Department of Health just called me re: "vaccine"

Dear Brothers and sisters, I just answered my cell phone. I remembered that I have been giving out my number on the ABC tracts I give out (to clerks, passers-by, in bathrooms, etc) so I am trying to be more intentional about answering the phone. Well, it was the MN Dept of Health asking if I knew where to get my shot. By the grace of God I remained calm and said, “yes, I think everyone knows where to get this if they want it”. She said, do you plan to get it? "I said “no, I do not plan to get an experimental genetic treatment that is harming people. I can use proven anti-virals for treatment and vitamins”. I asked her if she knew what time it was on God’s prophetic calendar and if she had heard the Gospel before. No was her answer and so I shared the hour is late, Jesus is coming soon, that all the prophecies would be fulfilled literally just like His first coming and then I shared the Gospel. I should have asked her more about the Gospel and her response to it… she said she learned something new and thanked me. Anyway, please pray for her that she will accept Him. Please praise the Lord that I remained calm, gentle and respectful, as my flesh certainly did not want to. And please pray that I will be ok, will stand firm to the end and have His wisdom and discernment… I have this sense that things are going to go south quickly with all of this. And now I am already on this list of deniers so who knows what their plan is for me. May God have mercy on me. Thank you


That is awesome! Good for you for using every opportunity to witness. You are example for all of us to follow. Time is short!


Wow thank you for this story. Awesome. God bless you :heart:

I pray that I stay calm when I get in a similar situation.


I am from Northern MN and work in the law enforcement field and have been wondering how long before they start to make it a requirement. I pray that God gives me the strength and ability to witness as you did when the time comes.

God bless you!


Well done! Thanks for sharing your wise response I. Articulating your opinion with diplomacy and sharing the gospel news. God Bless


Kudos on your response and calm. You are a better person than I will ever be. That being said, I posted in another thread about public documents that have just come to light from the state of Illinois. I will give the link to the main article and in it the links are available. So now this is two states where they are pressing in on form or another. In Washington state freeway sign boards say something to the affect of, Together we can be beat COVID19, Vax up. I suspect that soon Washington state will follow suit with the door to door activity.

Here is the article link. Government document instructs vaccine “strike force” teams how to clear buildings, violate trespass laws and flag anti-vaxxers for forced quarantines –


Good job!
You are very brave.


Thank you all. I so needed that. I must say my soul is feeling very shaky though. As though we are passing into another era with this. God help me to submit to His throne.
Thank you also dide100- its great to know we have you here in MN! I am in a SW suburb of Mpls so unfortunately far from you.
I can’t explain it but, just prior to the call I read the CNN commentator today saying that things have to be made tough for the unvaccinated and Fauci also chiming in. It was so dark and then the call.


Good on you, @Blessed! You took the opportunity! I am your neighbor to the west of MN (ND) and just received a letter from our county’s health unit, today. Looks like we will have less intrusive options, for starters. All residents (even those who have had their shots) are invited to a community open dialogue meeting, later in the month, or we can call and chat with the gals at the county office. AND we can look forward to a survey arriving in the mail. It fits our community’s style, but IF I write anything on the survey, it likely won’t fit their survey needs. We won’t attend the meeting nor volunteer to call them.


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Thank you all. This was such a shock today. With our surname so early in the alphabet that must have been the reason I heard from them so early. Was expecting a visit so the call threw me for a loop.
I pray the information we give them gives these people pause and helps them come to a saving knowledge. Thank you everyone, I definitely would’a should’a could’a on some things. I am never real great on my feet, in the moment.


Believe me Blessed.! It is FAR better to stand in confidence right up front than to try futilely to hide what they already know about us and then loose rewards by shrinking back at this late hour.


After I gave birth to multiples, my state health department hounded me for MONTHS with all kinds of invasive and inappropriate questions about my reproductive capacity. They sent me survey after lengthy survey: How did you get impregnated? How many times have you been pregnant before? Have you ever miscarried? Were you using contraception? Is your husband beating you? What is the health status of your newborns? The survey was supposed to be “anonymous” and for “research purposes only,” but it had a barcode on the back. And after I threw the survey away twice, they actually CALLED ME multiple times on my private cell phone to pressure me and hound me to complete the survey. I have no idea how they got my cell phone number as I had employer health insurance. I felt so violated and gross, like the state was sticking its nose right into my underwear. I am a mother, not an exhibit at the petting zoo. MY HEALTH INFORMATION IS NOT THE STATE’S BUSINESS!

All that to say: I feel for you! I have no doubt that the states are about to get ugly, as they have done it before. You handled it way better than I could have. Praying that the seed you’ve planted will take root and grow abundantly. Praying also that the Lord gets us out of here soon. Everyday we see more and more examples of how this world is not our home.


But sounds like God gave you the words to say in the heat of the moment.
(Good that you were expecting a possible response to your ABC’s Tracts.)
Thanks for your example and for sharing this with us, @Blessed.
Praying now for the person you witnessed to and for you and your family regarding the increasing pressure.


Praying for you and her! :pray:


After reading your post and a few other articles I became anxious, despite the Lord’s Word telling us to be anxious for nothing. I recited that and decided to listen to Psalms 91 on JDs app. Only before I could get there it was reading Psalms 112 right at, “Surely the righteous will not be shaken”. BUT GOD! :heart::pray:


Awesome response @Blessed! You’re an inspiration! I don’t answer my phone when numbers I don’t recognise and I’ve missed 2 that I know to be follow up Vax calls from the messages. Inspired by your example I will answer my phone AND open my front door if it comes to that in the UK and pray for similar calm words to share. There’s no running or hiding from this and our confidence and words may bring another to Christ. Prayers for the woman you spoke to and massive respect for you!

God bless :pray: :raised_hand: :heart:


Actually, very piercingly true!


Good for you!! It is my plan also to share the good news when they ask me. But I do understand the temptation to go another way. I will pray for you that all continues to go well.


Thank you for your kind words!
I find the more I am living by the Spirit the more radical I seem. My flesh has a daily battle with the Spirit on the whole response to this and well, so many other things too!

You say something interesting-" there is no running or hiding from this". That is true and it just hit me when reading it, that cold hard reality.
It was a blessing that I saw Pastor JD’s sermon Sunday, right before this happened so that helped me.

Bless you ! I pray for you and your witness for Him. May He give you wisdom and He be glorified, may we be steadfast.