Depressed Lately about Everything

I have really been in “a funk” lately. Other than my relationship with Jesus, I have been unhappy with my job/coworkers, my weight, my looks, the whole world, and want Jesus to hurry up and come back soon! Can’t seem to find anything to be happy about…I’ve gone from being an extrovert to an introvert. Not me. Please pray for me.


I’m sorry to hear your in the “funk” mode. I believe so much is happening has caused a lot of us to fall into this funk. I sometimes find inviting someone for coffee to just talk helps. I have asked neighbors to walk just to get out. I have also gone to the movies by myself just to try something different. I’m not sure what your normal routine is, but the same hum drum each day needs to be changed up every once in a while. I hope this helps. Treat yourself to a day and celebrate we are children of God. Pray and ask God for guidance. :pray::pray::heart:


My dear beautiful Sis,
I’m praying for you.
You’re a lovely person both inside and out.
And you are so very loved :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I can relate. I’ll be praying that the Holy Spirit lifts you up! :green_heart::dove:


As I get ready to turn in, I listened to this song. Good days, bad days…sometimes it changes within the hour! No matter whether we are on the mountain or in the valley, He is the same and unchanging God! As I prayed tonight, I turned everything over to Jesus. I hope the song blesses you.


I feel your pain. I try to keep myself from going there but it’s been a rough year and a half for sure. Prayers for you that God’s peace will surround you. And that the joy of the Lord will fill your heart


I totally understand Debora and I will pray for you. Sometimes I think when we see our sisters and brothers posting these sentiments it lifts us all up as we know we are not alone.
Dear Heavenly Father, we exalt you as God our King and we praise your name. We lift your daughter Debora up to you at this time to ask that you give her a spirit of joy and a return to contentment in you in this dark world. Please help Debora to know you are near, always faithful and compassionate to her needs Father. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen


Goodness, seems like you just requested prayer for me also! Know you are not alone! Praying for you dear sister :pray::heart:. I just know Jesus is coming so soon to take us home. Big hugs!


I have had my time in funky town as well. I think the weather has an issue with it. Usually does. Lunar pull on the tides, look at all the things, events, articles we observe lately. It’s amazing we can function at times. :butgod: directs our paths. He delivers us the trials and storms to bring outside what we have inside and helps us to learn how we need to grow as God wants us to. His grace provided us the foundation we stand on and face the storms, even in funky town.

You will be “drying out” [OF] this funky funky funk with mayor funkyton. We all slip and fall, @deborahutchens. You know that, I know that, and the person playing computer black Jack while trying to convince themself they need to be reading scripture instead of losing another Benny from their mutual bank account with their really angry wife. Don’t judge.

Anyway, the co-workers…listen, I’ve had co-workers who needed an exorcist just because they are in on a Monday. The boss getting on your nerves because they just got a new set of golf clubs and Friday can’t get here fast enough. With love in your heart, and confidence in your mind steadied with a calm and peace God blesses you with, you’re gonna get through and gleam over those you encounter.

Loving Heavenly Father

We ask that you provide Debora with a galvanizing of protection from those not of You. Engulf her heart with a revitalized overflowing abundance of joy in her heart to touch those she encounters and refill the Holy Spirit within her to overflowing so He may touch those she encounters as well.

Please pluck from her and mend her heart from that which plagues her with depression right now as she needs direction out of funky town.
We pray this in Jesus’ name


This may or may not make you feel better Debora but we are in the same boat. It’s a very large boat. The Titanic. It’s true. I can’t imagine that we would, without a strong self willed denial, feel anything but dismal on a daily basis. It’s a struggle for me but that doesn’t mean that I or anyone else here won’t be able to pray for you, because although we share much of the same misery, we’re also unique in our individual circumstances, our capabilities to handle them, and our current strength from our faith which is in itself a maintenance issue.

I am fortunate to have someone to remind me that God is in control, cares for me watches over me, and has good things in store for me. Regardless of the circumstances, I must rejoice, pray continually and give thanks.

Here in this forum, I believe that you will find hidden gems reminding you of that as well… and much much more. You, Debora, are not alone. Not really.

Prepare for our Soon Coming King :smiley:

Praying for you!!!

P.S. God is in control, cares for you, watches over you, and has good things in store for you. Regardless of the circumstances, you must rejoice, pray continually and give thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who responded to my prayer request and for your prayers! I agree that my hum drum life (work, home, work, home) needs to be changed up periodically…I think that would certainly help. And with the beautiful weather lately, going for walks would be beneficial. I love talking to God when I walk. Thanks again for your suggestions and encouragement that we’re all in this together and Jesus is coming soon for His bride! :heart::pray::raised_hands:


I will be bless to pray for you. Just remember you our an idea of God our Father and He is very please with you. And love you so very much , hang in there. we our almost home. The dark one is working hard to pull people down these days he roars like an old lion. but YOU belong to Jesus. Amen!


If you are a God fearing patriotic American and not on a funk… then something is wrong :wink:
When I’m in that rut, this is what I do…
I cast all my cares on the Lord, spend time in worship, and trust in Him. Read the Bible and pray. This is the spiritual aspect. The practical aspect is spend time with friends, exercise, and eat healthy. Also, when I find myself being negative it’s hard to enjoy life, so I just try to make life fun no matter what I’m doing. Life is much more bearable when it’s fun.
This are not yet hard times. It can always be worse. I try and thank God for the good, and focus on that rather than the negative.


Deborah, I agree with 90 percent of what has been said. Of course focusing on Jesus in Worship & Word is #1. And keeping it light daily, try putting a smile on somebody else’s face. I’m sure you realize this but: (I presume:) 10 toes hit the floor each morning, & 8 fingers & 2 thumbs later put shoes on those feet. You have a job to go to, a place to come home to. That place has a lock & key. You have several days worth of clothes & food. Heating & air, also you have transportation with heat & air… A homeless person in America can do better than 70% of the worlds population. You are rich in this life, & (again I presume) Rich in Eternity. The day to day news is a trainwreck, for sure. But God has things for you to do, & experience or he would bring you home now. :notes:Don’t stop thinking bout tomorrow, it’ll be here quicker than before… Own it sister. You are Blessed. More importantly: The Creator of the Universe Loves you, & has had you in mind for thousands of years. He is looking forward to spending eternity with you at His House. Could be faaaarrr worse !


Everything you just said is good advice. And, I’m not “down” anymore. The post I wrote was 2 weeks ago. Feelings come & go, but my faith in Jesus is real and doesn’t wain. I would recommend to everyone reading this, that when a brother or sister tells you they’re depressed, stressed, or suicidal, NEVER tell them it could be worse. This makes light of what they’re going through and to them, at the moment, what they’re going through is real and hurts. So, let’s move on and try to win souls for Jesus since time on earth is very short.


I this sometimes too.
Just pray for peace that surpasses all understanding to guide your heart and mind in christ Jesus. Prayer the whole armor of God daily. Plead the blood of Jesus over your body, soul, mind and spirit.

God did not give us a spirit of fear ,but of love power and a sound mind.

Blessings sister

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Welcome to the fellowship, Jeff. I hope you make some wonderful friendships while celebrating the common thread we all share–great love for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

:sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:


I went through the same thing not long ago.I felt like I wasn’t going to make it. I cried out to the Lord ’ Please do something " A few days later, I was cleaning out a closet and found a box of Christmas lights. Old and tangled, I considered just tossing them away; but suddenly I started untangling them, then plugging them in, then replacing burnt bulbs with working bulbs. I think I started with about 10 strands and ended up with about 7 because I had to take bulbs off the ones that were mostly burnt out anyway to make a complete working one. It took me the better part of 4 days to get it done but in the end, I had 7 beautiful working strands of Christmas lights. Beautiful; just like you, worth fighting for, just like your life. I’m not going to tell you my life suddenly became a bed of roses, but it did tell me that as long as I have a Jesus, who gets me to sit down to fix Christmas lights ( I looked so silly )and put a smile on my face, It was worth it all.


I Feel your situation! I keep thinking about Paul in prison and what he did. He centered on Christ and the sharing of the love of Christ. When challenged by satanic threats, he would remember God’s grace is sufficient. I have repeated "God’s grace is sufficient " over and over to myself in times of anxiety, doubt, fear until it passes. I then start praying/talking with God (many times, usually in my car) out loud ( not loud loud, just vocally) . I have also found, for me anyway, an inspirational Christian movie (fiction or non-fiction ) can get me into a better frame of mind. Like the movie, A Night with the King …a movie about Esther, or the story of Ruth, David A. R. White’s movies are great! And, you know, sometimes you just need to cry and get it all out. I do pray you find an avenue to help…


Good morning. I have been going through the same thing and could hardly wait to speak with you. I would love to talk with you as I am not to articulate with words and the encouragement I have for you is very long. Is there any way we can voice chat on here?

Zol (London UK)