From WebMd: Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It occurs when a person passes between stages of wakefulness and sleep. During these transitions, you may be unable to move or speak for a few seconds up to a few minutes. Some people may also feel pressure or a sense of choking.

Wikipedia: Sleep paralysis is a state, during waking up or falling asleep, in which a person is aware but
unable to move or speak. During an episode, one may hallucinate (hear, feel, or see things that are not there), which often results in fear. Episodes generally last less than a couple of minutes. It may occur as a single episode or be recurrent.

If what I’m going through is sleep paralysis, then both of these are pretty much what I go through when it occurs.

A little back history. 3-4 years ago I was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea, and I have a CPAP machine that I use frequently before I hit the sack. Sometimes I’ll even fall asleep with the mask on but that usually doesn’t occur. But I use that device so I don’t wake up choking as has happened in the past.

Given all that, I would agree that this looks like the possible cause. During the times when I can’t move or talk, I feel like there is a presence, and at times I have felt like my bedsheets were being tugged on, but that feeling could also be a side effect of the paralysis.

But I also can’t ignore that life has been tough, spiritually and otherwise, the last several years. I am divorced, over 20 years now. My ex was, and still is, a dabbler in the Word of Faith teachings, New Apostolic Reformation movement, blab and grab it, you name it. Blatantly demonic. That was one the reasons for the divorce, though there were many others. Thankfully my kids all came through it and are successful in life. But it hasn’t been easy all these years, and not having a church to attend doesn’t help. That’s why I listen to JD so much now. He’s one of the only biblical based teachers/pastors I can find.

In addition, have I let sin and temptation in my life? Who hasn’t, we’re all flawed beings, but there have been times where I’ll admit I fell far short. I let sin in, and my spiritual life got messed up. I also work a high stress job on a local military installation, and there are many nights where I can’t “turn it off” sort to speak. There’s always something that needs attention at the workplace and while I thrive in that kind of environment, it takes a toll.

So that’s a little bit more of my backstory. Maybe that’ll help folks pray for me, God knows I need it. I appreciate your help, and the next time I’m in for a medical appointment I’ll bring this up to my doctor. Thanks for your help and prayers.


I have dealt with spiritual encounters during my lifetime as well. I was stationed on Guam back in the middle 1980’s, spiritual encounters were the norm. Many, many times, the church I attended had encounters with spiritual entities during the services. That was the state of the island population at the time. Very very pagan.

There was also a time, when I got back to the states, that a demonic presence infiltrated my house. I heard it growling at us when we decided to start attending a really good, spiritually sound church. It was quickly rebuked and never again encountered. So I definitely know what that’s like and recognize the warning signs.


Well, first and foremost, you’re quite welcome for the prayer. When I read prayers, I let the Holy Spirit inspire me to write one for someone and I just go with it. Not understanding all the time why I’m typing everything, but it has a purpose of some sort.

Thank you for elaborating on your life too it helps to understand a few things. I am sorry about the circumstances for your divorce (I know, you said there was more to it than this) and it hurts to hear things like this happen. They do though. As for your sinning and falling short. You’re right we ALL do. And let me just say that in no way although it may read as such, I’m not judging you one bit. I have no room to judge you and it’s not even on my radar. Now, you could be a serial killer, then I may be a smidge judgemental…ya know…it happens. I am also glad to hear that a positive note came from your previous marriage and that your kids turned out okay!

When it comes to your sentiment of JD, I couldn’t agree more. I was led to JD through a list of false doctrine and wrong teachings that led me to one man whom in turn talked about JD and I decided to give him a chance as I wasn’t having much of a positive experience through my own findings. Glad I was led to him though.

Going back to sin and temptation for a mo; temptation is the hardest thing to fight, no matter what the temptation is regarding. Thankfully however, quilting is not what I would consider a temptation and since I don’t quilt…Praise God! But I fight it daily, who doesn’t? And I have to bring to the forefront a huge marker board with strategy graphs on it. Reminding myself that temptation only shows me two choices to make and yet there’s that third one in the background staying silent, knowing I CAN make the right choice if I choose to.

If I take either choice offered me, I screw up somehow. And then I get the snide comment of “I didn’t hold a gun to your head. You could have said no.” Satan loves to pull that maneuver on all of us. Instead of taking the bait, we turn and walk away, saved to worship another day (as they say…and no I didn’t mean that to rhyme).

So, in this high stress job and you say that many nights you can’t “turn it off”…are you referring to the stress you can’t turn off? Or is it like your mind is running at break-neck speed and you can’t shut your mind off? For me it’s the latter at times. And once I wake up at 0300 and start thinking…Have mercy if I can ever get back to sleep.

When you’re high energy and you’re having to do it nonstop, the body begins to say, “Slow your row! I gotta take a breath, man!” And yet life won’t allow it in a workplace like that. Not like I know, but that makes sense.

The tugging on the sheets, I’ve had that myself as well. I freaked out one day and it got me out of that paralysis I spoke up mighty quick only to notice there was nothing there. There’s a term for what I’m about to mention but I can’t remember right now but you see objects or shapes out of your peripheral vision off to the side and you look over and there’s nothing there.

I’ve had that so many times in my life. Lately, I’ll see this little white shadow slowly peek around a door opening and as I’m about to look over, it quickly ducks away. You’d think it was a gnome and I don’t use travelocity so…I thought it was one of my dogs for a bit but it was too low to the ground for that. But God is there to lean on and to talk to and to keep us as sane as possible.

And I bet having this extra intel will help pinpoint other’s prayers from here on out. I thank you for dipping into your history for us to help you in prayer, Byron. I pray that the Lord answers in ways you pray for as well.



Thanks again for your kind words.

There so many things in these replies that I’ll respond as best I can.

First, my high stress job. I don’t want to give away too much (cuz I can’t!) but I work in a flying squadron in central Indiana, Grissom ARB. I’m the kind of guy that “blooms where I’m planted” and as such I use my organizational, administrative, financial and IT skills for the betterment of my work section. That said, there is always something that needs attention and by the end of the week I’m exhausted. But in the evening times, because there is so much work to do be done, I can’t put it out of my mind. I’ll even do some work from home because I got better software to accomplish tasks with, and during the past year I’ve teleworked seven out of the past twelve months. So that magic wall between the end of the workday/week, and my time, gets very blurred.

I wish there was a magic switch I could just flip to turn it all off, but there isn’t and I can’t. I’m sure that’s part of my problem. And yes, I keep a notepad by my bed so if I think of something that needs attention, which usually happens as I’m trying to go to sleep, I’ll get up and write it down. I’m also dealing with my counterpart on the other side of the building (there are two flying squadrons here) and I constantly have to clean up his mistakes. That also adds stress to the job.

No, I’m not a serial killer (good one!) but I’m like you, I try and not to be judgmental, though there are those who are so blatantly evil sometimes you have to call it like it is. Paul the Apostle did the same thing in his writings. But I also know that sin is still the ruling force in this world and we have to fight the temptation to sin every single day. I remember a friend of mine once, many years ago, commented to his uncle about how good it will be to get to his age and not have to worry about sinning. His uncle just laughed, and told my friend that it will never get easier and to prepare yourself to fight the fight every single day of your life. Sound wisdom.

Next, I also think at times that I see things out of the corner of my eye. I’m 60 years of age, and glaucoma runs in the family, so I could be experiencing early signs of that though I haven’t been diagnosed with it. I do however, see particles of something floating before my eyes from time to time, and the last visit to the optometrist confirmed that. That being said, “little white shadows” describes these sightings very well. So I’m tempted to believe that I’m being tested at times.

Lastly, JD has been a God send to me. I’ve been watching his sermons since the middle of last year. I was on Hawaii back in Dec/Jan and thought about stopping by. My two sons live and work out there so they paid for me to visit them for two weeks. I loved it, rest and relaxation! But I was so tired I think I slept for the first week I was there then finally got around to being a father and grandfather to my sons and grandkids. But I also found out that JD was vacationing the same time I was there so if I did stop in he wouldn’t have been there.

I really need to find a good church here but there just isn’t much to choose from. Plus everyone is still “social distancing.” Social gatherings and church services are still a ways away from getting back to normal, if they ever do!

Thanks again for letting me lean on you. God bless my friend!

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LOL I don’t laugh at the fact you have to do this, I laugh at the fact I have a friend who had to do this for years till he had the opportunity to leave the job (IT) and work for another company. He had to work 7 days a week most times and he was always on call during the weekend more often than his counterpart. The company merged with another and downsized staff, and increased responsibility and with no increase in pay and he was becoming rather suicidal mentality-oriented. He finally took advice and got out. Now he has his weekends off, works from home most of the time now (I guess), and doesn’t always have to fix his counterpart’s mistakes as I guess there aren’t a fraction as many now. So I have witnessed through him what you’re experiencing and believe me when I say I sympathize with you.


Sage wisdom indeed!

I live across the street from a church and believe me, it isn’t a choice either. I know your dilemma. At least you’re not alone in the matter as I think a majority of us are in the same lifeboat you are in this regard.

Was that what I was doing? LOL Seriously though you’re welcome. May the Lord bless you and keep you and have His face shine down upon you always.

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Yes that’s exactly what you were doing! :grinning: Thank you again my friend. BTW, my name is Byron. Glad to make your acquaintance!

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lookingup…i did the same thing…threw out anything unclean


One thing I am pretty hardcore about is not having anything unclean or remotely demonic in the household. That said, sometimes you just never know what might have crept in unawares. I will go back through things and see if anything that falls into that category exists. Thanks for the head’s up, and God bless.


I have felt & sense something as well. When I head to bed I read God’s Word and then pray for those on my list. I am not sure what this is either. One thing I have noticed is the wifi. Unplug your wifi router for the night. Stay off your cell phone at night. If possible unplug everything from your bedroom.
You can take olive oil, bless it and dab it around your room, doorways, windows. I have done this in a different situation for a prayer service. I just made a cross sign with the oil saying “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” and prayed for safety in the spiritual realm. I know this sounds crazy to some but the demonic world is becoming very active today.
My own opinion is that satan knows he has a very short time and is trying to deceive the believer to make us doubt in the power of God.

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I will be be bless to pray for you, I would take care not to trick your mind into fear. The human body can react to things out of fear and the unknown. If you believe that there is evil near you then it could be? Jesus told us this kind can be delt with though fasting and prayer. And remember to flee the devil don’t give him any room in your thinking, Christ has the power no one else.So trust our Lord with all your heart , all your soul and all your mind. Remember Jesus warn us to protect our mind. Amen

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@Kevo4Christ, I’m not sure you meant to tag me, but because of how scary that video looks, I’ll pass! I have had some scary dreams lately, but no paralysis or anything like that.

@PapaBear562, praying for you sir!

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@cle - sorry Casey, I thought sleep paralysis was what you were referring to when you were discussing your dreams… and I thought this may have been the thread you were looking for… :grimacing:

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@Kevo4Christ No harm done at all, thank you for thinking of me! You did remind me of the “thing” I was going to look up though! It was a thread about dreams that was referenced, and I haven’t found it yet. I think it was Kitkat or Gracings that mentioned it…

No sleep paralysis though. Just scary dreams and one time, images, which when I cried out to Jesus they went away.

I have seen something “else” before after having bad dreams…and sensed an evil presence before a few times. Prayer fixes these things, but the dreams…oy…I did have one last night as well, not as intense, but I woke up praying from it.

I felt more at ease about it during my day that I’m just now remembering it. Prayers must be working (of course they do!). I hope all is well Kevin!

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